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How to ask a HWSW question

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Greetings ladies and gents! Well, seeing as Komet decided to crap up his one, I thought itd be helpfull to make a brand new one. So here is:

ViRuS52's all new "How to ask a HWSW question" thread!


So, let's start with what we had before (note I fixed the links and removed the crap icon_wink.gif)

QUOTE (Komet @ May 19 2006, 01:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
If you feel like you have a problem with the operation or performance of your PC's components, or have a question about purchasing parts for your current computer, we need to know what you have in that magic box.

If you do not know what components you have in your PC, or have a pre-manufactured PC, this is what you need to do:

1. Download EVEREST Corporate Edition from that link & install it. Its a trial version but thats ok.
2. Open the application and Click the Motherboard Icon.
3. Find the Motherboard Icon and Click it again.
4. Up at the top of the application, Click Report, and then navigate to Quick Report - Motherboard > Plain Text.
5. Scroll down in the created document, Highlight all the information under Motherboard, and Copy it.
6. Paste it into your thread.
Here are the components we need to know for all custom assembled PCs:

Processor: Either Intel or AMD. We need to know at least the socket type. A screenshot from CPU-Z would be perfect.
(Popular examples: 478 Intel, 775 Intel, 754 AMD, 939 AMD, AM2 AMD)

Motherboard: Brand and Model Number
(example: ASUS A8N-SLI, DFI Ultra-D, Abit KN8-SLI)

RAM: Type (DDR, DDR2) , Brand, and/or Model Number
(example: G.Skill 2GBHZ, Corsair XMS TWINX2048-3500LL), as well as the AMOUNT you have of said ram.

Video Card: Brand and Model Series
(example: ASUS 6800GT, Sapphire x1600xt)


If you have a problem relating Hard Drives, we need to know the Manufacturer and Model Number (example: Western Digital WD2500KS, Seagate ST3300822AS)

If you have a question about Cooling your PC and Fans, we need to know the Case Manufacterer and Style
(example: Thermaltake Tsunami, COOLER MASTER Centurion 5)

If you have a question about buying power supplies, please use this PSU Calculator FIRST and give us the final number it puts out. If you have a question about a specific PSU, we need to know the Brand, Model Number, and Wattage.
(example: Thermaltake TR2 430w, COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power 600w)

So, in order for us HWSW "guru's" to help you fix your problem, you must first help us with details of what you have. Its no use telling us "OH NOES! GRAPHIX R B0RKED!" We need to AT LEAST know what your graphics card is, and preferably the rest of the system like motherboard etc too in case theres a compatability issue of some kind that we can identify for you.

So, you have a question, and want to know how to proceed? Well follow this proceedure, and you will have your problem solved in no time!

  • The first port of call is to check the Tutorials, Guides and Useful Information section of this forum. There are lots of handy threads in there that will help in the majority of cases.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • If your question wasnt answered there, the next thing to do is come back to HWSW and use the search function. Often times your question will have already been asked and answered. Sometimes you may find your question has been asked, but not resolved. if that is the case for you, then there is no harm in bumping a thread with fresh details of your problem. Dont be scared to necro such threads if you need to. Its much better to have a few 1d10ts shout "OMFG NECRO!" at you than it is to create a new thread that already exists. So if its there - USE IT! icon_wink.gif
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Nothing? Well, before you go making a new thread, just do us a quick favour would ya? Especially if the problem is software-based (but also applies to hardware too), please, for the love of god, virus scan, malware scan, defrag and error check the fuck out of your rig! I cant stress how often a problem is solved from doing one or all of the above, and there is never any harm in doing them, so please please PLEASE DO EET!
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • So, if you got this far, obviously there is no tutorial/guide etc, no one has asked the question already and virus scans etc didnt help either. NOW you are at the point where you can create a new topic! But what to say?
    • Well, first you will need a title. Unlike the other parts of the forums like General Discushin or Newb + Old N00bz, it is VERY nececerry here to make your topic title and subtitle as descriptive of your problem as you can. Titles that just say "OH SHI~ NEED ELP PLXKTHNX!" are no use to us. Instead, "Graphics card doing weird things" or "hard drive making strange noises" is far more useful. So make sure you are descriptive!
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Then you need to compose the body. This is quite easy to do really. All you need is a paragraph or three describing the problem (namely, what it is you are doing when the problem occurs). After that, pitch us every spec you can lay your hands on. Motherboard, CPU, Graphics card, Hard drive(s), CD/DVD drive(s), RAM, any and all PCI cards, and any other crazy contraptions you may have stuffed in there. For cooling issues, we also need to know the make of case and the number and/or type of fans (or equivilent) you have. For software issues, a screenshot of Add/Remove Programs (or equivilent) is always helpful, as well as a HJT Log.
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • The following is an example of a BAD HWSW thread:
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • And this is an example of a GOOD HWSW thread:
      QUOTE (Computer making strange sounds?)
      Hay there guys. Not too long ago, my PC started making this funny sort of mechanical sound. It happens whenever the hard drive does something so I thought it might be that. Here are my specs:

      Motherboard: <GENERIC MOTHERBOARD>

      Additional info: HDD is X years old and is frequently used.

      Can someone point me in the right direction here? Is it my hard drive? if so, what does this mean? is the drive on its way out or do they do this from time to time? any advice is much appreciated.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • So, youve posted your thread, I guess you're done right? wrong. No doubt even the most detailed of threads will need a handfull of extra questions answered in order to analyse your problem fully. So make sure you keep watch on it and answer any questions thrown back at you as best you can.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • So, youve done all the right things. Youve gone through the Tutorils and HWSW, all to no avail. youve scanned your hard drive to death, again with no result. youve posted a thread In HWSW, put forward as much detail as you could, answered every question that was thrown back at you, and finally - EUREEKA! youve solved your problem! but before you walk away, theres just one little bit of cleanup to do. You need to make a final reply to your thread detailing exactly what you did to resolve the problem. This is so that the next person who look for this problem (as you did when you started out) can see a full explanation of the solution easilly. Please do this, even if it is just quoting what someone else told you to do, because even that acts as confirmation of the correct solution, and is vital in helping others out when they want the same problem solved.

So thats it. that is how you properly go about asking a question in HWSW. I would just like to leave you with some useful links:

Guide to picking the perfect mouse for you
nVidia Overclocking guide
HijackThis log analysis forum
How to Optimize your internet
Changing your bootscreen, logon and start menu (for windows XP)
Choosing a case
Choosing the right graphics card
Spyware detection and removal
PC assembly (build your own computer)
Cooling guide
Case Modding
Useful programs to download (CPU-Z, HJT etc)
Choosing a PSU
Speeding up your rig
Picking out the right componants
Upload sites (all different file types)

simply want to know how to go about choosing parts for a new rig? check here: http://forums.purepw...showtopic=78446



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Approved. icon_razz.gif

Damn I need some photoshop..

QUOTE (Weiman @ Apr 5 2009, 01:09 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This is exactly what has been going on through the entire thread, and it's not the first time either.
You come to us for advice..you just spell out what you want to get, and then ask us if it is okay, and we have to explain why it isn't. That's the world upside down.. If you would just say 'hey guys, I have an X amount of money, what should I buy?' Then this would be over in 2-3 posts, not 2-3 pages.
QUOTE (Kazzerax @ May 21 2009, 09:01 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Every time someone goes against Weiman's sig I feel like they should be bludgeoned for a few minutes in the head to feel the headache I feel when I realize someone really IS that dense.



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QUOTE (Weiman @ Nov 5 2007, 01:17 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Approved. icon_razz.gif

[img]http://img510.images...37c17b8ekw8.jpg[/ img]

Damn I need some photoshop..

hahaha you just HAD to get that picture in somewhere didnt you? icon_razz.gif well heres what I have to say to you!

icon_lol.gif jks icon_razz.gif <333

on topic - glad to hear you guys like my work. DougH was all too happy to delete Komets one. Even thretened to ban me if I did it first lol icon_razz.gif



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You've made a critical error in believing that the frequents of this sub-section can/will actually read more words than were already written. I do, however like the bullets and colors.

Also, the cake is still a lie. icon_wink.gif


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Thanks dude, nice revamp of the old one, i will def use this for my new Pc i will be building soon icon_smile.gif lol.



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Awesome thread is awesome, i will now follow this rule set like it was concieved from my own womb..

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mmmm cake

off-topic: well least i have somewhere to tell people to look at when they post a question in a way that pisses me off

back-on-tipic: the cake is a lie still, a deliciously tasty lie

Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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