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Moe Moe World War II Announced for PS2/PSP

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Yeah, I should be studying for finals, but forget that. It's my duty as resident gaming weeaboo to tell you all that the World-War II anime inspired strategy/action game Moe Moe World war II was recently announced for the PSP and PS2. Now you can find this game for PC (albeit in japanese), and even though there hasn't been anything announced for bringing it overseas, I thought this game deserved mention for it's awesome artstyle.

Which is borderline NSFW, by the way icon_razz.gif So Link to Source, which has pics

If you know Japanese and/or just want to stare at the pretty pictures, then by all means check it out.

Enjoy, and disscuss.

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That's some weird stuff dude.

Fucking Japan icon_wink.gif



    Gimme dat chawklit!

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Yep that pic had me sold!


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Wow, after seeing that pic, its gonna be the best WW2 game ever.


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What can i say, at least its not just gonna be another generic ww2 shooter.
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Lol. Nice pic. Doubt I'd buy/play the game though.
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Why are games still released for PS2? :/

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