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New to "RPG"

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QUOTE (Fuzzle @ Apr 24 2008, 05:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Myth, u seemed affected by the WoWness... As someone said b4, i never said it was an RPG. icon_smile.gif

"Those few of us who are left pretty much refer to it as the plague"-Doug

lol. sorry, couldnt resist.


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I see you don't like PVP much how about runescape.com?


Age of Conan


Hellgate: London


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QUOTE (Fuzzle @ Apr 17 2008, 11:24 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So ye, myself as a gamer, I think I have never ever played an RPG in my life. All the games I have played were online and if its singleplayer, then it must have been on the playstation 1 ....
I have played WoW and it was ok ( for 4 fuken ussless years.. XD) , so now im looking for an RPG. What im looking for is an RPG with one hell of a good graphics, since i don't have to concentrate so much on the pvp, and ofc that it must be really intresting. Give me names icon_smile.gif.

what makes you quit MMORPG and moving to RPG? Why not search for better MMORPG, i guest there are tons of good MMORPG that will fit your taste. pp_smiley7.gif
"music is my life"


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Perhaps he got tired of grinding and wanted some actual story to play through.

On the topic of Morrowind vs Oblivion, played through the first one like 5 times at least while haven't played the second one more than a few days and even then had to dl a bunch of mods for it to be tolerable. Morrowind had a unique world while Oblivious just has the generic fantasy setting, couldn't even get a imaginative wildlife. And if you are a graphics whore and plan on going with Oblivious then I suggest Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul mod, fixes many of it's shortcomings.


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Revival of old topic, since this section is pretty dead.

But anyway, I've promised myself to play through Planescape: Torment this summer and have played it for an hour or so icon_razz.gif
Haven't really played any RPG's either except for oblivion and dark messiah, but i've heard great things of Torment.

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