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The Definitive Console Games You Must Play Thread!

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ATx 4 Life

ATx 4 Life
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mutant league hockey was the best game ever made...


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First, I gotta say that you put the GameBoy Advance in the Console section when it's a handheld lol... sorry, had to point it out. Anyway:

The World Ends With You - DS
(aka TWEWY)

Brilliant art styling influenced by the best Japan has to offer. This JRPG is the definition of excellence when it comes to story, graphics, gameplay and ingenuity. You play as Neku, a young boy who wakes up in a familiar world where no one notices his presence. Lying in the busiest streets of Shibuya, you find a strange text message on your phone and button (pin) in hand. So it begins, complete a mission a day or face erasure... Sounds simple, but there are all sorts of plot twists, character conflicts and more to make it a little trickier and a little more interesting. The gameplay involves controlling 2 characters at once, yourself on the bottom screen and your partner on the top. Using the stylus, you'll manouver Neku around the enemies and by tapping or drawing patterns (depending on the equipt pin) you'll unleash devestating attacks on the Noise that surrounds you. The top character is controlled using the D-pad, providing some of the most fast paced and frantic combat experiences you'll ever see in a DS game. It's very much an action oriented RPG, so it'll appeal to fans of multiple genres. Will you be able to complete the tasks and survive 7 days in the Underground, or will the Noise consume you?

The best DS game I've ever played by far, and certainly one of the best game period.


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n64 - ClayFighter 63⅓

Basically, a shitty looking fighting game for the n64. However, there's really uber combos, you can play as Earthworm Jim, and when you hit people sometimes you yell, "EAT COW!". Control isn't bad, and is pretty fun if you figure out what teh hell you're doing.

Curiouser and curiouser...


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alright guys...this thread is hardly getting any attention. stickies are meant to be important, looked at, and (in situations like this) discussed.

unless you folks want it to "stick" around (lolol), im going to unsticky it. i wont deleted it, and i wont cry if you necro it in a month, but it wont be stuck at the top. does anyone think this is a bad idea?

note: im not saying this thread is a bad idea, im saying that no one is using it, so its not serving any purpose as far as i can tell.


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Either way, I saw a conspicuous absence of the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Am I the only one who loved that handheld!?

Edit: thank you Rakie, I didn't even notice this till now.

Every Tuesday & Saturday


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-Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past
Awesome story,gameplay,Graphics,Music and to top that off the bossfights are very nicely done
-Mickey's Magical Quest
Platformer that is quite original in its gameplay, has well scripted bossfights and the graphics get an A+ from me. All in all its probably the best Disney game ever
-Super Mario World
The introduction of Yoshi, the great level design and all those hidden extras makes this my favorite Mario game
-Donkey Kong Country 1-3
Awesome graphics,music,controls,leveldesign and varying gameplay.... need i say more?
-Super Mario RPG
The story in this game is just plain awesome, when you find a simple hammer in the beginning the atmosphere makes you feel like it's so epic that Chuck Norris could have handed it to you
-Lost Vikings
Very original gameplay, funny story and quite nice graphics. In other words a Blizzard game worthy of it's heritage

-Mario vs. Donkey Kong
-Advance wars 1-2
-Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
-Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
-Kirby: Amazing Mirror
-Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
-Megaman & Bass

-Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
-Croc 2
-Spyro the Dragon (all of them)
-Heart of Darkness
-Metal Gear Solid
-Final Fantasy VII
-Bloody Roar 2

-Final Fantasy X
-Final Fantasy X-2
-Final Fantasy XII
-Kingdom Hearts 1-2

Will add more reasons to why these games are so awesome later

Billy floyd

Billy floyd
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Metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty amazing gameplay amazing graphics amazing story whats not to love? .....whats that you dont play as snake.....fuck


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I'll have to say that Super Mario world was the best game ever created. It just owns.


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Gears of war 2

If there's any game worth getting on the 360, this would be it. If you're in for a great cinematic and coop experience with your friends GOW2 is great. The multiplayer has been changed in a lot of aspects since the first game. A lot of the added stuff makes the game more of a strategic shooter instead of being a rolling shotgun shooter. If you're in for completing a game and moving on to a new one, gears is well worth a roam. If you're in for a mutliplayer game with a lot of replayability, skillbase and with a decent multiplayer community, gears 2 is a good choice too.


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Left for dead

It's a great zombie killing team swat like game. When you have 4 friends playing with you. That's how me and my friends play. We will stay back to back and keep each other updated and just wtfpwn that game. So fun. The items change spots every time you play and zombies too, makes it more unique.
QUOTE (raw_genesis @ Dec 15 2009, 01:09 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
penis is ALWAYS relevent...


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Hey all i think thes are the best and most played games ! icon_wink.gif

XBOX 360:

Halo of cours all of them 1/2/3


James Bond 007 xD its to funny with that bad grafik lol


Lol? What a question ..... COD 4 the pwner Game
And L4D is really funny to but not really a FPS with much Mulltiplayer shit therfor is COD 4 bether ! ! ! !


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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Super Mario Galaxy

No More Heroes

(just tryin to keep the thread alive (: )


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For all you RPG nuts out there.


Grandia II.

By far 1 of my favourite RPGs ever. Not only is it just so uniqe in its story but the gameplay should be hailed as 1 of the best in rpg history. Throwing away the old formula of turn based it has a system where you will never know exactly who will attack when. Determined by the ammount of damage you or the enemy did your attack turn can get pushed back by 10-20 seconds. The characters are extremley memorable. The main character being a merc who dosnt give 2 craps about any1 who teams up with a holy priest. Who then later teams up with a demon chick and a lion and a little boy. Like i said unique rofl. And for dreamcast..... the game lasted over 140 hours. With the most amazing cutscences for that system ever imo.

Playstation 2.


This RPG has 1 of the best main characters eveeerrrr. A hot robot chick.... you cant touch that roflroflrofl. But seriously an amazing story line that you get drawn into right at the offset of the game and easily over 150 hours of content. This game makes you come back for more. And it throws in mechs for good measure. Woot woot.


Tales of Symphonia.

Omfg *jizz* Best RPG ever created. I neveeeerrrr play an RPG more then once when i beat it. Ive beaten this 1 at least 5 times. The fighting is free roam. No turn based. And you learn skills depending on how you fight. Also you can control every playable character. Which is around 9 or 10 i believe. The story line is so amazingly fantasy/ sci fi its just mindblowing. And the graphics although at first glance may look a little childish. Fit the game so perfectly well its scary. Just play this game and tell me its bad. I dare ya!

Game of the Future.

Red Faction Guerilla.

By far the most impressive display of destruction to date. Not only is it open world campaign. But its got a 16 player online game with 9 different modes. Redfaction.com to learn more. For i can go on for hours about this one.


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1: super smash bros. brawl (wii)

this is the best game i've ever played in my entire life. it's better than LOZ, ocarina of time... it's just pure fun. spot- on fighting system, loads of powerful ( and not so powerful ) items to show those n00bs who's boss, unique final smashes for every character, and online play. these make the bes game of all time (my opinion) if u haven't played it, i feel bad for you.

2nd: TES IV oblivion (pc, xbox 360, ps3)
this is the best rpg ( after wow) i've ever played. the world is HUGE. i don't know anyone besides me, who has completed the game to 100% (all skills maxed, all quests completed). (spoilers ahead) in this game your main objective is to stop the daedric prince, mehrunes n00bn from destroying tamriel. you will start as a prisoner in the imperial dungeon, and how you continue from there is your choice. there are always choices to be made, and that's why this game is simply awesome.
3 rd : the legend of zelda- ocarina of time.
there's nothing to say...
the weegee virus is spreading! there's no way to stop it. weegee will not stop until everyone has been weegeefied... the devil hunts us as we speak...



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cats have 9 lives

sega megadrive
Sonic games
Risky Woods
Phantasy Star
Toejam and earl
Golden Axe

Final fantasy 6-9
Shadow of the collosus
FFX & X2
Devil may cry 1 2 3
Timesplitters 2
Aggressive inline

X Box 360
Halo 3
Afro Samurai
Amped 3
Fable 2

Garrys mod
UT all of them!

Tomb raider
Wii fit
Guitar hero-metallica and world tour

QUOTE (Dohregard @ Nov 19 2009, 10:52 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Zenova, the past few months that I've been aware of your existence have been some of the most memorable I'll ever have. Hath fate not brought you to these forums, I would have never known such a wonderful human being existed.


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Why has nobody said Psychonauts yet? Are you all soulless husks that were once human?!

Psychonauts (on any available console)
I have never been able to properly explain why this game should be played in words, so just play it.

You get to wander around inside the head of a paranoid schizophrenic and delusional in-patient who has Napoleon Bonaparte as a split personality.

Yeah, just play the damn game.

Every Tuesday & Saturday



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QUOTE (Jaylew @ Aug 14 2009, 12:44 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Why has nobody said Psychonauts yet? Are you all soulless husks that were once human?!

Psychonauts (on any available console)
I have never been able to properly explain why this game should be played in words, so just play it.

You get to wander around inside the head of a paranoid schizophrenic and delusional in-patient who has Napoleon Bonaparte as a split personality.

Yeah, just play the damn game.

Don't forget Lungfishopolis or The Milkman Conspiracy. Psychonauts is what some people call the balls

Also, for the love of God, Beyond Good & Evil, everyone play it


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Pangya! Fantasy Golf
Fun and keeps you entertained, even though it's a golf game. I would rate it 8/10 for enjoyment.

Don't know if anyone has one of these any more, but definitely Gauntlet: Legends and Sonic Adventure

007: Nightfire


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I think you got them all.

But what bugs me is how can Nintendo not have hundreds or thousands of games on that list. THe roms are available, and they arent really modifying them . . they have no excuss for not having more games available now. They are just trying to milk it, and create excitement when they put "new" games on the list. To me thats pretty low . . who do they think they are fooling?

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