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Post Your Favorite RPG Moments (Spoilers Most Likely)

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The entire two part series of Ultima 7, the first ever game that I became so thoroughly engrossed with that I took 120 hours out of my 12 year old homework time in one month to finish (whilst exploring every nook and cranny)

Especially memorable moments from U7:
- Killing Lord British via falling sign, and with the Black Sword
- Finding that the maid is pregnant with the king's child
- Stumbling upon a pirate's hideout with a computer inside previewing Origin's upcoming titles finishing with "Ultima 8: Pagan," then having the PC blow-up in my face.
- Finding a crashed Kilrath fighter craft (ala Wing Commander series) in a farmer's field east of Britain, and hearing the farmer's story of how he killed the "mantiger" occupant with his Hoe of Destruction (accidentally enchanted garden Hoe by some nitwit mage, also one of the most powerful weapons in the game).
- Casting the Armaggedon spell and talking to the king afterwards
- The sheer ridiculous amount of easter eggs found throughout the two games.

Hands down best RPG to date.

No other games even really stand out to me in this regard.


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Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but I'm tempted to go for when you're left with the choices towards the end of Deus Ex. Do you send the world back into the Dark Ages for a couple of hundred years, create an Illuminati or become God? Completely brilliant game, I sure as hell hope that the 3rd title will be a vast improvement on the sequel and excel all expectations.

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