Pure Update Pwnage


Geoff and I are still busy finishing off the script of teh best movie ever written. Unfortunately there's not much we can share at this stage without spoiling the movie, but rest assured it's totally awesome. In addition, we've begun expanding our movie team. Our lovely new intern, Dara, has put together a FAQ to answer the most common questions we've received over the past few months. Check it out here.

We've been live-streaming just about every week and you can find VODs of all those streams on our Twitch channel. Our next stream will be this Friday, April 19th at 9:00pm EST, hosted live and direct from Geoff's basement studio where we'll be recording a DotA2 announcer pack. To celebrate the epicness of hearing Jeremy's sexy accent for the first time on stream, we'll be pwning Zero Hour that night.

If you're interested in meeting some of the cast in RL, or just pimpin' your ensemble with noobstore gear, Pure Pwnage will be returning once again to the Calgary Expo. So if you're in the area on April 26-28th, come out and say 'sup! Bring your 3DS too, you may be lucky enough to get pwned IRL.


-PP Crew