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[tv] Dollhouse

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QUOTE (Plasmic Fury @ Jan 30 2010, 10:03 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Disagree. It was given a very good chance. The writers did not have a consistent show. It wavered and the beginning of season 2 was its destruction.

epitaph one was fuckign amazing though, i want that part to be a completely differant show.. but fuck dollhouse firefly should come back

Plasmic Fury

Plasmic Fury

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QUOTE (shunted @ Jan 30 2010, 06:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
epitaph one was fuckign amazing though, i want that part to be a completely differant show.. but fuck dollhouse firefly should come back

Epitaph one is without a doubt the best Dollhouse episode. The funny thing is that for 75% of the episode it didn't feel like Dollhouse signifying the show was in trouble even with a strong episode.

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So, saw the ending to Dollhouse, as in the season two ending. Have to say, I felt that is was adequate, but could've maybe been like 15-20 minutes longer just to polish off a few things that I had in my mind, obviously what with the cancellation and such they had to wrap up the show, but it felt like a lot of it was just extreeeeeeemely resolved in two episodes. Won't give any spoilers away (except one at the end of this post), it was just like "Oh, this event happened, WTF PLOT TWIST, why can't I see more of this character, why can't I see LESS of this character" etc etc etc. It was an alright show, but I have to compare it to Firefly because it's a Whedon creation, and it sure as hell is no Firefly, sadly.



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