Teh Movie: Indiegogo campaign MEGA success! Stream coming Jan 2nd!

Happy Holidays, n00bs!

In case you hadn't heard, AKA you suck, our movie fundraising campaign was an enormous success! We raised $211,300, nearly three times our initial goal, proving definitively that our fans are super awesome and the world wants to see teh best movie ever. Our campaign's success did not go unnoticed either, making Indiegogo's Top 12 lists for both Film Campaigns and Perks.

On November 18th, the final night of the campaign, Jarett and Geoff hosted a live count down stream. In case you missed it you can watch the VOD here.

To celebrate the New Year and impending production of the movie, we're uploading high quality versions of our web episodes, including some bonus content from the DVD, onto our Youtube channel. We're throwing in the complete season one soundtrack, too. Some of this stuff was previously available only on the DVD and some of it has never been available in this quality, so be sure to subscribe. The releases begin on the 2nd and will continue daily until we run out. Keep in mind some of the earliest episode(s) were not recorded in HD!

As part of the movie's production, we're going to host a regular stream for our fans and supporters. The content of the stream will change depending on how far along we are in production, but it'll generally be a blend of Q&A, behind-the-scenes and playing some LoL or HotS. Our first production stream is scheduled for 5:00pm EST on January 2nd. Join us and have some fun!