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When the first time you played a fps?

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My first ever PC FPS was Wolfenstein: ET from about 3-4 years ago.

I wasn't seriously into gaming as I am today. So I drifted away to MMO's (Knight Online for about a year) and then to WoW.

Then eventually back into FPS's and went to CS 1.6 + Wolf ET on a regular basis.

Now I play pretty much every FPS game whenever I feel like it. This may be 1.6, CSS, Duke, Wolf ET, DOOM or Quake, doesn't really matter icon_razz.gif

I also still manage to play MMO's without becoming 'addicted'.

I play a lot of different games, thats why I'm not really restricted to one genre.


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terminator on super nintendo ftw icon_wink.gif

First popular fps i played was the duke nuke'm 3d... mmm good times.

Jeremy S

Jeremy S
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i was about 7 and i played duck hunt

i had no idea that thee were such things as different game genres


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duck hunt, when i was but a weee n00b pp_smiley7.gif
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QUOTE (Myth @ May 21 2007, 04:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Heritic ftw.

oh man i remember that game! i dont think it was fps though, wasnt it a 3rd person spell casting type game?
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when i was like in kindergarden, i played this game called Shadow Warrior. i cud never play it because i kept shitting my pants whenever i saw a guy. i also played duke nukem 3d. this was around the time cs 1.5 or whatever was around, i didnt know quite that much, i waas playing old games even for that time.


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Doom 1/2: HoE
Quake 1
Duke Nukem 3D

Also, still have my Quake CD around somewhere. Awesome games. I have a vivid memory of a game I was playing years ago, seemed like Doom 1 but I was in a jail killing police? I've been told that's Wolfenstein (sp) but iirc i've never had that installed.


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I was about eight or seven... and my friend got a N64. His first two games....Mario Kart 64...and Duke Nukem 64. Hell yeah.

I loved that game to death...still do.

Next came Turok I'm pretty sure, then probably 007 goldeneye. So yeah, my FPS gaming started on the N64.

I think I might have played some Doom-like game on the Super Nintendo now that I think about it...I don't remember what it was though. That would have been my second FPS game.


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I seem to remember Unreal Tournament, but there were many before that that I can't really name, just remember...
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My first FPS game on a console was Goldeneye for the N64 and I was addicted as hell to the game and played it every chance I could with friends and my brothers. I was pretty good at it but not godly or anything. My first FPS on the PC was HALO: Combat Evolved in 2004 when my brother got it. I still play it to this day but its not as much fun s it use to be.


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But my first FPS will always be Duck Hunt.

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I guess duck hunt if that counts, always used to put the gun right to the screen so it was easier to hit them. Then I had a babysitter show me doom and I was like "OMFGWTF".

"If you live your life by other peoples standards, your life is no longer your own."


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the first fps was on the NES. I don't remember it but it used the light gun and nobody could get past the first level


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I started playing duck hunt, but that was like about a decade ago.
Later, I started playing some Wolfensten 3D, I didn't know how to kill the final boss. (The green cyborg.)
The first ever first person shooter with freelook I've played was quake 2 for pc. I was like 8 or something and I was scared everytime I had to fight a teleport dropper.
The game that actually game me some skills was CS 1.3 or 1.4. It was outdated, so I had to play with bots, so after that I realized that I'm not too bad.
now a lot of my games are FPS.


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My first FPS's for PC was America's Army,Project Entropia, and Battlefield 1942

My first ever Console FPS was 007 GoldenEye for N64, the best Classic FPS game icon_razz.gif


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about 4 years ago

on a lan house


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Age 4... -Reaver- lifts his tiny hands to the keyboard and shoots the nazi fucker in Wolfenstein 3D.


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the original doom.... gotta love dos man how many years ago was that... i was a wee one


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For me i t wud be like Doom
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I think it was either Doom, Or Quake
One of the two...
But i do remember playing both

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