Jeremy (Jarett Cale) is an unrivalled gamer. Although a star in cyberworld, in reality Jeremy is a twenty-something who lives in his mom’s basement. When his mom decides she’s had enough, Jeremy must venture out of his suburban gamer’s bubble and into the real world. His brother Kyle (Geoff Lapaire), an aspiring filmmaker, documents Jeremy’s hilarious journey from his basement into the big city.
Season 1, 8 episodes, running time 22 minutes.

An internet phenomenon

Launched in 2004, the Pure web series and franchise have become an Internet phenomenon with a core audience of two-million fans worldwide, and over nine-million unique visitors since launch. (“Pwnage”, for the non-gamer, is game spelling for "Ownage.") The Pure Pwnage brand enjoys worldwide recognition and has built a loyal following through a widely distributed merchandise line, sold out live screenings across the country, with appearances by the cast at videogame tradeshows and Comicons. The television series for Showcase is the next step in the evolution of this universe of characters. Episodes of the original web series are available for viewing at


Geoff Lapaire

Big. Bold. Hits. With a top-rated line-up of hit series, breakout cable exclusives and big-ticket movies, Showcase is a powerhouse of TV’s best. From the off-beat characters in House, the unconventional storylines of Weeds and the chemistry-fuelled Bones, to Hollywood heavy-hitters Superbad and I Am Legend, Showcase delivers the best and most colourful collection of television.

  • JARETT CALE AS JEREMYJarett Cale as Jeremy
  • Geoff Lapaire As KyleGeoff Lapaire As Kyle
  • Joel Gardiner As FPS DougJoel Gardiner As FPS Doug
  • Melanie Scrofano As OctoberMelanie Scrofano As October
  • Eli Goree As Tyrel
    Eli Goree As Tyrel
  • Simon Wong as Simon
    Simon Wong as Simon

The Internet property and television series are created, written and produced by Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire. Joining them on the television series are Story-Editor Mark Steinberg and Showrunner Derek Harvie (Testees, The Tom Green Show). Executive Producers are Catherine Tait of Duopoly (Margaret Cho’s Bam Bam & Celeste, Chilly Beach) and Ron Mann from Sphinx Productions (Know Your Mushrooms, Tales of the Ratfink, Comic Book Confidential, and Grass), with Davin Lengyel as Co-Producer.