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Episode 13 web release on Thursday!

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The tour is done and it's time to get ready for the web release! Season 2 episode 1 will be posted on Thursday May 3rd (time unknown). In the meantime check out the new extended episode 12 intro! (after the Tetris battle)



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Awesome, new Ep. 12 content FTW! icon_smile.gif Epic pwnage ballad icon_biggrin.gif I don't know, seems to be a hint of a new character in there too. Who knows - all will be revealed, I'm sure And I was wondering how long it would take for the Ep 2.1 announcement to get to the front page icon_biggrin.gif


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QUOTE (Vengeance @ Apr 29 2007, 09:54 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
seems to be a hint of a new character in there too.

I don't know man, kinda looks like it. Teh_1337gurl FTW!

Can't wait Kyle, it's going to up-the-a pwn.



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The Great Wait of Episode 13.

Killed 400,000 Noobs.


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Yay, EP13 in COLOUR!


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LOL awesome introage, nice homage there guys!

[enter random ep 13 web release celebration here]
IPB Image

Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame
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yay! i so said that date like 2 weeks ago to my friends as a guess.
woot woot


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Can't wait to see ep 13 again icon_smile.gif

You guys did a great job on it, and I hope you come back to New York again!


Ahh, the extended intro.

When I saw it at the theater I was like WTF I DO I NOT REMEMBER THIS

Now I know I wasn't going crazy icon_smile.gif


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Finally we know wich day it is ^^ cant wait icon_smile.gif

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Episode 12 Extended intro was awesome icon_smile.gif Can't wait for Episode 13.....its gonna be EPIC pp_smiley7.gif


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Man, the intro was great. I thought it odd at first but got used to it.
I can't wait to download episode 13!!



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Nice extension, but wth is it lagging so much ? oO
May some streaming probs or just my own...
(audio works)
but pls look 4ward 2 teh release and present it lagless icon_razz.gif

Either way, itll great icon_smile.gif
ill pwn u<3


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The intro was pwnage, and I can't wait until Thursday. I'll watch 13 again and again until midnight. Then, Spiderman 3 FTW!

I beat Jarett in Tetris. Once. Then he beat me four times straight. But still, I beat him once!


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klkl i cant wait
IPB Image
IPB Image



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The long wait will soon be over, huzzah!


Yeah, he doesn't understand. It's not your post count, it's MAKING YOUR POSTS COUNT!




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Omg I write a test on thursday, I won't be able to think of anything else than EP 13 icon_sad.gif


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The intro's cool and all, but why are they bringing in like, another girl whom has never been seen before (to my knowledge)? Or is that part of episode 13?


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I am so excited to see the COLOR version! Even though i was among the privileged who saw the B&W version in Toronto!!!! Good times... "Is this in black and white kyle?"



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Nice, new ep 12 content!!

Aaaand can't wait for episode 13!




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Can't wait to see the new episode!

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