Jeremy and Doug in Zombie Apocalypse

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to work creatively with Konami, a long-time favorite publisher of ours. The result is the newly released, Pure Pwnage-infused XBLA & PSN twin-stick shoot'em up game Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone.

Take control of Jeremy (or one of three other way less pr0 characters) and pwn endless hordes of zombies en route to saving the world getting the highest score in the world. Coming soon is a DLC expansion pack containing even more pwnage as FPS Doug becomes a playable character. In the meantime, upgrade your Xbox avatar's scrub clothes to something fit for a true Grand Master.

The dialog and voicework for the Pure Pwnage characters is all authentic and done in-house here at ROFLMAO. If you want to read more about how super awesome the game is, there's a blog over at Playstation and IGN has a posted a sweet review.