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Music Discussion Guidelines - Read before posting

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I've noticed that music discussions, more than discussions about any other medias, tend to go out of hand. I myself have a quite picky taste in music, and I know many others here do too, but please don't flame people for their taste in music. You can say you don't like a band, or give arguments for why a band is bad, but please don't look down upon people who dislike your taste in music, or who likes bands you don't.

Also, please don't make a thread about a band that already has a thread in the section. For example, I think I've seen about 4-5 different System of a Down threads in the first two pages simultaneously, and about the same amount of Rammstein threads. Please try to post in those threads before making a new one.

I also want to add that any polls should have some kind "I don't know" or "None of the choices apply to me" option. No one wants to see polls asking for example "Does System of a Down pwn hard n stuf LOL?" with the only choices being "Yes" and "OMG SUPER YES AND STUFFF!!!11".

I will edit any polls I see in this section to include these type of options.


Please don't flame whatever you classify as "emos" on these forums. You can tell them that you dislike emo music, or that you dislike their sub-culture in general, but try to disassociate it from who they are. Also, most people here accused of being emo are falsy accused of being so. I mean, obviously you can say it jokingly, but I see a lot of posts in the style of "YOU FUCKING EMO C*NT IMA KILL YOU". Those are the kind of posts we are trying to get rid of, on any forum section.

Some important topics to be aware of:

the "what are you listening to right now?" thread

Interesting Youtube Finds

PP Last.FM Group

Favorite Lyrics

Top 10 Favorite Bands

The Offical Metal Thread

The "Recomend Me Music" thread



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Greetings all! I know I havent been too visably active round here for quite some time, but now our beloved Hrugnir has gone into retirement, I will be keeping a much closer eye on this part of the forums. Youve all had a short period of essentially unmoderated freedom, and I'm gunna turn something of a blind eye to most of the recent excitement that some of you got caught up in (isnt that nice of me lol icon_razz.gif ) From now on though, I do *NOT* want to see debates getting out of hand and degenerating into flames. Remember - expressing your opinion is fine, and its even fine to get passionate about your view, but personal attacks are *NO* substitute for a valid argument.

I henceforth *BUMP* this sticky to remind you all of the rules of these lands, and also to let you know that you aint been abandoned!

So, what are you waiting for noobs?? LETS ROCK!

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