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In the belly of the Beast

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QUOTE (daarkside @ Feb 26 2008, 11:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

This man was obviously raped by Kane as a young child.
QUOTE (Plasmic Fury @ Jul 11 2010, 08:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I was in the ocean and I had a frizbee, and some 8/10's were like THROW IT TO US and I just pretended I didnt hear them and swam quickly back to beach.


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QUOTE (Garamiah @ Feb 27 2008, 08:12 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This man was obviously raped by Kane as a young child.

and i learned form that, today i avoid every bald head old man with candys

but u guys continue to pick up the soap for EA since years, will U ever learn from ur mistakes?
or do u just like EA be behind u?


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Geez if they actually implemented YOUR ideas into the game. I'm SO not buying this expansion icon_smile.gif


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Smart move EA. " theres a community spreading hate about us, what do we do?", "Bring me theinstigator", "why?", "if we change his mind, we win them all back"
EA still sux ma balls, and will always have the most game glitches to allow them extra room to work with. i.e. gettin more money out of ya
You can like take EA to like water, but u cant make EA drink.
makes for good reading tho, but i feel u was used.
if EA can mess up a simple game like FIFA so often, how can they possibly make a decent complex game?

If it wasnt for N00bs there wouldn't be Pro's. BOOM


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Jarett Cale, You are the fucking man.


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oooooooh jeremy
i am such a prancing NOSTRADAMUS!
kk 99.99999% of the whole RTS scene are nostradamuses
but still, U are none!

ist so prancing hilarious, do u remember ZH? the game u start to pwn in?
do u remember the tunnel gla bug in generals? do u remember how it was fixed?
do u remember the comeback of this lovely feature in ZH? do u remember how long they has need to fix it in generals(first time fix) and do u remember how long they has need to fix it in ZH(a KNOWN bug)(for not zh nerds, 4-8 mounths, YES! its not an 1. april joke)
what do u think how the support u know from TW will continue in KW? compared to old cc games? do u REALY think it will increase?

cuz boy the same bs they fixed in TW alrdy is back again in KW
router probs
connection breakups( even in 2v2)
lobby freezes
and the bs goes on

like i told in my previous pos(or myb not) its a structure problem, the way they work ist just WRONG!
it looks like the support "team" for TW and the developer of KW are 2 different groups of ppl
the first group from US, the other from netherlands, both unable to speak the langauge of the other group
every bug need to be fixed twice(and 37873457665544554 more times in the future, cuz the usage of teh mighty 1.0_SAGE engine goes on in the future)

2 last questions
1. how does APOC'S balls taste?
2. are u able to suck in both of them at the same time?

u was officialy purepwned by EA!

e: how did they manage to be KW as much imba as TW was
AGAIN, one single unit, one single T1 unit, winning whole games
HOW? is it possible to miss that fact? its a core unit, one of the first u can build
i do not speak about one specific special atack of a T3 unit, i speak about an usual T1 tank.

nostradamus told me a secreet
is it true? did u told them to fix that? did they agreed? and "miss" to fix it?
is it true? or did the beardy billybob lie to me?


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HAIL nostradamus

Hey everyone,

We have been in a very unfortunate unexpected situation the past few weeks since Kane's Wrath release, in that we've had to devote all resources to Red Alert 3, and more importantly some urgent matters on the XBOX 360 version of Kane's Wrath. I'd like to be completely open and honest here on the situation so you know we are not just blatantly ignoring Kane's Wrath, which we definitely are NOT doing.

I totally feel your pain and am on your side and know these issues are having severe impact on online play. What is happening now was unexpected and I apologize on the impact. This is not indicative of the type of future support you can expect for Kanes Wrath, Red Alert 3, or even C&C 3.

I'm told that we should be able to put resources back on the Kane's Wrath patch as soon as Monday of next week and I am pushing for a hot-fix to the criticla desync/exploit issues/lingering technical issues from C&C 3 before a formal balance patch.

That's the best, most honest info I have right now. Please understand, from myself, and Mike Verdu, this was not the intent and we are doing everything in our power to right this ship around ASAP.

Where's the Army of the Dead when you need them?



they stop to support an fresh released and obiviosly uplayable game do increase the development speed of an comming game?
srysly EA at its best

SOMEHOW they always manage to make their games EVEN MORE worse

think the days back, i was such a dumb ass to cry about all the ZH issues, zh was almost PERFECT compared to what ea can do if they REALY WANT!(KW)!


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Good trip, suppose I am not in the picture on the 1st page...........................

MYMlPacer, 1v1cw or dodge?

btw remember, you can copy and paste 1v1cw.. foxtriple3 reminded me of this perfected strategy.



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WOW that is truly awesome! I'm going home and playing some CnC!

(I need to read the blogs more)
Blog of Epic Amazing Randomness: http://www.epic-blog.com

I defeat, in a humilating manner, those who are inexperienced at the games that I play.


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I been curious, what faction do you use the most in C&C 3 Jarett,

are you a Nod user? or a GDI or Scrin User?


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now its official EAs support got worser from ccg to cnc3(cuz many ppl, jeremy for example, talked about the "improvements" of ea support politics)

ccg zh release 22 september 2003
1.01 release 15 december 2003
84 days

kw release 24 march 2008
1.01 release 5 july 2008(let me be optimistic once in my life towards es)
104 days

gl and hf(if somehow possible) and dont see ya @ ra3

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