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Diablo 2

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My bro and I just recently started playing again.


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Ive started playing d2 again last week. Dam good old memories, I got my MF sorc, getting lots of shakos.. lol, gonna make a pala Mf then some pvp. heh good old memoreis icon_razz.gif


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  • Interests:Well, I enjoi watchin teh PP ep's, playin FPS games, one MMO, i been pwnin at since waz a lil' nooblet, Diablo 2 LOD USWest NL<br /><br />Played a lil' sc back in teh day, but suxorz @ taht
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i hardcore pwn in d2 LOD if your interested in some kinda pk partner


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I got bored by level 3 and quit. I just never could get into it.


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QUOTE (dark_undead_king_ @ Apr 19 2010, 09:56 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I got bored by level 3 and quit. I just never could get into it.

first post... massive necro... summery prognosis = epic fail


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I log on B.net every now-n-then to keep my account alive.
lvl99 Hammerdin. lvl99 trapper.
I'm not saying it's anything to brag about. I enjoy helping new players, when the times available.

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