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Episode 5 - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Doug

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I loved this episode. Some people complained about the pacing but I thought it was great; it kept going with lots of stuff gamers can appreciate, and plenty of good humor. I'm so glad that, despite having to appease the console gaming crowd, the show still largely stays true to its hardcore gamer roots. If it has to make an occasional Halo reference to stay on the air, I can live with that.

My impressions:

+ Intro was really great. It was really creative how they fit everyone into their 70's counterpart roles. Doug looked so badass. They really went all out, even down to the subtle touches, like intertwining the "Hey n00bs" song melody, etc.
+ I never like stoner characters, but Jeremy's coworker manages to defy this.
+ As always, I appreciate that the show introduces things like MMO's to the n00b viewer. icon_wink.gif At the same time, I love that they use completely legit WoW (and other game) terminology to appeal to the hardcore crowd. They don't just invent "video-game-ish" terms; they actually pull from the source.
+ Related to the previous item, October's character is great, and the actress might be the best of the entire cast. And even if she doesn't actually know anything about WoW, she sure convinces me that she does. I am happy to have her as a replacement for Anastasia, who we left on a low note anyway (i.e. we didn't really like who she became; less hardcore, more normal).
+ Again, love the homage to the classic FPS Doug web episode. I also love how you subtly had Doug running with a knife in previous episodes as well (in case anyone missed that.) I was cracking up at the "Where's My Money??" part.
+ Homage to The Usual Suspects
+ Parody of the Jack Thompson character, nice social commentary.
+ "You need to balance playing the game and thinking about playing the game." -October. Classic. Reminds me of my DAoC days. Any time spent not playing was spent on forums talking about the game. icon_smile.gif

- Jeremy's defense of Doug in court could have been better written, even for Jeremy. It was a perfect opportunity to make a statement against the Jack Thompsons in the world, but kinda fell short in my opinion.
- Doug scares my girlfriend.
- Kyle filmed the whole "crime" happening, so the evidence should have been clear in Doug's favor. OMGPLOTHOLE. icon_wink.gif
- Like some others said, the WoW addiction plot resolution was kinda anti-climactic. There was lots of opportunity to parody MMO addiction centers (there's one near my house that costs like $13,000 or something ridiculous like that). There just wasn't enough time with the other plot.


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i wish old cast would come on soon



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I really laughed at the mugging scene, the rest felt like MMO Grrl all over again... only not as funny.


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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone know the music playing in the end credits of the episode?

Doesnt seem to be mentioned in the credits


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"Wooh, wolf dropped a bear skin.. thats weird" icon_razz.gif
Overall, awesome episode. Especially like the intro, its so great.

Im a bit annoyed that Jeremy says "strategy games" instead of rts and Doug says "games where you shoot people" instead of fps, still though, awesome icon_razz.gif

Keep it up!

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When they were playing poker at the start, Jeremy should´ve gone all in because he had the absolute nuts. But Im sure they knew that before they made the scene icon_razz.gif


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Im still pissed that Jeremy's MMO addiction didn't last so long, coming from experience iv been addicted for months at times, His at least should have lasted two eps.

other then that Good ep... over acting here and there but still good.


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well dragging the mmo addiction, would be way too dragging especially since we all seen it on the web series.

So hilarious when doug whipped out his knife out of nowhere to start looking for his money LMAO


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Regarding the MMO Addiction Center

I was taking a daily walk up Claremont St. yesterday and I turned around and saw the remnants of the sign still clearly shown.

If I'm walking there again someday, I'll take a picture of it.
Just a casual gamer living in Toronto. Try not to mind!

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Doug is the man!!! "Where's my money!?" lol!


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I know the prosecution lawyer! He played Darius in the Highlander TV show!
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Bot has been.............. sigh....


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QUOTE (zahid12 @ Sep 15 2011, 08:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Excellent one and decent Article.
Find it so much informative and enjoy reading.
-removed snow cone link

You're so getting byakugan'd!

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At least they kind of sort of hit a target audience this time.....

I mean... i do like snow cones. Sure as hell better than the health food one.


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You're so getting byakugan'd!




    holy shit I have a title

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Never doing that again.

QUOTE (Rickrolled @ Jan 10 2011, 04:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Love how the resident tough guy is happy to talk trash on an internet forum but back pedals as soon as he is called out. Typical coward. No doubt he'll respond to this with excessive bravado in order to restore his rightful place as a fully fledged internet badass.

I like to make werewolf...

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