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gg CPL, glhf CGS

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Not surprisingly, the CPL shut down last week. Unlike many of my friends I don't have a long history with the league and so I don't particularly care too much. However, I do appreciate the impact it had on modern eSports. I suppose I should be sad to see any league disappear, but deep down I've a hope that other leagues might learn some valuable lessons from this and in the long run we'll all prosper. The most important lesson being: choose games that don't suck. No matter how much publisher support a game receives, if it sucks ass and/or doesn't work well as an eSport, it's doomed. If a league consists entirely of such games, then the league is doomed.

Speaking of which, I managed to find my way down to the CGS draft at the SXSW festival in Austin a couple weekends ago. While it's no secret what I think of their choice of games, I have a deep personal interest in both spectating and helping to grow eSports, and I figured it was worth checking out. I may not be a fan of the Forza, FIFA, or Dead or Alive franchises, but it's always interesting to watch some of the best in the world compete live. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and the vibe was overall positive, although I admit my general impression of the DoA4 scene can be described by a single image.

The event was smaller than I'd expected, but the professionalism of the production was refreshing to see. It was clear they have the resources to take eSports broadcasting to the "next level", and it'll be a shame if they go under simply because of their game selection criteria.



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1st, I'll edit it after I read.
EDIT: Interesting... Well whenever there's demand for something, professional gaming for example, somebody will come in to fill the gap and make a profit. They'll probably realize the failures of past competitions and make one that works.


Yeah, he doesn't understand. It's not your post count, it's MAKING YOUR POSTS COUNT!



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EDIT: I don't follow esports to much, but I always remember the CPL as a big thing. Its a real shame that its turned into a commercialized marketing scheme rather than a professional gaming tournament. I just hope professional gaming finally gets a slap in the face and turns to better games rather than promoting stuff on the 360.
Come at me bro



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Rest in peace CPL, lets look foward to a better future icon_smile.gif

Maybe one day when PurePwnage has filmed all its seasons and maybe a movie you guys can start up a tourny icon_smile.gif

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kuro is MY LOVABOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have to agree. While I don't watch eSports that often , I do know that it has had positive effects on the gaming community. It's a shame, however, that the majority watching only appreciate game such as Forza and DoA. As much as I would love to see StarCraft matches televised in North America, I don't see the public supporting it as a whole.

But I can hope right ? icon_biggrin.gif

Awesome topic.
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Rest in peace CPL; always rememberd for the good old days...



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Yeah, i semi-agree.

CPL did a good amount, and i applaud what it did do in it's time.

However, i'm all for the new and moving forward.


Rest in peace, CPL, and let's hope things go on even better from here, be it CGS or not.


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page one!

i was sad to see this league go, but I totally agree that their game choices sucked. sponsors do not make up for sucky games.


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omg that last pic is SO HAWT


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QUOTE (Brenner @ Mar 22 2008, 09:08 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
omg that last pic is SO HAWT


Anyways. Im excited about the CGS.. So.. I'll be watching that.



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Good night sweet prince



    I love it when a plan comes together.

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CPL 2005 for 1.6 was the best. I followed SK.swe deeply.

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brb not picking up any woman

A completely unbiased review...

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My only 2 complaints about CGS are the scoring system, because it pretty much gives some teams an almost guarenteed (sp?) win, and the new way CS:S teams are chosen. I honestly think they need to not split up teams, as one of the key elements in a team-based game like CS is chemistry.
And like that, he was gone.


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i nutted when i saw the last pic icon_sad.gif

thanks jarret

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yeah i dunno what the CPL were thinking when they chose those crap games for a league, o well RIP CPL.

I think to make a pro gaming league successful they should have Quake 3,Starcraft, Counter Strike 1.6 and/or Source and LEAVE THEM THERE!

bring in games for like a season or 2 and if they are popular enough put them in the permanent games.


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oh wow, cpl is dead...

thats quite a sad day, its a pretty well known league. Havn't been following it lately, but used to back year ago when it seemed to be more popular.
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I have to agree with op, the games these leagues play are all noob, forza can be fun if you like racing but still the rest are B@ from my internets


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I find it strange that they try to market the competitive gaming world with flashy graphics and "babes."

Honestly some of the most entertaining of games can be some of the more simple like Street Fighter.

Let's bring out some more tactical and interesting games to watch instead of this run and gun stuff. Let's see some coordination and skill involved.

I hope that they figure out how to make everything work and that it becomes successful for the right reasons.


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I never really watched them, but I suppose its good that they get gaming to be more of the "norm", so we don't get a lot of Jack Thompson's running around and picking on a minority.

However it would be nice to see more strategy based games and the like... but it probably wouldn't get as good ratings. Whereas games that look flashy and have babes in them would.

They don't take football off T.V and replace it with chess.


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Yeah the CPL went downhill once Sierra got involved. The tour turned into a giant commercial, instead of it being about the gaming. TBH i didn't even know people played World In Conflict competitively.
But i suppose these tours cost to much money to run without sponsors, and nobody will invest unless they get something from it.

Do you think this will effect CAL?

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