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[x360/pc] Mass Effect 2

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Sir Kyle Aziz

Sir Kyle Aziz
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QUOTE (OjKa @ Apr 9 2010, 06:40 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
There's a difference between not remembering and the game having such little impact that it doesn't enter my brain.
What exactly was it that I failed to remember? A unit name? Why I'm doing these side missions? A character mission? Part of the story?
It's not my fault some of the game fails to have any impact on me.

There's a difference between remembering and paying attention. Obviously you wont remember if you don't care enough to put any effort into remembering or caring. It's not the games fault you think it's not as good as the first and therefore not worth putting any effort into remembering or caring about. The fact that you're using opinion rather then fact to base your assumptions on how good a game is just proves you have no idea how to review a game.

Then reviewing the game when it's also not fresh in your memory is also again as I mentioned a bad bad time waste. I haven't cared enough to read your wall of text, and what I did read, I don't remember because I don't care. So my review of your review is, it's bad, wasn't interesting enough to keep going and the first was better in every way.


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Your comments are true, it's not really a review of a game, more like thoughts and opinions.

But I did play the game like I would any other but it is far too hard to immerse yourself in this game unlike ME1 because everything is cut down. Hell even the "Mission Complete" screen, the hell is with that?
I still stand by my point though, I did try to pay attention to it, I definitely wanted to because ME1 was such a good game but there is very little focus on in the game.

It's not a review you're right but my thoughts on the game mechanics and why they do/don't work were worth the time for me and maybe of interest to others.
OjKa OjKa OjKa !

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