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Guitar Hero - Pure Pwnage Battle (video Included)

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I realize I made a thread for this once before, but I'm now realizing that it's in the wrong section, so I'm reposting it in the appropriate section.


Download the FINAL chart!: http://www.4shared.c...ttle_final.html

Watch the FINAL chart in action!:

Project Intro:
As many of you know, in Season 2 Episode 4, also known as "Duty Calls", Jeremy is familiarized with RockBand, and later in the episode goes head to head with a Guitar Hero junkie in an epic battle to see who really rocks. Up until that point though, the song itself never has made it's way into the game itself...until now.
The idea of the project was simple enough from beginning to end. I expected this whole process to take weeks, not 2 days. In the end I got what I wanted...to get this song out of my head! Every time I saw this scene I air guitared the whole thing, so I just had to chart this for GH/RB.

I couldn't be happier with the result...except for the star-power being a little wonky...because they aren't in any of the places I put them. I heard the mod I'm using auto sets Star-Power for w/e reason, so it might be fine in GH3-PC or something.

11/02/09: Begun charting the song. Progress video of a small part I have done:
I know for the most part the chart is rather inaccurate, but I need to lay the basics out. After that I will fine tune each part of the chart to look more like a GOOD chart.

11/03/09 2:39am: Been working on it for about 4 hours now, and im almost completely done the entire rough draft of the song. Im left with about 40 seconds of song to chart before I begin revising it. It's looking good, but has nothing TRULY technical yet. It's mostly basic patterns. If I had the sheet music, I would be able to make this completely perfect.

11/03/09 9:19pm: New video. Almost done the rough draft. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3JQDhuQhqY

11/03/09 11:53PM: Finished the rough draft. Gonna fine tune it tomorrow.

11/04/09 12:59AM: Just imported the rough draft into Frets on Fire Alarian Mod (Looks like GH3), and I failed the song twice. Keyboard playing is not accurate icon_sad.gif

11/04/09 5:17PM: Video in Guitar Hero Clone up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASBxXymQiq0

11/04/09 6:22PM: Uploaded the rough draft for download.http://www.4shared.com/file/146511740/90368374/teh_battle_beta.html

11/05/09 5:38AM: Did every last touch up, and the FINAL version is available for download. A video will be out soon, and it will be the final video as well =D



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Looks pretty damn awesome, there were like one or two very minor parts where the sound was just slightly dull as in very quiet, I don't know if that was because of the program or the track itself, I was just wondering if you might have spotted that at all. But yeah, dude - you rock.




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Haha, that rocks yo pp_smiley11.gif


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