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Trademarking "Pwnage"

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Umm, that reminds me of a website I started also in April 2004, lol. It had the (German) slogan "Ownage pur" which is pretty similar to PP. I guess we're like brothers in mind or something icon_biggrin.gif

PS: Yep, I love necro'ing

Uber Mike

Uber Mike
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HAAAA! r u serious?

a company iz tryin 2 OWN a word?!?!?!?!?

thats pathetic.... pfft

owning a word! ha
Wut do yo mean i dnt hav a lief? Ima Gamer... I gots millions! =D

Qui ingredior semita of noob , nunquam own. -Uber_Mike

Sad Face

Sad Face
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That's as dumb as when Paris Hilton put a copyright on the phrase "That's hot" and tried to trademark it. Nobody should be able to own a word. Maybe a company name/logo, as a way of preventing people from stealing your company name...but all you have to do is copyright your logo, don't trademark it.



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QUOTE (Uber Mike @ Nov 15 2008, 10:54 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
owning a word! ha

Well, so long as they keep their word and trademark it for the sake of preventing others from doing it for poor reasons, we shouldn't be too worried.

Anyone have a follow-up to this yet? What happened?


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I figure this would probably interest many, since I was bored and decided to read forums for a while vs polishing my boots! Yea these days people will try and grab anything they can, greed as it seems will always outperform morality and ethics!

After reading this forum I typed in the words futuremark and pwnage together in google and got this http://tarr.uspto.go...;entry=77405812 enjoy!


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QUOTE (^^jadakiss^^lastdynasty @ Mar 19 2008, 03:48 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
wow fuckin noobs!!!

if you gotta go to court for this ill come protest too and ill talk with my friend about ddos'ing those fuckin noobs!!!

you do know that ddos-attacking is illegal, right?

but the do remind me of ghey so go ahead icon_smile.gif

the weegee virus is spreading! there's no way to stop it. weegee will not stop until everyone has been weegeefied... the devil hunts us as we speak...

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