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Black and White Movies Thread

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ITT post your favourite black and white movies.

i would like to say dr strangelove but thats too cliche and ive actually never seen but i heard its pretty good.

I really love the movie Inherit the Wind. It's about this teacher who gets into shit for teaching evolution and how everybody is against him and his lawyers, true story too. The quotes in that movie were simply brilliant.


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Well I'm an enormous Audrey Hepburn fan and have always loved "Sabrina", though there are plenty of films in black and white that I love just as much. It took me years to finally get around to watching "Casablanca", and I was expecting to be disappointed after so much time listening to other people talk about how great it is, but found that its praise is very much well-earned.

I'd also like to give an honourable mention to "Good Night and Good Luck" which was a stylized fictional pseudo-documentary about Edward R. Murrough. It was filmed (or perhaps the colour was removed in post) in black and white, and was surprisingly good.

But yeah, basically "Sabrina".


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Clerks is an amazing movie, and it is in black and white!


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The Man Who Wasn't There - OMFGCOENBROTHERSjfK:LAFH:DAJLKHFUEAG!!!!!!!@@!!2121211111 one one one111!1

Curiouser and curiouser...



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I pretty much only seen Dr.Strangelove. Some of the movies I could mention would be in black in white at their release but can now be seen in color so...

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SITMOS is great, one of my favorite podcasts.

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