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Back in Toronto, back to work

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nice video icon_cool.gif


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Awesome guys.

Looked fun.


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w00t! more footage

thats some cool shit, welcome back.
getting pwned by Fatal1ty, eh? thats the coolest news imo icon_smile.gif
Come at me bro


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Is there anywhere I can download this, or on google video or something.. I don't like the DivX ToS... ad/spy-ware-like....


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stage 6 teh great java script:emoticon(':)', 'smid_2')



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WoW those Divx vids are so uber quality!

I'll get it on youtube for the lazy ones soon icon_biggrin.gif

Glad you guys had fun and now bak to working icon_biggrin.gif lol Ep1 season 2 isnt going to make itself icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

For The Lazy Ones:


Wii Tenis:
Posted Image


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Im sure firefly is happy right now icon_smile.gif

good update, i enjoyed watching vid, and as i was watching it my brother walks in and looks at my screen and says Jarett? then im like WTF?F?!?!?!? then hes like yeah i know that guy, well i have to go talk to you later.

now im confizzled

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QUOTE (RBrenner14 @ Jan 18 2007, 06:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Just watched the Tennis vid: They spell Jarett's name wrong in the credits! lol

Yes, I know. I apologized on the original thread about the Wii video. Jarett told me his badge was wrong and that there is only one "R" but then I messed up the "T." icon_razz.gif Very glad to see the video is on the front page of PP. I posted here and got some response, but impressed with the # of posts here.

Anyhoo, thought I'd let you all know that I uploaded the HD version of their CES special.

Please keep in mind it will take longer to load, but if you double-click and watch at full-screen it's pretty neat. Oh, for the technophiles, I'd like to point out that the projector you see on the screen (better seen on the Wii video) is a Chrystie 8k projector! They lent it to us to demo at our booth. That's twice the resolution of DLP digital projectors at movie theaters now. It was amazing. It's like $140k or something like that though, so don't expect to see them at your local Best Buy anytime soon. icon_razz.gif

Peace Out,

Michelle Osorio, Writer and Director of
Boomer's Day Off - a Left 4 Dead web series

The Real Sims - my latest live-action web series

Kill9 StudiosBlogTwitter ● YouTube



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Nice stuff! Downloading icon_smile.gif

QUOTE (Weiman @ Apr 5 2009, 01:09 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This is exactly what has been going on through the entire thread, and it's not the first time either.
You come to us for advice..you just spell out what you want to get, and then ask us if it is okay, and we have to explain why it isn't. That's the world upside down.. If you would just say 'hey guys, I have an X amount of money, what should I buy?' Then this would be over in 2-3 posts, not 2-3 pages.
QUOTE (Kazzerax @ May 21 2009, 09:01 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Every time someone goes against Weiman's sig I feel like they should be bludgeoned for a few minutes in the head to feel the headache I feel when I realize someone really IS that dense.

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G³ Molotov
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Hooray for high res version, new comic, and you fellas makin it back home!
-Signed with a rag and a match. Here, catch.


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Yay update! Yay new comic! Yay Wii Tennis! Double-yay on starting new episode!!!
If you were me and I was you, you'd want to visit this website: Threadless.com. Wanna know why? Because they have really awesome t-shirts. Like...really very awesome.


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Woot I downloaded and just watched it...it was pwnage.
4:30AM ftw.
Your local pirate, and skier.


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Yeah, get back to work! lol j/k, but it looks like you guys had a blast @ CES and thats always good.

and nice comic page icon_biggrin.gif

"Clean up on aisle 3"



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OMG!, The PP crew meets Fatal1ty, Really cool!

Now thats a video I'd love to download?!, Or see on the PP Season 2 DVD (As its too late to put it on Season 1's)
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Part Of The Original You Cookie Is Remembering Thread, First Page Infact
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welcome back icon_wink.gif

great, a new comic cool.gif

There must be some kind of way out of here...



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gosh tht takes ages to load



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You best get back to work. icon_wink.gif I don't want to wait much longer for that DVD I've been hearing so much about. February 1st seems kind of like a pipe dream now. icon_sad.gif


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mother bitchen shweeet!

No Mutants Allowed - "We were here before the fall..."
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We want a Season Premier, a DVD and a soundtrack, k? icon_razz.gif

Playing Fatal1ty must've been fun, I'm envious ^_^


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WAIT WAIT WAIT dose that IRL mean u were in ireland cuz if u were i think im gonna kill myself icon_neutral.gif
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