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Looking Ahead

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yea definately take your time on this, but dont set the bar too high for the first game. I used to make maps for Quake (yea Quake 1) and the first map was a definate throw away until i got the feel of it, not to say that the entire game is going to be a throw away, but you should expect to do some major revamping, or scrapping ideas, and remember, there was Wolfenstein 3D before there was Doom.

And i know you already stress gameplay first and foremost, which is nice.


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Would definately like to try the beta as well, just another game to put on my arcade unit!

Good to hear from ya papa J

Would definately like to try the beta as well, just another game to put on my arcade unit!



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Oh, man...way to take me back into the day, Jarett. I was all about BBSes long before I had ever heard of the Internet (much to my parents' chagrin, since every BBS I ever connected to was long-distance).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna spend my last half-hour at work looking through textfiles.com.

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Thank you for your time and for filling us in!
Sounds like some exciting stuff going on, I'm looking forward to it all.

Irish Pyrate

Irish Pyrate

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But I'm very glad that things are moving forward. I never really thought that the show would stop, as I'm sure Troy wouldn't have wanted such a big part of his life to stop just because he couldn't be in it anymore.

I'm very excited to see this new game. Admittedly I've never played a BBS before (I'm still young in the ways of the internet), but the general concept is looking AMAZING.

And it looks like the robot on the left is either going to eat the tree (would explain the emblem over his junk) or shove them up someone's ass and deliver MAXIMUM DAMAGE. lol

Kick ass, guys. \m/
-Kait aka the Irish Pyrate


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i love you.


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I think I speak for everyone when I say:

"Thanks for the update!" and
"I cant wait to see the game when its finished!"

I think were all glad to know you guys are still making the show and that you're working on one too.


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Take your time, it's just good to hear back from the crew. Good luck.


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great to hear, but when can we expect Vasectomy? Is this game like the prequel? (I kid, I kid). Beta Key FTW?

I think I speak for everyone (that has a reasonably functional brain) when I say that we would like a premiere event at Bloor. Hell, if it has to be after the episode is already released, I would still love it. I have yet to make it to a premiere and I'll be damned if complaints from some of the community will put that to a halt!

Too often I have literally dreamed of meeting the cast. I want that dream to become a reality where I can sit down at a bar with you guys and mebbe buy you a beer (JUST ONE DAMNIT! I'M NOT MADE OF MONEY!)



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Good Luck


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Nice to hear from you!

Can't wait to hear more about the new stuff.

Decided it was time for a sig . . .

Plasmic Fury

Plasmic Fury

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Yay an update! If there's a preimer at bloor in the coming months i'll be there as always.


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So, you are indeed making a game. I think that's something many gamers always think about and want to achieve, but very few actually gets about it.

Somehow it's always easier to modify the ideas of others (and give critique). Maybe that's just human nature and what drove us to what we are now: being able to quickly pick up the basic idea and enhance it and thus make the end result better than the original concept. My point being it would be very hard to engineer, say, a bicycle from the ground up if noone hadn't previously thought of the wheel and chain mechanics.

Anyway, my thoughts are running with me, I wish you the best of luck with it!


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Thnx for the much awaited update, Jarett.

MMO+Turnbased??? No wai!!! I grew up on turn based rpgs and the like. I'm rather excited. Very cool. =D


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Turn on CNN: Israel is at it again...

Turn on PurePwnage.com: righteousness.

Guns, Gold, Ganj, & Ammunition.


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Thank you so much for the update! It really eases my mind and worries just to hear that things are happening.

Thank you for continuing to work on Episode 19. As has been mentioned many times in the past month, I hope that we will get to see any footage of Troy that was already shot for the new ep (even if its just for a post-episode tribute).

That game sounds like a blast! I never really played bbs games before, but I will definitely put in the hours on this one when it comes out. We've gotta support the PP crew!!

Again, thank you so much for the update. It is very much appreciated!

The Zodiac

The Zodiac
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I'll be severely disappointed if this game is not called "The only game on the shelf that doesn't suck my balls."


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I hope the cinema will be available on short notice. as it will be as awesome as ever. And I wonder how Vasectomy is going be.
How could we've been so blind.


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Very interesting...

Can't wait to see how this BETA stuff goes, and how Ep 19 turns out.

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QUOTE (Weiman @ Jan 27 2009, 01:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It's a strange coincidence.. I was listening to "Jizz in my pants" When I F5'd the main page..and I DID JIZZ IN MY PANTS. icon_biggrin.gif

I had been wondering what type of game you had been working on.. before this, I hadn't ever before heard of BBS games..

you young people

the big issue I had with bbs games was things like:
You are in a room there is a desk with a lamp on it
>look lamp
you see no lamp

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