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How Did You Discover Pp?

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In 2006 my older brother came home from a LAN at his friend's place.
We live out in the country, and don't have broadband, so we hardly went on the intertron.
He was like "There's this show called Pure Pwnage, with a dude called FPS Dog. ( I heard 'dog')"
He then re-enacted the bit where Doug shows the gun salesman his uber skills, flipping over the bed,

"So you're FPS Doug.."

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Circle Of Thirteen

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My friend showed me the series and I've loved it ever since but I stopped watching for a while because the weren't any new episodes but now I know why lol
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Saw a thread that was titled "episode 2 is out" on some other forum. Had a link to the site.

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Was looking for C&C Generals maps - and stumbled upon it.
At that point in time, there was only 3 ep's up (of season 1).

I was hooked! icon_smile.gif
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Dutch gaming community that I was involved with to play BF1942 introduced me to the show. They later accused me of being part of the show from behind the scenes....
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I honestly can't remember, but I THINK I discovered it after seeing the FPS_Doug clip on YouTube back in 05/06. I've been a fan ever since. So many memories from back then. I remember refreshing the home page waiting for each episode to be released. But my favourite PP related memory was when the crew came over to Melbourne and premiered episode 15.


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QUOTE (Mr. Clean @ Dec 25 2009, 02:34 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I saw it on an Xfire banner ^_^
lol ya this

i think my first episode was either 6... if it wasnt 6 then ti was definitely 1

found the gamer humour pure jokes


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searched pwnage on the old tvlinks thought haha no way there is a gaming show?

Knight Fall

Knight Fall
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I remember seeing that FPS_Doug clip on youtube, the one from episode 5: m8's. Really funny, went to the website and have been in love for what seems like forever!!!!!!!!
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2005 I was lurking some MMO forum I don't remember and someone linked me to Episode 1. After lurking the PP forums I was linked to 4chan and the rest was just... A viscous cycle of sadness at how the internet slowly turned to shit for me.

You all must agree that the internet is now the same thing over and over just at different intervals, right?


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Back in 2006, I started to play World of Warcraft. So one night I searched WoW on YouTube, and found the video "World of Warcraft is a Feeling." I watched it, and LAUGHED. The end of it was included as well, with Kyle walking in on Jeremy about to kiss the monitor. Made me laugh so much.

I found out it was from a series, went to the PP site, and watched all the episodes and fell in love with the show.


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I was browsing some site called "lookatentertainment.com" back in the day, when I saw a clip with someone freaking out over a game of Counter-Strike. It was of course Doug from the fifth episode, and it was brand new back then. So, yeah! Been a fan for quite a while icon_smile.gif


Original Sin

Original Sin
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I don't remember.


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Someone posted clips from episode 10's opening and the cutaways where Jeremy is trying to hold down a job on a forum I used to frequent. They eventually put up a link to a full episode stream, but because of the production values, I thought it was actually a television show and didn't follow up by seeking more episodes, because I didn't think I'd be able to find them online. Eventually it came back up again when it was referenced by another web show I like called Commodore Hustle. That led me to the wikipedia page where I found out it was dead. For some reason, finding out how badly it ended suddenly gave me a strong urge to watch, and I watched every single episode in one day. Such an epic series. I went through the TV show catalogue a few days later, but I only felt like maybe 3 episodes were up to par with the web show, while the rest didn't retain the magic.


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My buddy had left it open on his computer in a separate window when he went to the bathroom, so i investigated, and watched the first episode. I went home and followed the series ever since that. I think there was only 2 or 3 episodes out when that happened.

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Some RTS forum back in like 2005. Starcraft forum I believe- someone linked and was like "Zomg hav u guyz cheked dis out yet?".

The rest... is history.



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A friend showed me episode 1. I didn't understand it and didn't pay any attention to it.

When episode 4 came out... my friend pushed it onto me once again.
I suddenly understood the gravity of the situation and quickly went back to
watch episode 1 to 3 as well...and then...omfg pwnage !!!!! pp_smiley7.gif

"enter 7 years of PP obession here"

Then the tvshow came and we all mourned, and I had to buy an entire new wardrobe.



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A friend of mine told me about it at school. I think episode 5 was out then. I watched all the episodes and was hooked icon_smile.gif


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I found them interesting, but does not really look at it. A few months later, my teammates showed me three episodes, I died laughing, since we are hooked.


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someone showed me the famous FPS Doug bit on youtube and I was hooked back in about 2007

sad to see the original internet series die like it has, but shit happens.

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