nice rig

Hey jeremy,
My boyfriend sat me down and had me watch your show one day and I realised that I was lucky that he was not as addicted to gaming as you are. Your show is very funny, I love dave, great guy. Any way, thanks for educating this n00b on the ways of gaming, my boyfriend tried to but I just didn't understand or care. My boyfriend is a die hard gamer and sometimes, I think he loves his computer more than me! I bought him one of your shirts today after realising my brother had one, it will make a great birthday present if it gets here on time. :)

i can c how u wuld think he lieks his pc more than u.. prolly cuz its true rofl.. no grrl is beter tahn a nice rig 2 a tru gamer lol.. but its ok.. once u r comfy w/ teh fact u r #2 evrythin will b ok.. tbh its beter than bein #3 or 4 rite?


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