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What is Disorder?

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What's your take on Disorder? Its a very popular term these days and I don't think many people fully understand why they are using it.

here is the Definition

I don't think Disorder is anything more than the inability to comprehend what is happening.

For example, a Riot can be classified as disorder. How did it happen? Well, it probably started due to someone or something causing a bunch of people to get upset, which is typically normal. A few of these people might have got together with some other people and decided to go protest this, causing more and more people to follow suite... very plausible. Due to this sudden mass grouping of upset individuals, the authorities have been called to make sure nothing happens.

At this point the stage is set, From here on out it can be considered a Riot or a Protest. Either side has equal control over the situation. it only takes one protester to make a nasty look at a riot cop or one riot cop to accidentally say something about tear gas in front of a mouthy protester to set this whole thing off.

Though it seems that those incidences would be considered Chaos / Disorder.. Its very plausible and very realistic. Nothing out of the ordinary happened here. What would be more "disorderly" would be if one side did start being the aggressor and the other side didn't respond.

The US civil rights protest, THOSE were disorderly. The cops bet the shit out of the protesters, yet the they didn't do ANYTHING in response. Though this is also explainable, it is still more out of the ordinary than the alternative.

So I that's why I think Disorder is used to liberally these days. Everything has a plausible explanation.

Your turn.


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the dictionary gave the definition of a crisis. a disorder isn't the same thing as a crisis.

a disorder is small and has happened before and nobody is surprised by it. nothing changes from a disorder.

a crisis is something that has never happened before. a crisis causes change immediately. a crisis causes authority to reassess the why and the how. how did this happen? and why didn't we know about it earlier? or why didn't we have set rules in place to keep it from happening in the first place? that's a crisis. it gets people to think about what just happened and to rewrite the rules that our society needs in order to get better at it. hence we rarely see protests getting out of hand as it did during the 60s.

an example of a disorder would be the problems going on in africa, and non-government players taking over power vacuums. it seems like chaos. but what ISN'T chaotic in our world?

an example of a crisis would be 9/11. bush said today that he wasn't prepared for a terrorist attack, let alone having to go to war, let alone having to implement a national security program. there were ripple effects of change.

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