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Griefers with class?

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There is something that really bugs me about someone causing grief for no gain, or at least what would be no gain to the general population. If someone is going to mug me and steal my wallet, I'd rather they spend the contents of my wallet instead of throwing it into a fire just to see the look on my face. Griefers, for the most part, have the unfortunate disposition to have not ever developed an affinity for enjoyable productive activities.

It took a while for Jarett to convince me that the level 60 shaman was gaining nothing by camping my level 20 corpse. As this was happening I was losing nothing more than the equal time investment of my adversary. What a waste of time, I thought. What I didn't know then is that these people are somehow entertained when others are perplexed by their behavior. This desire to become a famous douchebag certainly did puzzle me. Sharing the epic lulz is also an essential part of it. When they meet up with their comrades, tales of griefing exploits take the place of what must be the usual extremely dull stories. I thought I had it all figured out, until I came across these videos:

Team Fortress 2 Griefing
Team Fortress 2 Griefing (part 2)

They were made by a group called "Team Roomba". What's unexpected is that their videos are very well edited and comedically timed. If you ignore the douchebaggery, it's actually entertaining to watch. If you absolutely positively have to grief, do it with some style icon_smile.gif



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Those videos are actually pretty funny, but I'd hate to have those done to me. Griefing is most effective when there's nothing they can do except leave or ban you. In the video, they have the advantage, because there's no friendlyfire, and no admins around, apparently. I saw those a while ago, but some of them are extremely genius, and well coordinated.

Favourite one is when one of them placed a teleporter on the Well train, and then dropped a pyro into it after he teleported through it. What timing. I also loved the quizzing of the team members in order to allow them to pass through the gates.

Worst griefing I've experienced is when the admins are assholes to the people in the server; because there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. You call them idiots, they ban you. Simple as that, so you either have to put up with it, or leave.

When my brother played WoW, he was camping this guy's corpse and killing him tons of times, then the guy called 40 of his guild members, and they camped my brother's corpse for almost two days straight. Determination, but sheer idiocy at the same time.

Humor always comes at the expense of someone else... no exceptions.

EDIT: It's also good to see that the Cast/Staff are blogging regularly about current issues and events, as well as telling us more about them. Good to see that in an already amazing production.


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Haha, I love those videos


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Good shit, haha actually pretty funny. They are kind of total assholes though. Its really funny to watch and even funnier if your the guys doing it. But if some asshole does it to me it gets super old super quick, as long as it isnt though icon_razz.gif Just plain old awesome. Cant do shit agaisnt it, hahaha. Love the reaction of people.
Omfg, the spray is just classic. I love that. roflol

*Sent this to my friends, there roflin as we speak. Nice find man*
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All I have to say is very funny video, but I am glad that it isn't me.


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Team Roomba's vids have been floating around for a while, they're fucking awesome. They put more into raging people than myg0t fags and I agree, they do it with style.



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truly amazing videos. I saw these a while back, and its the sole reason for me buying TF2, and I have to say.It has NOT disappointed.

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Mr. Clean

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I <3 those videos!


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Those videos are so funny, but ppl who play like that should just die....
Come at me bro


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"If valve put it into the game why wouldn't they want people to do it?"



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heh. that was quite funny,

sup' toronto


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Awesome find Geoff... this is hilarious stuff. I've always been a fan of well thought out greifing; here's probably the first video of really well executed douchebaggery.

Apparently someone in their guild dies in RL, and the person's friends have a sort of "in game funeral" for whoever it was. And then this griefing guild comes in and just ruins everything.



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excellent video

im surprised i havent come across any of this in game, but quite funny nontheless.

unlike WoW, these players getting messed with are but 1 click away from switching servers. if they want to stay, whine, and bitch about the griefers in this case, theyre the ones putting themselves in this situation


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Some of the TF2 Griefing videos out are hilarious, the Team Roomba ones are great and there's another one I love by a character called Ralphie. I haven't come across anything like that while playing, but videos like that are a good reminder that you're there to have fun as well do your best.
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thanks lil hades 87!


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Haha, I wonder if these glitches work on the PS3 icon_smile.gif

Tom Fiend

Tom Fiend
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haha yeah these are great.

I'm loving all these new news posts btw. icon_biggrin.gif

[edit] first page icon_surprised.gif:o:O:O
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Yea, team roomba is pretty funny although their server is hell to play on unless you like a bunch of weird ass music.

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Jimmy Rabbitte
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Instant classic.
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lol this is one of the greatest griefer vid for tf2 ever. its so well planned

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Lol! Absolute classic!

Asking trivia questions to let people out, that is inspired thinking. As they say, there's a fine line between genius and madness

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