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Darkfall Free 14 Day Trial

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2 week trial free


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I'm in enough betas just say no to this. Played the darkfall beta for 3 days, I laughed at the gameplay. Just too much time being used in this game unless they decided to make things slightly easier.

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QUOTE (Dhal @ Aug 16 2010, 11:48 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

QUOTE (Dhal @ Apr 4 2010, 02:37 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
yep, if it was free to have limitless alts even for 1 week the game would be broken. i know it's hard to understand there actually being accountability in a game, but you're limited to 1 trial key per 1 credit card number. strictly to keep people from feeling like they're hurting themselves by not exploiting macro systems to the fullest extent.

it's a dollar, if you can't pass on 1 mcchicken for 1 day surely your computer couldn't handle the game anyhow..so it'll save you some frustration.

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yep everything's a lot faster now.

spell progression works like this:
self buff/self heal = base spell progression clock (lowest on the totum pole)
any spell casted on another player = 3x
any spell casted on PvE = 6x

mellee/archery works similarly player = 1x pve = 3x

they put a cap on hp's @ 450 and reworked vit, so it takes less to accumulate more hp's

knockback spells are actually pretty decent now, and there's a good handfull of shit that works like flashbangs

they made it so you can beef up mellee or archery and gimp out magery a little, by not having access to elemental schools (but you can still max necro/arcane) and mana pool gimping...but there's not really a flip side, magery benefit comes by not choosing to get extra benefits for archery/mellee and be able to acquire all spells

this stuff has been in the game for a while, they're still constantly tweaking and tuning the game (there's no final product where they add a continent, slightly change some existing models without the change of any mechanics, to give the illusion of a reason why you just dropped more money into an expansion). i'd say it vastly improved from beta/release when NA1 came around. basically took me a month and a half when i decided to reroll, rather than wait for xfers from EU1 to become available, to get where i was 5 or 6 months on EU1. now the stat/skill gains are even more accellerated. also they added some instant cast spells that're pretty BA.

i won't lie, it's still not easy to get to where you can compete alone vs someone who's been playing since day 1. but it doesn't take more than a few weeks to get where you can serve a purpose and become viable in a group vs group situation if you have some seasoned people on your team. kiting and letting the people who are much more developed than you get the guys trying to kill you..and popping shots in peoples backs w/ bows when they're not on you.

i wouldn't try to convince anyone to play this game. i'm just throwing this around in "other mmo's" because there's no one else throwing any input about a good *pvp driven* mmo, aside from people who watched some 2 year old videos or played the game pre-release with very little time invested. the only way i would actually recommend this game to anyone is if you've played UO or SB and haven't really found any other mmo's to be intersting, and have a strong affinity for high stakes pvp (full loot), and skill/ability being a factor (all aiming, no auto-target).

Edited by Dhal, 26 August 2010 - 07:42 AM.

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I have been wanting to try this game since release, downloading trial now.


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i might dl this in the coming days. maybe itll run on my machine lol

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