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Before The Devil Knows You're Dead Review & Analysis

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The Zodiac

The Zodiac
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Hey, this is my first movie review. Any feedback at all would be really appreciated. icon_smile.gif Keep in mind that the analysis part has major spoilers and should only be read after watching the movie as I explain what I feel the concepts behind the film is.

Before the Devil knows you're Dead is about two brothers; Hank, and Andy Hanson. Both of the brothers are in need of money. Hank Needs to pay his child support and Andy seemed to be embezzling money from his job and also needs money to support his drug habit. Andy gets the idea of robbing their parents jewelry store to make 50,000 dollars easy. Hank is shocked but due to his desperate need of money finally agrees to the idea.

After the planning is done; Hank believes he can't do the robbery himself gets a friend, Brian to rob the store while he does the job of getaway driver. During the robbery things go terribly wrong, ending with both Hanks friend and mother both dead. The movie soon progresses in Hank's father attempting to discover who else was involved with the murder of his wife while Hank and Andy try to cover their tracks.

Hank right | Andy left

Hank and Andy's life starts to spiral out of control with their incredible regret of being responsible of their mother's death, and becoming deeper into debt. The film does a great job in showing the tension and regret felt by the two brothers. The acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke is phenomenal. The soundtrack is great but is somewhat cliche.
This film starts off as a crime movie but ends up being something much more and is totally deserves a watch.

My rating: 8.7/10

Analysis (Read only after watching the film):

"May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you're dead." is an old Irish rhyme. The rhyme is perfect for this film since this film is about family love. The rhyme would be told to loved ones hoping that they would have happiness in heaven before the devil would discover them dead. Meaning the devil would bring them to hell soon after wards.

In the movie you could consider the brother Andy to be the devil. He is a greedy business man. A common metaphor used for the devil. He even bribes Hank after talking about the robbery job. He gives Hank 2,000 dollars hoping he could discover how much money could help him in his life.

There are 3 major family roles in this movie. Hank, his ex-wife and daughter, Hank, Andy, And his mother and father, And Andy and his wife.

Hank's ex-wife hates Hank and how he never pays his child support. Hank always says he will pay it the next week but is never able to do so. Through out the whole movie you see that Hank loves his daughter and tries to do anything for her. So when his daughter asked him for 900 dollars so she can go to a field trip to new york he said yes even though he had no money. Later in the movie when the robbery goes wrong, Hank is apologetic to his daughter when he says he can't pay for it. The daughter instead of understanding it she gets frustrated goes on about how Hank is a loser and how she hates him. This being after he is already disconnected from his family is heart breaking to Hank. He seems to think that his daughter who can so easily switch from liking him to hating him doesn't see him as a role model or a loved one. Just someone she can manipulate into getting what she wants. This, I think, is when Hank discovers when family love doesn't apply to him. His entire family runs on greed. His wife wanting money, His daughter wanting money, and even himself needing money.

The same goes with Hank, Andy, And their parents. When Andy decided to rob their parent's store, he was only thinking about the money he could get. In the movie you can tell Andy has always hated that store and despising the fact that his parents were going to give him the store when they retired. Hank, so desperate for money agrees to the robbery. They threw away their family loyalty in exchange for some money. After their mother is killed and Hank and Andy are responsible; Hank is devastated while Andy attempts to be more calm and think about not getting caught. He doesn't seem to care about his mother's death nearly as much as Hank does. He Seems to be only caring about himself.

This is another reason why I believe that Andy represents the devil. He has the exact same traits that are related to the devil; Greed, selfishness, and disloyal.

When Andy discovers that his wife is cheating on him with his brother, Hank. He is not angered. He just appears to be in deep thought. I believe this is because he knew when they agreed to rob their parents store that they threw away their family principles. That they don't care about each other like most families do. Andy wasn't surprised that Hank would do something so unfaithful to him.

This movie was about how when greed overcomes you, You will become the Devil (more or less) like how Andy did. Andy hated himself at the end of the movie. You can clearly see this when Andy was robbing his drug dealer. He shoots a fat middle aged man passed out on the bed. Andy finds him and after being hesitant, shoots him in the head. Andy did this because this man showed him what he became and he couldn't stand it. Andy killing that man was almost like Andy killing himself.

This is my first review so any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Sir Kyle Aziz

Sir Kyle Aziz
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Could use some more pictures or something. Maybe the movies poster or DVD case or something. But that's just me nitpicking about how it looks.

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