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Dvd Question

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Anyone know what they use to make their DVD's? I'm not talking software, i'm talking about the actual label that goes onto the DVD itself. Do they use stickers? Do they print it in? Lightscribe?

Thanks in advance.



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I have no knowledge of the printing stuff. But I'm pretty sure it's not stickers. And if by lightscribe you're talking about the certan glow to it. Then yeah that would be it. But I'm not sure of the proper term.

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I'm not 100% on the details, but I can tell you it *ISNT* lightscribe, at least not by itself, because lightscribe is essentially an engraving and doesnt have any color. May be some advanced/professional form of it though that "paints" the engraving afterwards or something like that, but it definatly is not the normal type that you get in modern desktop DVD writers icon_razz.gif



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The DVD's were made by a DVD making company in Canada.

So whatever that company uses I guess icon_razz.gif
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