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RTS Guides Thread

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General RTS Information:
The Basics of RTS

Zero Hour:
General ZH Info and GLA Strats
Alternative ZH Builds by armoredsandwich
Tux's China Guide

General SC Information
Terran and General SC Information

Basic Terran Unit Information
Basic Protoss Unit Information

Protoss Build Orders and Information
Zerg Build Orders and Information

Extensive Reaver Information and General SC Information

Javea1's Warcraft3 GGC Set-up Guide

This thread is going to contain all guides related to RTS games. The reason for condensing the guides to one thread is because there were getting to be too many stickies in the RTS section. This new format allows some extra flexability with guides. Anyone may write a guide for any RTS game and post it in this thread. If it is good enough we will link to it. This post will contain a list of every 'guide' post in this thread, as well as a link to them.

Want your guide listed here? Follow these steps:

1. Write your guide
2. Post it in this thread
3. Format it. Make it easy to read and follow using colors, bold or headers, but don't over do it.
4. PM me or Fritobag to get it listed



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RTS:Real Time Strategy. A Real-Time strategy (RTS) game is a type of computer strategy game which does not have "turns" like conventional turn-based strategy video or board games. Rather, game time progresses in "real time": that is, it is continuous rather than turn-by-turn. (The word "strategy" originally referred to warplan at the level of armies and squadrons instead of giving order for individual units or persons).

Micromanagement:Micromanagement is the art of controling a specific amount of units (either large or small) and using them to their fullest potential i.e. not letting them die.

For example, 'microing' Protoss Dragoons involves withdrawing damaged units from the battle temporarily to have the enemy unit AI to refocus their attacks on healthy units. At this point reattacking with the damaged Dragoon allows maximum damage to be dealt with minimal casulaties.

Macromanagement: Marcomanagement is the art of creating and maintaining a good unit pump. It encompasses the skills of having a strong economy to afford units, having the ideal number of unit producing structures to maximize unit production efficiency, and being able to multitask between managing battles and constructing new units.

APM:Actions per minute is the number of actions completed within a minute of a gameplay in real time strategy game. High APM is usually associated with skill, due to the fact that more actions executed at a faster rate by clicking the mouse faster and pressing keys on the keyboard more rapidly. APM is usually referred to as a clear indicator of a Gosu (master) of a game such as Starcraft or Warcraft III.

If there are any other MAJOR terms that I missed, please tell me and I will add it.

Acronyms/minor terms you might come accross in an RTS game

gl - Good Luck. Usually said before the start of the game, and during the count down.

hf - Have Fun. Also usually said before the start of the game. Although I haven't seen "hf" used in a while in a Starcraft: Broodwar game. It is now common to say "gl gg" before the start of a game.

gg - Good Game. Usually said by the loser of a game usually near the end or at the end of a game. Winners normally should not say "gg" unless their opponent says it first. Generally when the winner of a game says it first, it comes off as rude and snotty.

NR - No Rush. Usually put in a hosting game's name. Usually followed up with a number representing how many minutes until they can attack each other. i.e. NR10 would mean no attacking each other until 10 minutes have elapsed. These kind of games SHOULD be AVOIDED if you would like to play competetively but nothing is wrong if you want to play for fun.

BO - Build Order. In strategy computer games, of both the turn-based and real-time varieties, a build order is a linear pattern of production, research, and resource management aimed at achieving a specific and specialized goal.

Often, the name of a build order usually reflects two key aspects therein:

* The desired goal of the entire build order.
* The key management decisions involved in the build order.

Build orders often involve significant timing issues. This applies to both turn-based and real-time strategy games. In real-time strategy games, timing may be even more crucial. To execute an optimal rush, a player will not only have to know exactly what to build or research but also when to do so.

12, 3, 6, 9, etc. - Refers to a clock's position in terms of the location in the battlefield. An example would be that if you were playing a 2:2, and your ally said to strike 12. You would strike the enemy at 12 o'clock with respect to the battlefield.

Turtle (Turtling) - Turtling is also a strategy in RTS games such as StarCraft. It involves building up defensive structures to the point of one's home base being nigh-impregnable, then climbing the tech tree and building an army of superior units for a single, massive assault on the enemy base. It is the opposite of a rush. In games where starting resources are limited, turtling is generally not considered an effective strategy, as most RTS games have units that have a longer effective range than most turrets, it also allows the opponent to take control of more resouces than the turtle can, and then starve or them out or mount an effective siege or assault.

Rush (Rushing) - In RTS games, to perform a rush, the attacking player focuses on building a large number of fast, cheap units adept at attacking. The player who rushes may sacrifice such options as greater long-term resource gathering or immediate research up the tech tree to opt instead for a quick strike.

A successful rush usually attempts to disrupt the resource gathering of the defending player. The rush is a risky tactic. If the rush is successful, then the player may have won the game or significantly set his or her opponent back; if the rush fails, then the rushing player may have wasted valuable time and resources that would have been better spent on research or building types of units not as well adapted toward the rush. A rush can also be considered a mass attack with primarily only one type of unit used, and depends on overwhelming numbers and force to succeed. The rush is often a suicidal attack (for the units involved); rushing units are often expected to die, but to nevertheless benefit the player initiating the rush by disrupting the opponent's operations.

List of Common RTS games

CnC/C&C - Command and Conquer
TS - Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun
RA - Command and Conquer: Red Alert
ZH - Zero Hour, an expansion of Command and Conquer: Generals
WC I,II,III - Warcraft 1, 2, and 3
AoE I, II, III - Age of Empires 1, 2, and 3
AoM - Age of Mythology
EE 1, 2- Empire Earth 1, and 2
RoN - Rise of Nations
SC - Starcraft
BW - Brood War, an expansion of Starcraft
DoW - Dawn of War
DoW:WA - Dawn of War: Winter Assault

--APM, turtling, rushing, build order, and RTS definition was grabbed from Wikipedia. GrandInquisitor helped me on the rest of the definitions.

Thanks to Rod for beginning the list of RTS games.

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Rod's Guide to Zero Hour

Over the course of my time posting in the RTS section I have noticed there are insane numbers of posts about Zero Hour and Generals. Since there have been so many questions asked about ZH I have decided to write a guide for the basics of ZH. This is not a "learn how to be pro" guide. This information is intended for newer players and not anyone above average. A good player can still learn form this guide though, just skip some of the intro things. This guide will go from the most newbie things at the start, to more advanced topics and strats later on. If you already know a lot about ZH this guide probably won't help you much, but may give you some new strats or BO's(build order).

'Newbie Stuff' - Skip to next red topic if you know anything about ZH
First Read the other Stickies about General RTS terms as I will only go over ZH specific terms here!
First things first.. What is ZH? Zero hour is the latest CnC game, and is an expansion of CnC Generals. Its a modern day RTS using units like tanks, planes and other 'irl' units The goal of the game is to destroy all non defensive enemy structures. It has 3 basic armies, each with 3 special armies totaling of 12 armies. "Vanilla" is the most common term to describe one of these armies that is not specialized. For instance "Vanilla USA" means its just USA and not Laser, Air Force or Super Weapons. Vanilla armies are usually considered underpowered due to lack of a specialty. Here is a complete list of Armies and their abbreviated names.

-China Tank (Tank)
-China Nuke (Nuke)
-China Infantry (Inf)
-USA Laser (Laser)
-USA Super Weapons (SW)
-USA Air Force (USAF, AF, Air Force)
-GLA Toxin (Tox)
-GLA Demolition (Demo)
-GLA Stealth (Stealth)

Other Terms - upon request
WF - War Factory - builds ground units like tanks
AF - Air Field - Builds planes and choppers
Barracks - Builds infantry
*please let me know any other terms you need defined*

ZH uses single resource type "money". To make money in ZH you collect supplies, capture oil, or build your armies respective buildings or units that make money later in the game. Maintaining resource control in ZH is vital as even a noob can own you if they are making a lot more money than you.

Things you need to do when playing.
1: Defend your resources.
The primary target early game will be your resources. If you do not defend them well you will be stuck with no way to make money, and your good as dead within the first few minutes of battle.
2: Expanding
Unlike some games, Zh is not a good game to be a turtle in. You need to expand your control over the map, if not with buildings, at least with units. This will help you keep tabs on where your enemy is, and ensure you are not being out harvested in resources. And give you larger room to build in later when you need space. This also involves teching up when you have the money.
3: Pumping units
Make sure you are using your barracks or war factory as much as possible. Ensure your WF is producing something 100% of the time. If you are gathering up a big pile of money build another war factory or tech up. Don't let your money sit there (past a few thousand), you will regret it later. Also make sure you mix your units, don't spam one unit or you risk losing your whole army easily.
4: Pressuring your enemy
Keeping your enemy busy with small, annoying attacks will not only confuse and disorient your opponent; if successful it can take out important buildings or cripple their economy. Under this same topic, if your enemy is pressuring you, rather than a full scale defense, attack your enemy. You will find they may have left themselves undefended, or they may not be paying attention to their base.
5: Micro
I will go into this later, but if you micro well you can win battles that you should have never logically won. You can take out ton of units with very small numbers. This is where split second decisions can cost you or win you the game.

You must at least try to do all these things at once and I will explain how to do them all at once later. This requires practice!

Once you have played some single player games, and tried out the online you might ask "how in the hell do they do everything so fast?"

Simple: Hotkeys and knowledge. Every good ZH player knows BO's for every army, and knows what to do before the game even starts. Using hotkeys, marking spots on the map, and binding units to keys all save tiny seconds that build up into what seems like massive amounts of time in a fast paced RTS like ZH.
Hot keys
Buildings, units, and special abilities all have assigned hotkeys that you can press. I'm not going to go over what each key does here as you can find that info on your manual, or online. You need to learn and use the hotkeys as much as possible; it will save you tons of time, and allow you to multitask much easier. Example: As USA right when you start press R to build a power plant right away then press U to build a supply depot and B for a barracks and A for a war factory.
Map Bookmarks
Press ctrl F# to mark a place on the map. Mark places like your supply depots, your main fronts, and any other place of interest.
Binding Keys
Vital to anyone's game is binding keys to anything and everything. Bind to your barracks, war factory, dozers, and units. To bind keys simply select what you want to bind and press ctrl and a number key. Single tapping that key will select the binded object; use this to produce units without moving your screen. Double tapping take you to the binded object, and can be used for many things such as attacking from multiple fronts, to checking the status of units or buildings.
Build Order(BO)
Build orders in ZH are quite complicated as they all take into account what army your opponent is, or if unknown, making a BO that can easily adapt, and find your opponents army. The massive number of build orders makes it impossible to discuss every one of them here and I suggest you download some replays and read some guides at www.cncreplays.com to learn every BO possible. I will be describing basic BO's in the advanced section though.

These are the basic concepts of ZH, just reading this though won't make you better, it will just make you aware of what you need to do. So at this point you can keep reading, or you can go play some computers and try and get these techniques down. When practicing against computers experiment. Build every unit and use their special abilities. Game knowledge is vital to countering someone when they have stronger and better units than you.

Advanced Newbie Stuff

In this section I will describe some specific things and less generalizations and theory.

First things first are common rush units, and the BO's that go with them. I will be adding replays later to demonstrate these BO's. I am only going to show generic BO's. These are the framework for most build orders of that general, but are altered based on who you are fighting and what your opponent does. All of these BO's are designed for the map Turny Desert, but CAN be used on most maps.

-Rockvee/ambo BO

This is the most common BO for USA. A rockvee is a humvee with 4 or 5 rocket troops and a ranger. An ambo is an ambulance and is used to heal the rockvee. Build one or two rockvees and an ambo to start.
USAF Rockvee/Ambo vs Tank forward WF(you can't use planes vs a good tank player)
-Air Force
*coming soon*

-Forward Barracks

The purpose of this BO is to capture the cars in the middle of TD with terrorists to run over workers or blow up dozers.
The timing on this is NOT in order, watch the replay to get timing or do these steps when required building is built, or when required worker is done with previous project.
1st worker to the center of the city in TD, build a barracks right outside the city.
2nd worker to main supplies building a supply center
3rd worker to secondary supplies building a supply center
4th worker to left or right center with a tunnel
5th worker to main supplies with tunnel
6th/7th workers are optional and can be used to gather supplies or tunnel.
Sell Command Center
Barracks-build 2 terrorists and put them in cars and run over workers or blow up dozers.
1st worker tunnel near barracks
2nd worker WF boxing supplies
3rd worker tunnel
4th worker - to be used later
5th worker - to be used later
WF-build technical - load with 5th worker and 4rpg men from tunnels and use this to attempt to attack and get a tunnel close to the enemies base.
-Boxed Supplies
Same as forward Barracks except you build you supply center with your first worker and barracks next to your supplies with your 2nd worker and 3rd worker goes to center with tunnel. Also you don't use the cars in the middle at all or as fast.
This replay demonstrates both, my opponent did the "forward barracks" BO.
Tox vs Tox Both BO's
Power of Forward Barracks

China (1 and 2 refer to your 2 dozers)
-Dual WF

This REQUIRES that you sell your CC (just an FYI)
2-main supplies
1-2nd supplies
Spam units!!!
-Forward WF
Suggested selling of CC or no secondary supplies
2-Supplies in center
1-main supplies
2-WF center
1-seccondary supplies
1-defences or airfield,

Forward WF replay vs USAF using rockvee BO
Inf Helix

*Under Construction*
How to use units and armies!
Bike(GLA) - Fast transport for an infantry unit, any GLA infantry can get on one of these! From a Hijacker to Jarmen Kell.

Battle Bus(GLA) - A troop transport that can carry 8 infantry troops and they can fire while the bus is moving. It is fast, but takes a while to turn, so you have to plan on what way your going to want it to escape.

Jarmen Kell(GLA) - The famed Jamen is capable to killing any infantry troop in one shot, and can be fired repeatedly with little delay. He can also snipe out the drive of a vehicle. We have all heard the "my jarmen is on a bike" line from PP. But what does that mean, and why is it important? Jarmen on a bike is powerful for many reasons. Mainly due to his speed. With GLA tunnels, and the speed of a bike, jarmen can be everywhere on the map within secconds. This mean you can snipe and steal a dozer and build a power plant(speeds up gla building times for buildings and units). Or take a stray overlord tank. Or just snipe a pile of infantry. I think you all get the bike thing. Now on to the Jarmen in the Battle Bus. The battle bus does not go stealth like with the bike, but he is well protected and can snipe infantry right out the side of the bus. This is a powerful combo with 7 rocket troops. Last but not least is demo Jarmen. With all the power of the regular jarmen + all the demo abilities of Burton he is one of the most powerful "hero" units in ZH.

Black Lotus(China) - Black lotus has the ability to turn a game around in less than a minute, can even win you a game that you were losing. Capturing buildings in a few secconds is lotus's most deadly ability. Capturing a Warfactory, or a full airfield(gives you planes) can turn the tide of battle. Most good players will sell what you are trying to capture to get the moeny out of it, and prevent you from using it. Use this against them, get near a few buildings and start capturing them, as soon as they sell, switch to capturing another building. Lotus can also be used to capture oil, and other special buildings without the capture building upgrade. Cash hack is also worthwhile if your enemy leaves an undefended Supply Center. So far I have only gone over "solo" Lotus missions, but Lotus is also a great tool in battles. With the ability to disable units, and detect stealth lotus can turn the tide of battles even though she cannot directly attack.
*Under construction*

Helix(China) - This unit is very versitle and can be used for many very different purposes. First off its a transport, it can hold a combo of 5 units (except inf can hold more). Tanks use up thee transport slots, infantry use one. You can also add attachments to your helix such as a bunker, propaganda tower, or a powerful gattling cannon. Five rocket troops in a bunkered helix is a great way to support your ground forces, scout, and can also be used to stop small flank attacks on your base without moving your ground army. The other common use for a helix is dropping units behind enemy lines. The most common unit to drop is a flame tank due to the massive AOE effect that can take down multiple buildings at once. Other common drops are dozers and I sometimes drop Black Lotus. If you notice your opponent is not building units that can attack air a bunkered helix or helix drop can speed up your victory, or even turn around the game.
Helix Drops CAN turn your game around

Humvee(USA) - Humvees alone are not very powerful, but with the ability to carry five soldiers that can shoot out of it while moving(exactly like a battle bus) it is a powerful tool in early and even late game matches. Humvee is extremely fast and you can literly take out whole armys with a single well microed 'rockvee'. Rockvee refers to having 4 or 5 rockettroops in a humvee. Sometimes a ranger is added to kill off rocket troops or RPG men. Dropping out the 5 rocket troops using V and using L to lazer lock a target is also a way to save a damaged rockvee from death, or even take out an overlord tank. One rockvee is powerful, but they are much better when microed in groups along with an ambo. Also the TOW missle upgrade makes spamming humvees in with your rockvees worthwhile. The major disadvantage to rockvees is their cost and lack of armor. They can be taken out very easily if you make a little mistake in your micro and get them too close, and they are fairly expensive when filled with troops at the cost of 2,000+. Later in game they can be filled with your Burton or Pathfinders or Flashbang rangers in addition to rocket troops for added versatility. Your main concern when using rockvees are aircraft so watch out.

Technical(GLA) - A very fast car with a mounted weapon in the back. Starts with a machine gun, and with upgrades it can go to cannon and then to rocket launcher. It can carry 5 troops, but they can not shoot out of it. Microing a single, or multiple technials is a powerful tactic early game due to their speed, and ability to carry a worker to build tunnels. I usualy bring 4 rpg troops(from building tunnels) and 1 worker right at the start of any match and get tunnels very close to my opponent. Then I pop my army out of the tunnel.

There are tons of general things I will be adding to this guide later, mainly pertaining to specific armies, and units. If you need more to read and watch go to www.cncreplays.com for more advanced ZH knowledge.

Although I spent a decent amount of time on this guide, I may have left out some information since most things I do in ZH are second nature I can easily forget that I am even doing them. So if you see any errors, or anything I left out please let me know. Also let me know if my spelling and grammar are off anywhere as I typed this rather quickly.

Enjoy this nice guide to ZH and feel free to ask any questions and I will clarify or post replays to answer your questions.

- Rod

last edited 4/10/06

Here is a Guide for GLA with some extra detail Written by _Hellswarm

Within this guide are the basics of playing GLA.

Beware, if you do not like to rush, hit the back button immediately.
This guide is made for games which start at $10 000, not like you USA $50 000
whores out there.

Why Choose GLA?
GLA can be a very good army if used right, but can be pointless to use if you don't
understand how to use it. GLA possesses the Tunnel Network structure. This
structure allows you to transport any number of units from one place to another
instantly. This feature of GLA is often overlooked by many new players, and often
leads to their downfalls. GLA also boasts the game's strongest defensive structure,
The Palace. Toxin, one of the game's strongest armies.

Ok, teach me.
Let's go.


How many Workers should I make?
Preference. You should, as you start getting used to GLA, learn how many you
like to use. About 3-6 should do the trick.

Why Sell my Command Center?
Why do you need it? You've made all the necessary workers, and you won't need it
for anything else. You could get the repair upgrade, but this early in the game,
repair upgrade is pointless. That $1000 boost is what you'll need. Later, to use
Generals Points, you could rebuild your CC when you have a stable economy.

How far should my Supply Centre be placed from the Supplies?

How many Workers should I use?
If you used my example, you should use 5. If the Supply is any farther, use
6, 7, or 8, depending on how far.

What does it mean to box in my Supply?
Boxing your supply allows your workers to collect supplies in a safe environment,
because it blocks out the two sides from oncoming attacks.

What will happen if I don't box in my Supplies?
Against a good player, you risk losing your economy -

That Technical could run over all your workers!


Game Starters -

TechTerror - Very good gamestarter, slows your opponent down greatly.
To do this, You must get 4 Terrorists and a Technical operational as fast as you can.
If you are Demo or Toxin, 3 will do. You get the terrorists in your tech, run your
tech up the flank of an opponent's base, and send all of your terrorists at -
Either their Supply Centre, or their War Factory. Personally I favor the War
Factory. This will destroy it, slowing them down, so they will have to rebuild.
After using this tactic, you could use your technical to scout their base, or you could
return it to your base to load up more Terrorists.

TechRPG- Another very good Starter is called a Tech RPG. Same deal,
except you use RPGs. Also, instead of using Terrorists you make RPGs. This tactic
is best used against China and USA. To use this tactic to greatest effect, you
should destroy their Supply Trucks/Chinooks to slow their economy, and also
destroy their Dozers. This with this tactic, you should use your some RPGs from your
tunnels to speed it up. One advantage of using this tactic over TechTerror is
that it's re-usable, but doesn't make as much of an impact.

WHAT?! Why would you do that? You'd get your Technical destroyed in an
instant by their defence!

Practice this using Skirmish Mode. Once you get good at using these, you will
notice that it is impossible to establish a good defense before the Technical comes
rushing in.

Also, you should make sure while your Technical is going to your opponent's base
Your own base is cranking out units.

In these two starters, it is often good to send a decoy technical up one flank of their
base in case they have some units ready, and send your real TechRPG/TechTerror
up the other flank.

My friends have all grown accustomed to my quick TechRPGs now, so that's what I
do, gets them every time. icon_biggrin.gif


Tunnels are so effective that the deserve an extra section in my Guide.

You should place Tunnels at chokepoints around the map. In my fav strategy, my 2nd
and third worker rush to build fast, offensive tunnels. These tunnels can get your
offensive force from your Arms Dealer to your Opponent's Base in no time.

When possible, you should make as many tunnels as you can.

Tunnels also serve as a defensive structure. When a fleet of MiGs coming your
way, just pop some Quads out of a tunnel near your base, destroy them, and
pop them back in. TunnelPopping will become easier to master as you play more

Whenever you are attacking, it's ALWAYS useful to send a worker behind your force,
so they can construct a quick tunnel network there.

It's always good to construct two tunnels next to each other.

Your units will be damaged if they pop out of the tunnel your opponent is attacking!

Pop your units out of the other tunnel, so they don't take damage, and if your
opponent isn't monitoring the fight, you will easily destroy the opposing force.

Also, if he is monitoring the fight and attempts to attack your units, pop them back in
the tunnel, and pop them out the other. This gives you a great advantage.


Generals Points

One star
Veteran Technical - A good choice for TechRPG or Techterror, allows the Tech to
sustain more damage.

Maurader Tank - Another very good choice, but if you get this upgrade, make sure
you use lots of 'em! Maurader Tanks are very powerful, and even more powerful
when upgraded!

Scud Launcher - If you plan on Teching up quickly, then you might consider taking
this, but if not then don't. The Scud Launcher can only be built after you have a
palace, so early game is not really the time to get this upgrade.

Three Star
Cash Bounty - My personal favourite. Earns you money each time you destroy
anything of the opposition.

Rebel Ambush - Very deadly if used with the Capture Building Upgrade purchased.

Repair - Repairs Vehicles. Make sure you re-build your Command Centre before you
get this though.

Five Star
Anthrax Bomb - Doesn't do much Damage to Buildings, but does considerable
damage to Infantry and Vehicles.

Sneak Attack - Allows you to create a Tunnel anywhere on the map, very good
when used with the Radar Scan Upgrade

GPS Scrambler - Camoflauges Units, very useful for Hit & Run Tactics, such as
Buggies and Bomb Trucks.


Good Early Game Tactics

Effective for anything.
Make lots of Quads, and make tunnels everywhere for the RPGs.
Quads > any infantry, and RPGs > any armor.

Dual AD
Make two quick Arms Dealers. Maurader upgrade is very effective for this Tactic.
One Arms Dealer cranking out Maurader Tanks, and the other cranking out Quads.

Good Late Game Tactics

Very good for hit and run, Buy fast Buggy Ammo from the Black Market

8 RPGs in loaded into one Battle Bus > Anything, especially for Toxin General.


Remember, this is a guide, not a law. Alot of legendary players often create their own Strategies,
Build Orders, and Overall Tactics. Learn what you're best at and make your own!

Additional GLA tips coming soon!


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Nemesis.cF-'s Starcraft For Dummies!


Ok, for any of you who are reading this and dont know me, i am Nemesis.cF-, Leader of Clan .cF- on SC:BW, AA and CoD 2... (although SC:BW is our main area ofc). Hopefully any noobs or even not so noobs will find something in this post to help them improve on SC. I will explain everything from match ups, build orders, micro techniqes through to which units are better at what.

The Races

Ok, in starcraft there are 3 totally different and unique races. Terran, Protoss and Zerg. Each race has its own play style, strengths and weaknesses.


Terran are a strong deffensive team with some tricky but powerful tactics. Their build style is very different from the other two teams, and every single unit and building controled by terran can be repaired or healed.
Repairing units and buildings is a key strenght to the terrans, bu their build style is more of a hinderance. Their buildings are built with an SCV working on it until it is finished, keeping that SCV busy for all the time required.

Unit-wise Terran have some very nice units.. which once you have mastered the micro of.. are an incredibly powerful tool. Siege tanks allow powerful tank pushes and good deffense, but are vunerable against melee ground units, Goliaths are very powerful against air and ground units but require alot more tech to get hold of. Vultures are a great fast harrasing unit which can lay mines, They are very powerful agains melee units if microed.

Terran also have very strong infantry units, Marines can me upgraded with range and stim packs allowing their rate of fire to increase for a short period of time, when coupled with medics they are extremely powerful against most light-medium units, and if in numbers they can take out alot. Firebats though used less are also a very effective unit, great for dropping into enemy mineral lines and great for taking out melee units. They also have stim packs, but are not used as often as most other units. The Ghost is the final Terran unit, very weak attack and health but has the lockdown ability which disables any mechanical unit for a period of time, the ghost is often used in late games for launching nukes.

Terran's air selection is possibly the best.. wraiths are often used vs Zerg and Terran. With a researchable cloak ability in numbers they can destroy anything, Extremely effective against air units. The Dropship is the same as other teams although starts with better speed then both the other teams (who must upgrade it). The Battle Cruiser is the Terran heavy aircraft, it can be upgraded to have yamato gun installed allowing it to do a powerful blast from range, but the Battle Cruiser isnt used often, only in long games. The Science vessel is the vital terran air detector, it has some powerful spells like irridate, emp pulse and deffensive matrix.


Protoss are an expensive but very powerful team, most their units are easy to use and micro. One of the protoss main strenghts is that their buildings build without needing a probe near it, All of their units and building shields recharge. Protoss are an easy to play race. Their buildings and units are easy to use and simple to grasp.

The Protoss main infantry units are the Zealot and the Dragoon, the zealot is the most expensive base unit in the game costing 100 minerals, but has alot of health and damage, when upgraded with speed they prove useful throughout the longest of games. The Dragoon is the protoss ranged ground assault unit, the range can be increased with an upgrade, and dragoons do not take long to get with tech. Often used in PvP and TvP.

Protoss Dark Templars are a very powerful tool against all 3 races, if you can get them early enough the enemy will need detectors. Often mixed in with small armys they give you an edge if the enemy doesn't know you have them. At an amazing 40 damage a swing they take out most basic ground units in just 1 hit. The High templar is one of the protoss's most powerful units when used correctly, yet one of the hardest to micro in the entire game. Their main spell Psyonic Storm does 110 damage to everything within an area the size of a small army over about 5 seconds. The second spell is hallucination, used less comonly it is also a very powerful spell, creating two decoy units of whatever you target, they attract fire and confuse the enemy.

Two Dark Templars can me merged together to create a dark archorn, only used in very late game this can be extremely powerful, the spell mind control allows it to take control of an enemy unit, in theory giving you access to the other races. The more commonly used spell is maelstrom paralyzes any organic units for a short period of time. Two high templars can also be merged to create the archorn, and incredibly powerful short range unit. This unit has a mad 350 shields. The last protoss ground unit is build from a different building, and has the longest range of all protoss units, the Reaver fires scarabs which cost 15 minerals each, more scarabs and more damage can be upgraded.

The protoss air units consist of the Scout, Corsair, Observer, Shuttle, Carrier and Arbiter. The observer is a cheap observing unit purchased from the Robotics facility along with the shuttle. The Scout is a powerful but expensive air unit, not used as much since the introduction of the corsair. The Corsair is a powerful Air to Air unit with splash dammage, it has a very fast attackrate but quite low range, it is most commonly used against Zerg overlords. Protoss carriers are the most powerful air unit in the game, the mothership for upto eight interceptors carriers in numbers become impossible to stop. The final Protoss air unit is the Arbiter, The incredible Recall spell allows the arbiter to teleport 12 units from anwhere on the map to its current location, ontop of that every unit near it becomes cloaked.


Zerg the cheapest of all 3 races, but as such their units are much weaker. Their micro is much harder since their units have less health so the micro of units such as zerglings does not take place as much as say protoss with zealots. The Zerg build in yet another different way. All of the zerg buildings are moprhed from drones and can sometimes be upgraded into a better version.

All of the Zerg units are build from the same building aswell. Hatchary's are the heart of zerg, Acting as the command center they provide larvea which are morphed into any unit you choose, also with the hatchery you can upgrade overlords specs and burrowing.

As far as units go Zerg has by far the weakest. Their basic ground unit the Zergling though weak is extremely powerful in numbers, and even more so when upgraded, they are used in every match up, and probably one of the most used units on brood war. Later on in the game their speed and attack rate can also be upgraded. The next basic unit for Zerg is the Hydralisk, A unit with good range and basic damage. It can be upgraded with Speed, Range and can later be morphed into lurkers. Hydralisks work well in numbers with other melee units such as zerglings supporting them. Lurkers are an extremely powerful unit when used well. They are a unit with no attack when unburrowed, but a leathal spikeing attack burrowed, this unit is used very often in terran vs zerg to counter marines and medics. This unit often requires good support though if to be used offensivly. Very good deffensive unit overall.

The two remaining ground units are Ultralisks and Defilers. Defilers are the Zerg main spell unit. Extremely hard to micro, but unmatched in usefulness when used well. The Defiler has 3 main spells. Consume which destroys any zerg ground unit giving the defiler a boost in mana, Dark Swarm, which makes all units within the swarm almost immune to ranged attacks, and Plague, which can prove lethal against late terran and protoss units such as battle cruisers and carriers. Plague drains the health of any unit down to red hp, often down to only 1hp.

And one last Zerg Ground unit which i almost forgot is the Infested Terran, the only unit purchased from something other than a hatchry, very rarely used this unit will self destruct on targets.

The Zerg Air units are quite even. The Overlord is their detector, shuttle and psi limit generator. And is key to Zerg. This unit is often underused and left in groups huddled at your base, infact they are very useful as scouts, and can be scattered all over the map to see what the enemy is doing. The Zerg Basic air attack unit is the Mutalisk, The Mutalisk is very fast and effective in numbers, its attack will recoil off the 1st unit it hits dealing damage to other units nearby. The mutalisk can later be morphed into two more advanced air units. The Guardian and the Devourer. The Guardian is an extremely powerful unit only capable of attacking ground. It has the longest range of any air unit and is great vs base deffense and infantry. However they are very vunerable to air. The Devourer is the Zerg Air-to-Air unit, it has small splash damage, and every time it hits it slows the enemy rate of fire. It is one of the fastest air unit, but has a very slow rate of fire. This unit should be micro'd with care.

The last two air units for the Zerg are the Scourge and the Queen. The Scourge is a cheap small fast air unit whcih will explode on its enemys. Like an airbourne version of the Infested Terran. The Queen is a very underused unit. Its spells include Ensnare which slows down enemy units movement, Parasite which allows you to view what another unit views. That spell is very useful for scouting long-game. The last two spells are Spawn Broodlings, an attack which can kill units creating two small weak warriors called broodlings. And the last spell is Infest Terran Command Center. This spell is used very rarely, but can infest an enemy burning command center allowing the creation of Infested Terrans.

I will post the next section when i next get time icon_smile.gif.

btw i know my spelling etc sux.. so plz dont complain about typo's

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Pretty nice guide. It might be easier to read if it wasn't in paragraph form. If things were a bit more organized. I took a minute to extract some of the information from your Terran section and organize it by unit. I'd be happy to revise the whole thing and put it in this structure, and you can embed the rest of your guide into this format.


Infantry Units:

Can be upgraded with range and stim packs allowing their rate of fire to increase for a short period of time. When coupled with medics, they are extremely powerful against most light-medium units. If in numbers, they can take out a lot.

Though used less, they are a very effective unit, particularly in the fields of dropping into enemy mineral lines and taking out melee units. They also have stim pack capabilities.

Have a very week attack and health, but have the lockdown ability, which disables any mechanical unit for a period of time. The ghost is often used in late games for launching nukes.

Demonstrate the Terrans’ power to heal their units, infantry in this case.

Machine Units:

Are great fast-harassing units, which can lay mines. They are very powerful against melee units if microed.

Siege Tanks:
Allow powerful tank pushes and good defense, but are vulnerable against melee ground units. Especially handy as they have a full screen of range.

Are very powerful against air and ground units but require a lot more tech to get a hold of.

Air Units:

Often used vs. Zerg and Terran. With a researchable clock ability, in numbers, they can destroy anything. They are extremely effective against air units and will easily send a fleet of Overlords to hell, slowing down your opponent Zerg drastically.

Have the same features as other teams, however they start with better speed than both other races (who must upgrade it).

Battle Cruisers:
Is the Terran heavy aircraft that can be upgraded to have the Yamato Gun installed. The Yamato Gun allows this massive ship to shoot a powerful blast from range. Despite it’s powerful qualities, Battle Cruisers are rarely used (used only in long games) because of their immense cost and build time.

Science Vessels:
Are a vital Terran air detector. Includes some powerful spells such as Irridate, Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP, screws over Protoss over shields) and defensive matrix.


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Since Protoss is my specialty, I guess I should write about them...and Nemesis, I would like you to teach me Starcraft icon_sad.gif I know all of the mechanics but I just need some more experience


Probe: Worker of Protoss. Has a range of 2 and builds opening warp rifts and moving on (only need 1 probe to build many different buildings at the same time).

Zealot: Melee unit with upgradable speed; useful for dropping on siege tanks to cause splash damage or confuse the enemy.

Dragoon: Basic ranged unit with upgradable range; used very often vs terran&protoss and almost never vs zerg because hyds/lings/mutas will basically pwn it...only used to take out lurkers or overlords. Dragoon dancing is a tactic that involves moving your damaged dragoons to the back of the pack to continue firing without dying.

High Templar: Basic spellcaster of the Protoss. Can cast Psionic Storm, Hallucination, or merge into an archon. Storm does 110 damage over 4 seconds to every unit in a small radius. Psionic storm is very devastating vs zerg, because they attack in large packs. Hallucination produces 2 "fake" copies of a unit that takes 2x damage and cannot deal damage. Archon Merge merges 2 templar into a powerful Archon.

Dark Templar: Permanently cloaked melee attacker. Does 40 damage per swing and can cause confusion for terrans early game because of lack of detection. Even with detection, DT's can usually do enough damage to be worthwile. Can merge to be a Dark Archon.

Archon: Protoss "Tank". Range of 3 and does 30 splash damage per swing. With 350 shield points, they are relatively hard to destroy. Terrans with EMP can basically destroy them with just 1 spell.

Dark Archon: Spellcaster; can cast feedback, maelstrom, or mind control. Feedback drains an enemy's mana and converts it to damage points. Maelstrom is a "lockdown" for organic units that affects a fairly large area. Mind control steals an enemy unit for your use.

Reaver: Siege unit for protoss. Cannot attack past cliffs or water. Launches "scarabs" that must be built inside the reaver and cost 15 min each. Each scarab does 100 splash damage. Can be upgraded for scarab storage, scarab damage (125 damage).


Shuttle: Transports protoss units. Can hold: 4 zealots, 4 temps, 4 Dt's, 2 dragoons, 2 reavers, 2 archons, 2 dark archons, or any combination of the above. Can be upgraded with speed.

Scout: Basic protoss air unit. Weak damage vs ground but quite strong vs air. Used much less frequently now that BW has the corsair. Can be upgraded with speed and sight range.

Corsair: Very fast unit. Can only attack air with a value of 5. Nevertheless, it attacks very fast. Disruption Web makes it so ground units within the web cannot attack.

Carrier: Capital Ship; virtually unstoppable if you have a fleet of 30 w/ observer support. Carries a maximum of 8 "interceptors" that deal 6 damage each. Can be upgraded with more interceptor capacity.

Arbiter: Air spellcaster. Has a "cloaking field" that makes all of your units within its radius cloaked. Can cast Stasis field or Recall. Stasis field "freezes" units, making it so nothing (even nukes) can interact with it. Recall can instantly teleport a group of units to the arbiter.

Observer: Detector. Permanently cloaked and is the only way of a protoss seeing cloaked units without photon cannons. Very few hitpoints. Putting observers over key locations on the map can clue you into enemy movement and any attempts at an expansion.


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Protoss Build Orders & Macro

All of the Build orders are approximate. And in all you can either get the 1st gateway at 9 or 10 deppending how well you splitted at the start.

3 Gate Zealot Rush

This is often refered to as the n00b tactic by players mainly because it catches out good players, and require little-no skill.

8/9 Pylon
10/17 Gateway
12/17 Gateway
13/17 Zealot
16/17 Pylon
18/25 Zealot
21/25 Gateway
22/25 Zealot
24/25 Pylon

Simple as that.. the numbers represent your psi limit by the way, probes should be pumped throughout, by the time the last pylon is done you simply pump zealots from each gate and build pylons when needed. This is a bad tactic if you need to switch to tech! This should primarily be used vs a Zerg going fast expansion or 11/12 pool

Fast Goons

This is a common tactic used against Terran and sometimes protoss although the safe goon build is the more prefered build vs Protoss.

8/9 Pylon
10/17 Gateway
11/17 Assimilator
13/17 Cybernetics Core
15/17 Pylon
16/25 Dragoon
19/25 Gateway

This tactic is easily adaptable. And if your opponent scouts you early you can fool them into thinking you are going a 2 Gate Build by building a Gateway at 12/17 and canceling when he leaves to make a cybernetics core, this can slow you down though. After the end of the build it is easy to go for rush DT, Proxy rush DT, Reaver Drop, Range goons or Fast Obs. I use this build order very regularly.

2 Gate Goons

8/9 Pylon
10/17 Gateway
12/17 Gateway
13/17 Zealot
15/17 Assimilator
16/17 Pylon
17/25 Cybernetics Core
18/25 Zealot
21/25 Dragoon
23/25 Pylon

This is 1 of the safer builds, easily adaptable for what the enemy is doing. Easy to go Obs, Goon Range, DT, Storm, Corsairs+Zeals etc.

Fast Reaver

8/9 Pylon
10/17 Gateway
11/17 Assimilator
13/17 Cybernetics Core
14/17 Zealot
16/17 Pylon
17/17 Robotics Facility
18/25 Shuttle
20/25 The place u get a reaver (forgot its name lol)
21/25 Reaver
25/25 Pylon

You now have a reaver and shuttle at your disposal! i used to have another build where the speed upgrade would be done by the time the drop was ready, but cant remember it.

Fast DT

8/9 Pylon
10/17 Gateway
11/17 Assimilator
13/17 Cybernetics Core
15/17 Pylon
16/17 Citadel of Adun
16/25 Gateway
17/25 Templar Archives

This tactic is risky but often pays off. the 2nd Pylon can also be placed outside and enemy base followed by a gateway to perform the Proxy DT Rush. This tactic is very weak vs fast vultures etc. But like all of the tactics above it is easy to slow it down abit by introducing a zealot or goon to the build.

Protoss Macro

Protoss Macro is relativly simple. Before you expand if you are going ground you should never have more than 4 gateways. And unless your econemy is fully operational no more than 3. After you have expanded you should up to 6-7 Gates, if you expo again you need 10-12 Gates. If you go air at the start 2 Gateways+1 Stargate is best. But on full econ you can support two of each. If your minerals ever reach 500 it is advised to expand unless you have already done so more than once. In which case two new gateways should do the job.

Unit-wise Protoss should never go just 1 unit. vs zerg the main units should be any of the following: Reaver+corsair, DT+corsair, Zeals+Corsair, Zeals+Storm Zeals+goons+DT+Archorns. If you have more gas than minerals its normally a good idea to get high templars and go storm, itl even out your resources and spend the gas well on a very powerful unit.

It is important when vs a zerg to try and keep them contained and not get out expanded. Going for fast Corsairs and switching to storm if they go hydra and/or lurker is the best bet vs Zerg.

When vs Terran the Key is to disable them as fast as possible. Always keep out expanding the Terran. Within 15 minutes you should idealy have two expansions. Fast goon, reaver or DT is best vs Terran. Occasionally a zealot will rush aswell. More so on specific maps. Zealot speed, goon range, obs and storms are often needed vs Terran. They normally go vultures and tanks, so if you feel you have the edge its good to go carriers without them seeing.

Against protoss Mass goons+zeals is the most common tactic, if you can get away with it you should try for some reavers in your army, they can give you the edge in battle. Alternativly you could get storm. Its important not to tech too fast in PvP though as players often try fast goons or zealot rushes.

vs zerg it is important to get upgrades as soon as you can, cannons are often handy to protect your expansions. Against Terran Shields are important to upgrade to protect against tanks. Cannons are very useful around your expansions to stop vulture harass aswell. Against Protoss Upgrades are not needed until late game. And cannons are near pointless except deffending vs rush dt or reaver.

I will do Zerg next. When i get more time. Hope this helps. Sorry i couldnt do more build orders, would of been here all year if i did.

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I'm new to these forums, and I'm a zerg player on pgt so I will post the most common zerg build orders. Zerg's build orders don't tend to deviate much until much later than where the differences in Terran and Protoss build orders occur. The 12 hatch build is used in about 90% of games, 12 hatch does not mean 12 hatcheries, but rather building a second hatchery at 12 food count with 12 drones and 2 overlords. Here's how it goes:
Drones up to 9
9/9 overlord
then three more drones
12/17 hatchery at natural expansion
11/17 spawning pool in main base
10/17 drones back up to 13-16, depending on what opponent is doing.
14/17 2 pairs of lings for scouting and early defense.

You don't have to get those 4 lings right away if your opponent is being passive, and if you can, you should always try to get as many drones as possible at this stage. At around 14 food, zerg builds diverge depending on map and opponent's race. VS protoss players, you'll throw down yet another hatchery, either at your natural or your main. Vs teching terrans, you'll want to have thrown up your gas at around 12 or thirteen, after your pool has begun morphing in. Against normal terrans though, you'll want to build a third hatchery as well, this time you want to hide it somewhere in your main base and put either your hydralisk den or spire at your third hatchery, to make it more difficult for terrans to scan your tech and react.

Okay, so you just built those four lings. Kill his scouting scv or probe with those, then send them to the choke outside his natural expansion. Here, you'll put them on hold position, and spread them out a bit. When you see him head out with his force with one of your zerglings, try to send one into his main base to see his tech, most likely his ramp will be blocked though. So back at your base, you want to be pumping drones until about 30-38 food if you went for a three hatchery build, taking your gas at anywhere from 15-18 food, and adding in sunken colonies at your natural expansion to fend off any early attacks as they are needed. If you went for a 2 hatchery build vs a teching terran with a faster gas, you'll want to drone until your lair is finished. If you want to go for fast lurkers, you'll put up a hydralisk den when you're about 2/3rds done with lair upgrade. If you decide to go for fast mutalisks for harrassment and containment, build your spire right when your lair is done. Research lurker right when lair is done if you went hydra den first. If you went spire first, you'll want to add in a hydralisk den for lurkers when you have finished about 9-12 mutalisks. From here, whether you went lurker or muta, you're going to want to just mass up zerglings with the speed upgrade and lurkers, while teching to hive units, but that varies per game. And that's how you play zvt and zvp.

ZvZ has a few more varied build orders, and zvz is a very strategy intensive game. You have to know where to be and know exactly what your opponent is using his larvae on and know how to react to it. I'll just go over the starting build orders, since explaining the ins and outs of this matchup could get complicated very very fast.

9 pool
Drones up to 9
9/9 save minerals and buy a spawning pool
8/9 make a drone
9/9 make an overlord
9/9 Send a drone to your gas, build and extractor, then go back to your hatchery, build a drone, and cancel the extractor, this will put you at 10/9 food. Building the extractor takes you down 1 food, but canceling it will recover you the drone and still allow the drone you built while the other drone was building an extractor to continue building
10/9 wait for overlord to finish...
10/17 build 3 pairs of lings and send to your opponents base.

12 hatch

Basically the same as a 12 hatch from zvp zvt, except you'll put this hatchery in your main base close to your other one OR just above your ramp. With this, you'll also want to take gas as soon as you've started your pool, sometimes before. You need to research the speedling upgrade asap in zvz

12 pool

A risky build which tries to get a tech and gas advantage over other builds. Basically, it's drones up to 9/9, overlord, 3 more drones, and with one of those 3 drones a pool, and another one builds an extractor. With this build you'll usually want to build your lair before speedling upgrade, capitalizing on the fact that since your gas was faster, you'll have lair faster.

ZVZ usually only involves 3 units. The drone, the mutalisk, and the zergling. Muta/zergling just rapes anything else. ZvZ is a lot more complex than just build orders, it involves knowing when your build order is going to be the one that dictates what he producing, and knowing when you'll be the one dictated to. Normally, the spectrum goes that with a 12 hatch vs a 12 pool, the 12 hatch will be controlling what units are made from either side, and the 12 pooler will be reactive, producing lings when his opponent makes lings and drones when his opponent drones. 9 pool builds usually make 12 hatch builds react to them, and 12 pool builds force 9 pool to be on the defensive and reacting.

I know this was kinda breif, but I hope it helps. Some very good resources for high level starcraft are
sc.replays.net a chinese site that has a lot of good replays
www.teamliquid.net The best english speaking broodwar community ever. My nick is Drowsy on that forum, pm me with any starcraft questions
sc.gosugamers.net the 2nd best english speaking broodwar community, their forums are full of newbies and retards though, but they have good news updates and articles.
pgtour.net The official starcraft ladder is corrupted by hackers, map stagnation, and botters. This one has it's own anti-hack launcher, but most people who play are korean gosus, this isn't the place for beginners at all, you'll need about 1 or 2 thousand games under your belt before you can even compete at the lowest levels.
wgtour.com A much less active ladder than pgtour, it used to be the top ladder before pgtour came out, now it's mainly just a strategy site, register to read the dossiers, their helpful for newbies.
worldcybergames.com Starcraft is the biggest event in the annual wcg tournament, and the wcgzone ladder is pretty active, an alternative to the pgtour ladder, but probably the competition is more difficult than pgtou, so don't try starting here.
fighterforum.com Korean site that's mostly about starcraft progaming. People get paid upwards of 150k a year to play starcraft on televised tournaments with millions of viewers, the only video game to boast such a feat. These guys have to practice like 14 hours a day though.

If you really want to play starcraft seriously, I'd recommend downloading a shitload of replays, reading the dossiers on wgtour, and browsing the strategy forums on teamliquid.net. ToT)Midian's advice is especially helpful for zerg users. If you want to find a decent game, you pretty much have to play koreans on west. Most of the west koreans have some idea of what their doing, but they aren't very good, so this is a very good place to start after watching some replays and getting a good feel for the game at a higer level.

Nemesis.cf, What's your handle on west? Let's dance!


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k since there is no terran info (or very little) il post some Bos that i find effective for n00bs like me icon_razz.gif

Terran Vs Protoss

I find the biggest factor in terran vs protoss games is what you put into your armys, not how you use them. It is vital to understand that to win, you need to get to metal as fast as possible. instead of your base unit being a marine, it should be a vulture. A quick breakdown of the usefulness of metal base units are

Vultures > Zealots
Tanks > Dragoons
Dragoons > Vultures
Zealots > Tanks

There are 2 very basic BOs in a TvP game, one in which you tech to tanks and pump tanks with vulture support, or one in which u rush with vultures. Know your opponent. If theyre likely to go dragoons, dont rushwith vultures. build up tanks. If you dont know them, its still safe to build up vultures and go for an early attack. If you find they have more goons than zealots, build more tanks.

Ok so here are the BOs

Fast Vultures

8/10 - Supply Depot
10/10 - Barracks
12/18 Refinery (around this point u should start rallying a few marines at choke)
14/18 -Supply Depot
16/26 -Factory
18/26 - Factory
Machine shop on first
22/26 - Factory
Upgrade to Thrusters or Mines (Go thrusters if you plan on outrunning Zealots)
Spam Vultures
At six vultures you should attack
Second Vulture upgrade

This is a versatile BO, and you usually end up building things faster than what i have written here. On the initial attack you can do two things. If you hav mines, sneak you vultures round to their minerals and lay some mines. If your not confident enough, mine up their choke. If you opted for the speed upgrade, run in your vults, take a look around and find some unlucky zealots. Shouldnt be too hard. The trick is to get the zealot on the edge of your vultures sight, shoot and straight away retreat. Repeat until theyre all dead. Make sure all vults target same zealot.

On arrival at their base, if you find you need more tanks build a second machine shop and pump them out.

Tank Build

8/10 Supply Depot
10/10 Barracks
12/18 Refinery (Once again send some marines to your choke)
14/18 Supply Depot
16/26 Factory
18/26 Factory
Machine shops for both factories
Spam tanks
Upgrade to seige

Speed is of the essence for this, as the machine shops slow your production down. It is important that you compliment your tanks with vultures. an early zealot rush wont favour you if u dont have vultures. THe main idea for this one is to build up a strong attacking force, and if youre feeling good you may try an early tank push. seig tank arounf their base and place mines infront of tanks. lure zealots with vults and let tanks dael damage too the goons


Well those are two very basic terran builds. Please dont expect them to win you the game as they are very widely known and therefore widely countered but they will help you get to know the terran basic when versing toss. I will try post more BOs later for vsing Terran and Zerg, but if you are a terran player and wanna play on battlenet, expect to find alot of toss players.


As for general starcraft help

Brood War Chart
will help you measure you APM and analyse your replays, aswell as any other replays you give it

knowing your apm is vital to improving your skill, and knowing where your apm is high will help help you learn where you need to spend more attention, such as macro and/or micro. of course apm is NOT all important. if your apm is lower than 50, it tells you that there is something to do and your not doing it. if your apm is over 70/80 then you are fine. high apms do not make you a better player. its wat you do that counts.

watching replays and reading strats can help
a quick search on google reveals good sites for starcraft


here are some tips for battlenet

dont click join. organise games in the lobby first, and get thos people to play against you. if there is no one willing THEN you can try your luck at join.

dont get upset if someone is hacking. try beat them. you may not beat them but at least ul know you tried.

dont play money maps more often than real games. money maps will destroy your skill. if you need to escape 'true starcraft', than play map settings games. evolves and special forces are my favourites.

i hope that helped someone out there. im a budding terran player and i hope to get better soon icon_razz.gif

Add me on xfire -- garamiah

see you on Bnet sometime!
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Fritobag's Starcraft Strategies, Tactics, Patterns of Play, Timings, Match-Up Guides, Unit Tactics, Mechanics, How to Think, etc!

Ok. Fritobag here. A couple months ago Brave_Zealot said something to the effect of, "You should put all your stuff together in one big guide." I said I would do it eventually ;/

So I took the time to gather stuff that I've written that I think may have impact in helping you guys improve your brood war game and RTS gaming in general.

And the funny thing is, I'm still adding more! ;/ So here is the big shibangbang of starcraft information that will have to do with individual unit tactics, different match-up strategies/tactics, styles of gameplay, definitions of stuff like micro and macro, and most importantly this will help you improve your mental game when playing starcraft.

Remember, you can't just sit here reading shiot! Get out there and hone your game, practice! I'll post whenever I update this first post. I wish you well in your life and gaming!

Other than that, enjoy!


Fritobag's Guide to Reaver Control/Mechanics/Tactics/etc.
How to effectively use one of the most powerful units in starcraft

Sup guys. It's Fritobag here with what will probably end up being a detailed guide about one of my favorite starcraft units: The protoss Reaver. The reaver, when a player has learned how to control it, is one of the most powerful units in the game. Here are just some of the few aspects of what a Reaver can do in a starcraft game:

Great Aspects of the Reaver
-Single Handedly destroy an enemies economy, crippling his production capabilities
-Can be mobilized very efficiently through use of speed-upgraded shuttles
-The Reaver can be used defensively behind lines of photon cannons to take out waves of zerg opposition
-It can do 100 damage with one scarab. This means that multiple Reavers can take out buildings very quickly. And with the damage upgrade a Reaver's scarab does 125 damage meaning for every shot you fire you're essentially getting free scarabs worth of damage.
-The Reaver can be used in combination with corsairs/dweb/shuttles to obliterate zerg opponents. Yes, that is right: The Reaver can almost single handedly destroy zerg opposition.
-Reavers can last incredibly long if microed properly, which gives you your moneys worth
-In protoss vs protoss reavers can often times be much more beneficial than high templars because reavers do not rely on energy but instead rely on you using minerals to create their scarabs.

So, from the general list so far, you can see that by incorporating Reavers into your tactical protoss arsenal you will be able to do much more damage to your terran and zerg opponents (and protoss opponents as well). But I must now list off the downsides to Reavers that you must understand if you want to use them to the best effect:

The Downsides to the Reaver
-The Reavers powerful scarabs take 15 minerals to build. This means that a lot of your cash will go towards single reavers. So if you mis-micro you have wasted quite a bit.
-Reavers are incrediby slow and 95% of the time you will need a shuttle to transport reavers.
-In protoss vs terran reavers have limited use due to the range of siege tanks in siege mode.
-In protoss vs zerg if you choose a reaver/sair/dweb strategy you will usually be 1-2 exps behind the zerg meaning that if you lack reaver control or micro then you won't be able to win (but this is an advanced strategy anyways so no worries ;/
-Reavers are ground to ground only

And now to the basics:

Reaver Mechanics

It's important to know the physical limitations of the reaver so that you don't have to conciously think about how far a reaver's range is, so you don't forget to build scarabs, and all sorts of those things. You want this stuff incorporated into your "macro-memory" which is very much like "muscle memory."

The Reaver's range can outrange defensive structures - sunken colonies from zerg, photon cannons from protoss, and terran bunkers. But the reaver does not outrange siege tanks in siege mode. This means that if an opponent turtles up with 50 photon cannons you can use just 1 reaver to destroy all of the cannons assuming you have enough minerals to continually create scarabs.

The next important mechanic of the Reaver is the building of scarabs. The reaver itself isn't actually doing any damage. It is the scarabs that the reaver launches that do the 100-125 damage. And to get scarabs all you have to do is click on your reaver and click on the Build Scarab button. That's the basic idea. But how you go about it is very important.

Here are the hotkeys you must remember when handling reavers:

When you click on your robotics bay 'V' is the hotkey that builds a reaver.
When you click on your actual REAVER 'R' is the hotkey that builds scarabs.

These are important because you have to move your mouse less. You can quickly highlight a reaver, press 'R' a bunch of times to create scarabs, and then right click a shuttle to load him up.

If you ever, EVER, forget to build scarabs before loading a reaver into a shuttle to go harrass someone you are very screwed my friend. So get used to highlighting your reaver(s) and quickly pressing 'R' before ever loading your reavers into a shuttle.

Reaver Loading Mechanics

It sounds simple to load a reaver into a shuttle. But when you're in an intense combat situation, you're enemy is attacking your newly built expansion, and simultaneously harrassing your mineral line, and guess what - you have four capable reavers and a pair of shuttles at your base for defense. You better know god damn well how to load those reavers quickly, efficiently, and how to unload them where you want in order to stop the thread.

Here are variances on how reavers are loaded into shuttles. Some are used more than others. But guess what? You have to know each and every one because some are faster in certain situations and others are more efficient for macro purposes when there is no pressure on you, allowing you to focus on macroing.

Loading Options

"Reaver Priority Loading" - Selecting your reaver(s) and right clicking them to a shuttle
1. You can highlight your reaver and right click on an empty shuttle. This will make your reaver walk to the shuttles current position while simultaneously making your shuttle move to rendevous with your reaver. This method is best used when you have only 1-3 shuttles and a couple of reavers. You can highlight 5 reavers and if your shuttles are very close to them, you can right click the first shuttle making two reavers enter it then right click another shuttle and so on until all of your reavers are loaded.

"Shuttle Priority Loading" - Selecting your shuttle(s) and right clicking on a reaver
2. You can highlight your shuttle and right click on a reaver. What this does is makes the shuttle move to your reaver BUT YOUR REAVER DOESN'T MOVE TO THE SHUTTLE. This is why I mentioned the fact you must know all of your loading/unloading options. The most important scenario that I can think of where you use this method of loadng your reaver is when you have dropped into a zerg/terran/tosses base and you are just outside the range of a defensive structure or siege tanks. If you were to use the first loading method you may end up allowing the reaver's AI to walk in range of those defensive structures, totally destroying your harrass. Or worst case scenario vs a terran player, which everyone who has used a reaver has gone through at some point or another, is that your reaver ends up walking straight into the range of three siege tank shots - gg reaver lol. So you use this "Shuttle Priority Loading" whenever you are currently at an enemies base microing your reaver. It will prevent you from losing thousands of reavers in the grand scheme of your starcraft career. And it'll ensure you take out that many more workers throught your career!!!! ;/

"Shuttle Priority Loading - Using Waypoints"

3. This method is the most useful of them all. It can be used in offensive/defensive/neutral situations to quickly load many, many reavers back into the safety of your shuttles. First, if you don't know how to use waypoints let me explain how to do that:

Waypoints: Select a unit and then hold down the shift key. Now right click the first place you want your unit to go. Now right click a second place. Now a third...etc. you can do this for up to nine locations. Make sure you are holding down one of the shift keys on your keyboard. Waypoints allow you to manually set a path for a unit to travel. This is very useful because you then don't have to watch the unit but you can allow it to do it's thing and then continue to macro at your base. Basically, Waypoints are your way of programming the AI to move how you want.

What a lot of people who are new to the game don't know is that you can also use waypoints with protoss shuttles, terran dropships, and zerg overlords to load units. All you do is simply what I have just said: except for the locations you choose for your shuttles to travel to those will be units. For example, you have 4 reavers in your base, on the ground. You have two empty shuttles, ready to be loaded. If you highlight your shuttles, hold down the shift key, you can individually click on each reaver, 1 by 1, and your shuttles will load them 1 by 1. It's a very efficient way of loading units for these reasons:

-It's a "Shuttle Priority Loading" method which means if you are at a hostile area your shuttles will be moving to your reavers, not your reavers moving to your shuttles. Like I said before, that will save your reavers lives.
-It's a loading method which you can quickly use if your reavers are being attacked, if your reavers are safely tucked in your base doing nothing, or if you just want to load them.
-This method makes all of your shuttles move at once. Why is this important? Remember, RTS stands for Real Time Strategy. Any seconds you save means time that can be spent focusing elsewhere, or it can reduce the amount of time it takes for your troops to reach your enemy or speeden up the amount of time you mobilize your defenses. Remember, Distance = Rate X Time. I had to say it ;/

Now onto the opposite aspect of reaver loading...

Unloading Options

Remember, to unload a shuttle in any way a shuttle has to be highlighted.

"Reaver Priority Unloading" - Selecting a shuttle with a reaver in it and then left clicking on the reaver unit frame.
1. If you use this method of unloading your shuttle will not stop if it is in motion. It's very good if you are in a situation where you can afford to drop a reaver by itself but you can't afford to keep the shuttle with it. By left clicking on the reaver unit frame it unloads at the shuttles current position. So if you told your shuttle to fly to the left side of the map and then you use this unloading method the reaver will drop but the shuttle won't lose any speed. It's efficient if you are in a time crunch and must move your shuttle elsewhere. Especially important if you are quickly flying by enemy anti-air. This method of unloading is also how players reaver micro vs ground units. You can kill a lot of zerglings by unloading a reaver quickly letting it get a shot off and then loading it back into the shuttle.

"Shuttle Priority Unloading" - Selecting a shuttle and pressing the hotkey 'U' and then left clicking a location to have the shuttle automatically unload all of it's cargo at that location.

2. This method is very good when you have multiple shuttles due to the fact you won't be able to left click on a unit frame. This unloading option allows you to send the shuttles on their way and then focus your macro back to your base as your shuttles travel whatever distance they are traveling. Here is what you MUST consider when using this method of unloading, in order to be successful:

-Consider the distance that the shuttles are going to be traveling. This is important because you need to have an estimate in your mind of when to refocus attention on your shuttles, just as they are about to reach your target.
-Consider the terrain when dropping. If you drop on top of a players cliff for some reason and your shuttles are taken out your reavers are then stranded, wasting some of your supply limit and resources. And plan ahead. Make sure you drop the reavers at a spot where they can at least have some chance of surviving if your shuttles are taken out. Estimating distances is very important. You have to make a very good decision on whether to drop the reavers at a midpoint (half way between to points), or whether to drop them at one of the extreme locations on that line. Here is a visual:


Here are the three most commonly chosen options of where to drop your reavers and the advantages/disadvantages of the three:

If you drop your reaver here you are committing your reaver to the attack at that area. You have virtually 0% chance to attack at position 'X' if your shuttles are taken out.

This is the exact same scenario as the previous except at the other location that you could have chosen.

By dropping your reaver in between two locations that you want to attack you have more options on movement if they have a too concentrated defense at either extreme. Just remember that the disadvantage to this is that you are not focusing on one area and therefore you may do little to no damage in the long run. But there are times when this is the best option.

I'm sorry guys, I'm tired now lol. I have so far described the actual mechanics of loading/unloading the reaver. I haven't even gotten close to explaining strategies/tactics of the reaver because you first must master the mechanics of using the reaver if you ever want to master the more advanced aspect of using reavers. Perhaps later today I will cover the quintessential reaver drop and begin covering the most common reaver tactics that players will use. I hope this first part has been helpful in any way.

The Classic Reaver Drop in Protoss Vs Terran
I hope you're back and ready for more because now we're gonna delve into reaver drop tactics in Protoss vs Terran scenarios. Mainly, this part of the Reaver guide will describe the most common units used in a reaver drop (of course the reaver is in all of them lol). The main focus of a reaver drop in protoss vs terran is to either obliterate or at least damage the terran's economy (his scvs) in order to slow the terran's production down to the point where you can easily outproduce him, even if you have the same amount of expansions that he has.

You should all know about loading/unloading reavers now so here are the most common methods that you will use in protoss vs terran for loading/unloading your reavers while harrassing:

You will use the:
"Shuttle Priority Loading" - Selecting your shuttle(s) and right clicking on a reaver

And you will use the:
"Reaver Priority Unloading" - Selecting a shuttle with a reaver in it and then left clicking on the reaver unit frame.

These methods are most commonly used simply because of: Siege tanks. When you drop outside of a sieged tank's maxiumum range you cannot afford to move your reaver accidentally into that range. You avoid the AI moving your reaver into siege tank range by using the loading/unloading methods that are the ones in which you have the shuttle moving towards the reaver and not the other way around.

So now you know which method you'll be using most often to load/unload in pvt. Now here are the most common unit combinations that you will load into your shuttle:

1. One Reaver in a shuttle
The advantage to using a one reaver shuttle drop is that this is the first possible reaver drop you can afford with a 1 base economy. It's the fastest way to harrass. Second advantage to using 1 reaver is simply 1 reaver takes less micro than having to micro two reavers or 1 reaver and another bunch of units. But the main advantage is the first one stated: It's the quickest reaver harrass.
There are disadvantages to using one reaver. You have no decoys to take siege shots. That can cost you your reaver if you drop within 2-3 tanks siege range. Another disadvantage is simply that you only have 1 reaver. If you lose it you don't have a second one to do damage with. Sometimes two is better than one.

2. Two Reavers in a shuttle
This is incredibly offensive and allows you to take out the terran player's scvs twice as quickly. It's important you micro your reavers attacks on the terran player's mineral line. You should tell one reaver to attack an scv mining near the top portion of the minerals and tell your other reaver to attack an scv mining at the bottom portion of the mineral line. Another advantage to two reavers is that you can drop one reaver at the terran's mineral line to force him to move all his scvs, and meanwhile you fly your shuttle in front of his stacked scvs to take em out and to make the terran player feel like you are playing ping pong with his scvs ;/
If you choose a bad spot to drop you will be losing 400 minerals/200 vespene gas worth of units. That's nothing to laugh at. Another disadvantage is that a lot of times 1 reaver will suffice and the second may have ended up to be a waste. Sometimes you have no time to afford two reavers but must go with 1. Oh, and another thing that stands out is you have 2x the units to control which may be hard for some players. But still, the two reaver drop is a power house if used correctly.

3. One Reaver/Two Zealots in a shuttle
I have to say it: The One Reaver/Two Zealot drop is the most effective in the book. And the funny thing is I think I've only used this drop approximately 10 total times in my WHOLE bw career. So how do I know it's effectiveness? Through the experience of it being used on me a lot when I play TvP ;/ The reason this drop is so effective is because the zealots are used as decoys to take tank fire, giving your reaver essentially "bullet time" (like in the matrix ;/) to take out your opponents scv line. You drop the zealots first to take the first siege shots and then you drop the reaver and you can even take out the tank with your scarab! You simply reload the reaver very quickly (micro it) and then your zeals take shots again and you unload your reaver. Rinse and repeat. And it's a win-win situation. What if your terran opponent is smart and unsieges his tanks? Now you don't even have to worry about siege mode - it then turns into a battle of whoever can micro their units better. And you can have this drop ready by the time your terran opponent has about 3-4 tanks. It's just a jack of all trades reaver drop.
There is always the disadvantage that you are controlling three units instead of just a single reaver. Another one is that this drop is SLIGHTLY slower than a one reaver drop. But the time is virtually negligible. I can't think of any other disadvantages...jesus! Master using this drop! ;/

4. One Reaver/Two Dark Templars in a shuttle
This drop is tech heavy. But it's one of the most killer drops in the book. The 40 dmg attack of dark templars, the fact that dark templars are cloaked, the fact that your reaver is a killing machine already, and the fact that the dark templars not only can rape on their own but can act as decoys to draw tank fire away from your reaver is a winning combination. And guess what? It goes the other way around too! Your REAVER may be drawing the tank fire but while that's going on your dark templar are raping his tanks, or his only turrets that are his detection. When you use this drop you usually want to actually find the terran players tanks and attempt to kill them using your dts/reaver micro. Priority targets probably go in this order:

I. Target Scvs with reaver
II. If there are few turrets, take out the turrets so that your dts will win you the game.
III. If you manage to isolate any of his tanks take them out 1 by 1 and then take out his turrets.
IV. If you know he is mobilizing and that the drop is essentially a "suicide drop" and you know that you don't have enough force to do damage to his unit count you can target his supply depots to slow down his production which may give you an edge.
V. If he has a comsat, take it out. I kept this for fifth because lots of times if you take out his units you can easily take out the comsat. Use your judgement - taking out the comsat may be a higher priority if he has few turrets and the comsat is his only detection. Use your judgement!

The main disadvantage to using this drop is that you are depending on doing damage to the terran, you use virtually all of your initial vespene gas on dts/reaver, and that if the terran goes straight out vultures and enters your base, he may end up making you keep your reaver/dts at home ;( But in my opinion the main disadvantage to this drop is that you are staking the game on doing enough damage to the terran. If you fuck up you are left with very few units and even a weak tank push can destroy you ;(

There are other unit combinations for reaver drops like the reaver/high templar drop which allows you to storm scv lines and use the reavers scarabs. But I don't think you should use these too often, if ever. The reaver/high templar drop is a waste of gas because you teched in two different directions to get the same results. Why not just go a two reaver drop or a pure storm drop? Exactly ;/

The last thing I need to say is about the timing of a reaver drop. Usually, and especially, if the terran knows you are going to reaver drop he will put up 3-4 turrets around his main command center and have probably one siege tank in siege mode near his mineral line. The only way you can do any damage at all if this happens is with the reaver/zealot drop or reaver/dt drop. Using your zeals or dts as decoys allow your reaver to do damage without being killed by a couple of quick tank shots.

In most games, by the time you have a reaver in a shuttle ready to go, your terran opponent will have at least 2-3 tanks. He may even be doing a gundam rush to your base (using scvs/mines/few tanks without siege mode). So it's important that you scout the terran and leave a "spotter" at the front of his base to see if he is going to gundam rush you.

Another thing that could happen is the terran could be doing a vulture/mine drop to you or a two tank drop against you. It's tricky to play in this scenario because you will be microing at the terrans base, trying to do damage to his mineral line. While at the same time he is at your base microing his two tanks or vultures trying to obliterate you. So it's important that after you have teched as fast as possible to start your reaver harrass you begin building dragoons and other units to defend your base.

So, those are the most common reaver drops that protoss players use vs terran opponents. I suggest practicing the one reaver/two zealot drop. It's the jack-of-all-trades drop and can win you many games vs an opponent that is at the same level as you.

So that ends most of the unit combinations and drop tactics that you can employ when using reavers.



Here is a replay of a reaver drop:
This replay is very relevant to the current Reaver guide that I am writing. The build order my opponent uses is a classic reaver drop and the build I use is also a classic 1 CC early expo build for tvp. A reaver drop can do a lot of damage to a terran that goes 1 CC early expo because the terran has so few tanks and must put at least one tank at his ramp to not let goons up but also the terran must protect his main cc with a tank to intercept the reaver drop.

In the replay I stop the reaver drop pretty easily because I moved my units very good and had scouted an early robotics bay. The guy uses a 1reaver/1goon drop which I do not recommend at all. If my opponent had used a 1 reaver/2 zealot drop I may have lost more units or a couple of scvs because zealots so damage much more quickly and act as better decoys, not to mention that two zealots = two decoys where as one dragoon only = one decoy. Also notice, that I ignore the dragoon and focus fire the reaver so that he doesn't manage a shot on my scv line. That is very important.

But even though the terran player wins this game I still think it's a good replay for you toss players that need to see what kind of build order to use for a reaver drop and for you to see what the terran will do when you drop on him.

QUOTE (Fritobag @ Aug 2 2006, 04:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So remember, the more knowledge you have the better you can defend yourself and totally neutralize an opponent's game plan.

I just played this terran vs protoss today in which my protoss opponent does a reaver drop and I stop it pretty handily. The rep should be useful to anyone who wants to see a build order to get a reaver drop quickly and should also be beneficial to terran players who want to be able to stop the drop. The reason I quoted myself is because I was able to stop the drop pretty easily from my experience in tvp AND pvt. By knowing the ins and outs of the mus pvt and tvp you learn timings and can defend yourself better. I pretty much neutralized the reaver drop and my opponents initial plan because I knew what he was doing the whole time.
Terran Vs Zerg
Yeh, I used to think tvZ was hard and it was my worst mu. Now it's actually very good because of three main reasons:

1. I actually now ENJOY the feeling of destroying lots of lings/lurkers/mutas with marine micro.
2. Slick.cf- showed me some replays and explained to me some of the tactics/strategy that he commonly uses in his tvz games and I have incorporated it.
3. My dropship harrass is incredible ;/ I scout with dropships to take out zerg players that decide to expo far away from their base; I dropship harrass their main base if they go lurker/ling and I usually am able to take out a lot of waves of lings/lurkers with my marine micro; I know how to use decoy dropships to draw zerg forces to what THEY BELIEVE is the point of conflict when actually most of my forces are at a different region to acheive the objective there.

So now to help you out. There are two basic build types that most terran players are using now adays vs zerg players: The early expand building pattern or the offensive tech/upgrade style. I'll also explain the common builds that I've seen zerg players using against terrans. I'll explain what each build style does, why it works, when it doesn't work, and why/when you should consider to use an early expansion terran style or an offensive terran style.

Early Expansion Build
1. A terran player starts with a normal two rax opening, builds about 4-8 marines and then starts a command center to be able to early expand.

Why the build Works
At one point in the starcraft era, maybe around 3-4 years ago, it was inconceivable and incredibly unorthodox, and lots of times suicide, for a terran player to create an expansion at such an early point in the game. Lots of zergs back then used 9pool/speedling/1hatch lurker variations that would end up having much more force in the early game than the terran player - making it impossible for an early expansion. As the game has changed, lots of macro oriented styles have become common and effective. The idea being that by early expanding and playing slightly defensive in the early game a player can out macro an opponent simply by having much more force than his opponent a couple minutes later.

The reason why nowadays the early expansion build works is just because of what I just explained - much more macro oriented players, including zerg players. Zerg players started to shift more towards "economically safe" styles of play, choosing to use 12hatch variation builds to have an expansion, and a second gas early in the game while not choosing to go for the 9pool/speedling aggressive builds. On most maps the zerg is pretty safe using a 12hatch and their economy gets going pretty good to get either 8-12 mutas midgame OR a bunch of lings and around 4-5 lurkers midgame.

Terran players caught on and developed their counter to the 12hatch style: The terran early expansion style. The fact that the zerg player opts to 12hatch at their expansion means that they will have at most 8-10 lings to attack a terran player with. And at that timing in the game the terran player will always safely be able to have his command center around 3/5 completed while having around 8-12 marines that he can micro against a ling offensive. And it is commonly known that a terran player can play off of one base while a zerg player must have at least one more expansion than a terran player to be able to produce enough units to counter a terran players marine micro.

By a terran using the early expansion build they actually are equal with the zerg in expansions which can mean a lot of trouble for defensive zerg players that will be outmassed/outmicro'd by the terran forces or can spell trouble for the opposite extreme of a zerg player - an extremely offensive zerg player that uses the 9pool variations or offensive 12hatch variations. The reason that the extreme offensive varations can have trouble with the early expansion build is that they are depending upon their zerglings to do enough damage to catch up with the terran players macro. If no damage is done, than the terran simply can push forwards however he wishes.

What counters a terran early expansion/defensive macro style?
The main counters that a zerg player will use against an early expansion to gain an advantage are:

-A very offensive midgame style using muta harrass or ling/lurkers. The idea being to get up the zerg tech tree faster than the terran gets up his tech tree.
-A 3 hatchery speedling style that masses around 30 zerglings in the early game to suprise the terran player and overwhelm his 12-14 marines/2 medics that he has to micro with when he early expands.
-A heavy "one-upsmanship" macro style in which the zerg player will use the 12hatch build and then build a third hatch - the difference from the three hatch ling being that the third hatchery is placed at the closest mineral expansion or another gas expansion not too far away, so that it can be protected.
-I believe I created a topic on this a month or two ago but this is actually the best counter to an early expansion terran style: a double lair/lurker drop zerg style. The lurkers can penetrate the terrans base before the first few tanks are active in the game. It is heavy harrass, hard to stop as long as you position your lurkers well, it can waste terran comsats if you split your lurkers in his base very good, and it allows you the options of expanding the map or trying to end the game through direct force to the front, which is weakened after the initial drops.

Why you should consider learning/using the terran early expansion/defensive macro style:
First of all, this is a common opening in today's brood war tvz. It's very versatile after the initial expansion, allowing you to go into mop-up mode around the map, taking out any premature zerg expansions. It also allows you to wait for tanks to push at the zerg's expansion. Another option is if the zerg is going for a muta harrass/drop style you can play defensive, stop the drop/mutas then roll out.

Second of all, with two ensured gas geysers means that a player can learn the SKT terran style which uses few to zero tanks and instead uses upgraded marine/medics with an incredible amount of science vessels. This style can stop an ultra/ling/darkswarm style if microed very well.

It may take a few games to get used to feeling "safe" while early expanding with terran but if you learn this and you have good macro/ or are working on your macro you'll be able to beat a lot of zerg players that have trouble attacking good defense and you'll be able to trounce overly aggresive zerg players.

Now for the other Terran strategy/build pattern:

Offensive Fast Tech/Early Upgrade Style:
1. A Terran player starts off with a two barracks opening. Marines are produced - around 6-10 marines. And at around 17-19 supply the terran starts his gas geyser and shortly after an academy and third supply depot. Shortly after a 10-12 marine/medic force is produced a factory is started with the goal to get a dropship in order to harrass the zerg player, scout and destroy unprotected expos, and so that the dropship allows the bypassing of any major frontal defense.

Why the build Works
The build is actually rare in today's modern brood war game. Most terran vs zerg players opt to go for the early expand/defensive macro style build pattern. Not many players go early academy, let alone an early two engineering bays shortly after the academy to upgrade. Reasons for players not opting for this more aggressive style of play is that the initial 10-12marines/2-3 medic force is pretty much stopped by around 4-5 sunkens.

Now the reason why this more offensive terran strategy works. The reason you can be successful with it is because of the fact that many zergs now won't even expect such a strategy. A lot of zergs will always put one sunken at their 12hatch expo hatchery - and sometimes just that one. They play geared to take out the more common early expo terran builds and therefore the reason they don't spend as much money on creep colonies is because there is no need to stop a non-existent terran force in the early game (because if the terran does the early expand build the zerg is fairly safe for around 3-4 minutes after the expo is done).

To be successful with this type of terran strategy requires excellent dropship micro of a group of 6 marines and two medics which will be the usual number of units you will drop harrass with. If you can at least achieve that much success with micro than this terran harrass style may be for you. It also requires you to have good mechanics with dropships (such as loading/unloading) in general.

Also, upgrades can be beneficial and sometimes even crucial when using a dropharrass/early marine offensive style. 1/1 upgraded marines vs 0/0 zerg groups will cut through the zerg like they are nothing. It allows your marines focus fire to take out lurkers in approximately 2 seconds and also allows you to succeed in MANY skirmishes, even when you have a low marine count and are outnumbered. The upgrades with your micro will make the difference.

When using this aggressive terran style here is the MOST IMPORTANT THING:
You cannot allow the zerg to get ANY free expansions, because you are playing off of one base for most of the early game.

You need to have "spotters" at key routes the zerg will take to your base. Knowing when the zerg is coming is the most important thing because while playing off of one base you are vulnerable to a huge attack when some of your marine force is dropped at their base. If you don't have spotters at even 1 empty expansion, or don't have a unit patrolling somewhere near, the zerg will have the resources to outproduce you hard or at least the vespene gas to tech to defilers and proceed to cut your force to pieces.

By the time your dropship is building the zerg will have either one of these:
-A force of mutas either already at your base harrassing you which you will need to stop
-A force of mutas 3/4 to your base, which means they have some zerglings because the mutas took longer to reach you
-Or a force of around 20-30 zerglings with around 5-6 lurkers (the lurker/ling style).

That's why it is very important for you to scan the zerg wisely in the early game and to keep your scouting scv alive. If you misjudge the zerg's tech you will end up losing track of where his forces are positioned, when he has left his base, and in general he can prevent your drop harrass all the much easier because you're essentially a blind man trying to drop a bread crumb directly into the mouth of a pidgeon. In other words, just like the pidgeon will immediately go after the bread crumb, your zerg opponent will immediately attempt to intercept your incoming dropship because he knows where it's coming from while you don't know where he is. ;/

What counters a terran Offensive Fast Tech/Early Upgrade Style?
Here are the main zerg responses/counters to you if you go this route:

-The zerg will play off of three hatcheries, using the lurker/ling combination and try to win skirmishes through flanks or superior micro.
-The zerg will play off of two hatcheries with an incredibly to non-existent amount of zerglings while he saves up for 8-12 mutas while his spire is finishing. He will attempt to harrass your mineral line and will therefore be effectively neutralizing your offensive force by keeping it in your base...
-The zerg may wait for you to exit your base and try a huge zergling run into your main. You can stop this easily by building firebats in advance and positioning them to hold on your ramp. It's trickier if there is no ramp protecting your base. You may need a bunker depending upon the terrain.
-The zerg will play defensive, attempting to expand the map while protecting the premature expos with his troops, opting to not even attack you. You can make the zerg player your puppet by using your dropship harrass to draw his force to wherever your dropships are while you bring another group to take out his expansions as quick as possible.

Why you should consider learning the Terran Offensive Fast Tech/Early Upgrade Style
First of all, you are being offensive which 90% of the time is better than being defensive. You will be able to keep the zerg guessing and force him to keep his troops on a tight leash - or else you can destroy at least his spawning pool and possibly a lot of drones.

Second of all, this style will help you develop your marine micro. Often times if you lose a whole group of marines the game COULD be decided. You have to have a tight leash on your marines and make smart decisions on when/where to attack the zerg.

Third of all, dropships are an incredibly valuable tool that you must learn to use. Lots of players rarely drop harrass anymore. Or they don't think about using drops as decoys. You should learn to not only drop harrass effectively but to keep the zerg guessing by using some drops as decoys, some as real ones, and use some drops as an efficient way to stop zerg expansions far away on the map.

And the early upgrades will let you focus fire on lurkers like they are nothing! Another great thing about not early expanding is that you are looking to make something happen, to do damage to your opponent. Remember, you can survive off one base for a while vs a zerg that is one expansion ahead of you. It's also one of the safest builds in the book due to the fact you can be very offensive or very defensive.

I'll possibly edit/elaborate/clear up anything later. For now that's it for TvZ!


p.s. Here is a link to a thread where I am posting replays. They may be helpful to new players or even experienced players. I'll organize the replays at some point in time, probably by Match up, and organize them by what kind of strategy was used in each game.

Protoss Vs Terran Basic Strategy and Comments to Newer Players about the "Terran Wall"

It's not even really a "strategy" anymore to wall. It's just routine. Maybe 7 yrs ago the idea of walling off your ramp was "uncommon" but today if you don't even know about it you've probably been playing the game less than 6 months.

But that's ok! Not everyone knows everything instantly. So let me explain. You'll never break or get through that wall.

A terran player will always have 1 tank by the time you have 1-2 goons at his ramp. And he simply will repair the wall. The way you beat a terran player on maps like lost temple and such that allow for walls is by using a reaver and/or dt drop build to harrass and then out macro them.

There is no way through the wall. There are robotics bay build orders and such to allow you to harrass the inside of the terran's base early game. That's what you use to beat a terran player. But even then, at the highest skill levels the way to beat a terran player is to expand the map yourself while stopping yourself from being vulture harrassed. And also by knowing how to stop tank pushes.

At your level right now, often times you can micro a reaver drop to their main command center and cripple their economy or you can go the 4 dt drop route and still cripple the inside of their base with some micro, watching out for mines, killing off turrets, etc.

Protoss vs terran is all about macro and teching to arbiters/carriers/or very rarely disruption web. A lot of protoss players don't even tech to the higher techs. They'll simply go speedlots/dragoons and use shuttles with 4 zealots to use as suicide bombers on top of tank lines and to suicide tanks on mine fields.

You should watch some PvT, TvP reps to see how the players play. They rarely go for a total upfront attack. It's all macro/harrass/attack/defend. This concept is summed up quite nicely in my signature.

Check out Shiz's replay thread, or another one with a tvp replay I posted to see how the protoss's combat terrans. Also, www.pgtour.net, www.wgtour.com, www.sclegacy.com, etc. have replays that you can search for on their sites to get the general idea of how to play against terrans.

I myself have switched to being a terran player so I shall say no more! ;/

Hotkeying Styles
No matter which race there are, in my opinion, three distinct styles of hotkeying:

1. "Hotkey Unit Producing Buildings Style"
2. "Hotkey Mostly Units Style"
3. "Hotkey Units and 'Certain' Buildings Style"

So choose the one you fit into. I'll describe the three for ya:

1. "Hotkeying Mostly Buildings"
If you go this route you'll end up with most of your hotkeys as your factories, gateways, barracks, or whatever other unit producing buildings you have. This style is one that allows you to macro very well WHILE MICROING your troops. You can move your army, dropships, etc. and be looking on that screen while clicking through 1234567 etc. which allows you to constantly produce from buildings. In my opinion, people tend to rely on their micro a lot to gain them advantages enough so that they basically have already "pre-protected" expansions due to the harrassment they put on opponents. Their attention is focused on the screen where the person needs to micro. It makes it relatively easy to expand.
The major downsides to this style are that you may forget to build supply depots if you SOLELY rely on the hotkeys - unless of course you hotkey an scv for that specific purpose. Also, it seems you don't actually "watch" your base that often due to use of the building hotkeys. Not like you should have your attention in one place anyways but those are possible downsides.

2. "Hotkeying Mostly Units Style"
With this style, you will most likely only hotkey your comsats if you're terran as your building hotkeys. 1234567890 will all be totally devoted to unit hotkeys. And to tell the truth, I have never played this style or seen that many players at a high level play this style. Either way, you would most likely hotkey a specific worker for supply building, a worker in the mineral line to get back to your main base, and 1-5 will be attacking units. 6-0 will be specific units such as a shuttle with reavers, an observer, or a scouting unit. I'd say this is the least effective way to hotkey, and very very very few people play like this and achieve a high level of gameplay. It's just too difficult.

3. "Hotkeying Units and 'Certain Buildings' Style"

This is the MOST used hotkeying style. This is the style I use also. It's pretty versatile but requires the user to be able to keep track of a lot of things off screen - in other words you're actually mentally reminding yourself of many things. You won't hotkey that many (if any) unit producing buildings, which means you will have to have a hotkey to your starting building to get back to your base and hotkey expansions to get back to those screens easily. And you will have to already have fast handspeed in order to click through all of your gateways/factories quickly. Usually a player will use hotkeys for units 1-4. The buildings the player hotkeys will be 5-0. A player must have good timing on when to click back to his main base to keep his production going and also must be able to keep track of where his scouting workers are, where he is positioniong his unit groups 1-4. It's probably the easiest of the three to use, but tough to master.

It's preference on whichever style you have or take. These are just basic guidelines and styles that I believe most players fit into. If you're going to play terran, I would actually suggest aiming for style #1 - the hotkeying of your factories style. This way you are constantly managing tank pushes/mines and scouting while being able to produce at the same time. But it is the hardest style to master.

As for your current set up, it seems to be the style #2 - hotkeying mostly units. I think you need to ask yourself if you cannot handle style#1 and go for style#3 - hotkeying units and buildings. It'll be the most effective for you, especially if you want to switch off to another race in the future.

Try hotkeying at least your starting CC to 5 or 6 and your units 1-4. Depending on how large your hand is you may be able to hotkey units on number s1-6 and start off with your CC as 7. It all depends, and is all preference. Play a few relaxing games against a computer and let the game lengthen to find out what you like the best.

If you ever need to try something out or practice playing against a computer or multiple computers is ALWAYS the best option. Some arrogant people think that it's no practice but it actually is good because you aren't disturbed, can try out efficient new build orders or patterns, and can practice your macro without being harrassed. For example, when I wanted to try out for the first time a Reaver/Sair/Dweb strategy for pvz I played against 5 zerg computers on an island map to get used to the micro of it. I then proceeded to win the first pgt game I ever played with the same strategy.

Just do what you like!

Fundamental Principles of Warfare
Force, Distance, Time, Mobility, Strategy, Tactics, Terrain, Positioning, Economy, Micro, Macro
(not in order of importance - i was too lazy to order them to what i thought ;/ )

If you're read Sun Tzu's The Art of War you'll probably see similarities in this topic. Either way, this is a concepts guide to help out any level RTS gamer improve and be able to not forget what some people call "the basics." And, the concepts of course, will be in an RTS context (and don't be suprised if I use a lot of starcraft references because that is the game that I currently play).

I'll eventually cover em all in some way or another but for now...

I'll begin with:


Force is how much material you have to conduct war with. And in RTS force equates to how many units you have to attack your enemies base.

Your main goal in most games should be to gather more force than your opponent. You want to be able to have 15 units to his 5, 30 to his 15, etc. etc. What this means is that the amount of micro that you have to perform is reduced drastically.

Basic, right? But having a mass of troops in the wrong place can often times cost you the game. A fundamental principle that you must have ingrained into your mind is:

Gather the most force at the point of conflict.

If it's not directly possible to have the most force at a certain area of a map, you need to try to split enemy forces and engage one half or split the person's attention by using a decoy at their main base, and then move in so you have a slight advantage.

To be able to build up enough of a force you'll have to be continously producing from your buildings, and stay ahead in the supply count. Don't get caught with your pants down forgettin supply depots, pylons, or losing overlords early.


Distances are what determines how you can use the force you've accumulated.

Both you and your opponent are constantly producing units to keep up with each other. So wouldn't this result in virtually all of your games ending up as a stalemate? The answer is no - there's the human factor. Sometimes a person will attempt to tech higher in the tech tree while holding off attacks with less units than the aggressor. This is only possible because of the physical distances between bases.

If you both have equal force and one player attempts to attack the other player the result will be that the defending player wins. This is because reinforcements streaming from the defending players base will stream in to shift the balance of force in favor of the defending player.

After that occurs the attacking player will retreat and the defending player will usually attempt an offensive. But by the same token, once again, because of the distances to the other players base the balance of force will shift back to the player defending and this constant fluxuation will occur until one player gains an advantage either by outmicroing his opponent, gaining too much of an economical advantage and therefore outproducing his opponent, etc.

That's all for now. To the experienced a lot of the above will seem quite basic, and in fact is, but a lot of times a person needs reminders in his decision making. I've seen too many games where a player has gained an advantage in unit numbers but doesn't attack. Games where a player keeps attacking when he is clearly being beaten to hell and should have retreated.


Apparently, the the thread cut off other stuff I had added into this first post. I'll have to wait until it gets to a second page or something. That probably is the problem lol.
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nice new sticky, make sure you put links to all the different things at the top icon_smile.gif delete this post after if you want, just wanted to say gj and make sure you put a contents bit at the top with links to it all icon_smile.gif.

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QUOTE (Nemesis.cF- @ Dec 27 2006, 07:43 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
nice new sticky, make sure you put links to all the different things at the top icon_smile.gif delete this post after if you want, just wanted to say gj and make sure you put a contents bit at the top with links to it all icon_smile.gif.

Yeah, that will be done in the future, I ran out of time right now.


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Could you guys give me some Terran build orders?


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why would ne1 maek a strat gide 2 n rts? it maeks no senz cuz if its a strat gaem, then u tell every1 strats then teh gaem is liek no fun at all lol cuz wut exactly r u acompishing by takin teh n00b other advize? maek ur pwn strats, or ur a n00b end of story!
-i pwn n00bs-.......thers nuthin mor 2 say!
but just incase u cant reed heres some q's i answered 4 u
q: is ur micro quite über?
a: yes quite
q: how many n00bs have u pwned?
a: more than i thought existed!



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QUOTE (hotmfer124 @ Jan 1 2007, 12:15 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
why would ne1 maek a strat gide 2 n rts? it maeks no senz cuz if its a strat gaem, then u tell every1 strats then teh gaem is liek no fun at all lol cuz wut exactly r u acompishing by takin teh n00b other advize? maek ur pwn strats, or ur a n00b end of story!

why would u liek go 2 skool and lern 2 spel? just bcause u r good at sumthin doesnt mean u alwaes wer so tis post is 4 peple trying 2 get beter and look at different peoples strategdies.

pfft. that died. *reserved for cnc3 guide*



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Rod, the linkage in this thread is amazing!
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Anyone know where I can find AoE I, II or III strats?


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Alternative ZH BOs

rush 9
Im not quite sure who invented this one, but i think it must be sheepy or his brother incqrit. Anyways, sheepy and I perfected it.

You have to be any kind of gla preferably toxin, and preferably not demo. This rush uses the speed and transport capabilities of the technicals and the advantages of the tunnel networks, + 2 rpg troopers and instant transport.

w1, supply stash
w2, barracks (boxed if possible).
w3, 2nd supply stash
w4, arms dealer.
w5, tunnel network
w1, tunnel network
w2, tunnel network (all in a protective cirkel around your main base)

arms dealer -> 3 technicals (chevrond with the gens upgrade if possible).

load up every technical with 1 worker, the worker you used to build a tunnel network with and the 2 rpg guys you got with the same tunnel network. If you do this right you have 3 technicals each with 2 rpg and 1 worker. You simply rush to the enemy base asap, unload on different spots, and create 1, 2 or 3 tunnel networks in the enemy base. Use the rpgs + technicals to protect the workers building those tunnels. If you actually get 3 tunnels up, its gg. 6 * 2 = 12 rpg guys.. Then theres the technicals, with scrap upgrade and probably promoted 3 times. If its not gg, just call in reinforcements from your main base, tunnel in, tunnel out and start the rape.

good vs. any usa, china tank, china inf, china vanilla
BAD vs. tox, nuke.

PRO's of this rush: Its HARD to counter, so it will most likely succeed.
CON's of this rush: You wont have alot of map control, so if you fail youre pretty much screwed.

This rush is REALLY good, when i started to play zh i could beat players with it who were much better then me. This one CAN work against real pros, and WILL work against average people.. if executed correctly of course.

You might wonder.. "why rush 9". The answer is actually quite simple. Sheepy and I used to call it technical rush, but that gives confusion with an actuall technical rush (technical spam). So thats why we decided to put a name tag on it.

double rush 9
This one is just unstoppable. All it takes is 2 gla players in a 2v2 match.

Its exactly the same as the normal rush 9. But then executed by both you and your teammate. Imagine 6 technicals, 6 workers building networks, 12 rpg troopers in your base and later 6 technicals, 6 tunnel networks, 24 rpg troopers. From 2v2 it goes to 2v1. Sheepy and I have done this rush in 2v2 games with extreme succes. Just watch out for your main bases, and be sure that no one escapes.

bunker drop

Invented by me, and im quite sure im the only one using it. So its damn original.

You will have to be vanilla china or china nuke.

d1, power
d2, supply stash
d1, barracks
queue up 4 ths and maybe a reg guard (or just 5 ths, but you wont have that much against infantry).
d2, airfield.
queue up 2 helixes
d1, 2nd supply stash
When the first helix is ready load your d2 in the helix and fly it to the enemy base, or a 2nd supply stash.
d2, bunker (in the enemy base eh).
When the 2nd helix is ready, load you infantry in it and fly it towards the same spot you dropped your dozer. Garrison them asap in the bunker and start raping whatever is or comes around it. You might wanna fly your dozer back, but theres no need though. You can use it for a 2nd base, or simply a supply stash.

I had a crappy router when i thought off this one. Therefor i havnt been able to test it vs. any real good people. I have tested this one versus people of this forum with alot of succes, but that doesnt really says anything about how the pros will handle this one (sry dudes). Darth managed to fully recover from this rush the second time i did this.

PRO's: SOMETHING TO DO WITH V CHINA OMFG!!!!! And it is totally unexpected/original. Its alot of fun doing this, base swaps etc..
CON's: It leaves your main base COMPLETELY unguarded, which mostly leads to the end of the base.

No worries though, you can easily win the game when you lose your main base, just rebuild near the bunker, and counterattack. That is probably why its so much fun, it allmost always involves swapping bases.

I think however that this one is NOT a succesfull rush in a 1v1 game. 2v2 Games however are a whole other story. In 2v2 games, this is gold, especially (again) for vanilla china. You can easily take and hold the 2nd supply stash on fallen empire, and even launch a succesfull counterattack. So remind this rush especially in 2v2 games.

replays of both rush 9 and the bunker drop, unfortunately i lost most of them, im sure ill find them again though. And when i do, ill upload them (i know some others are at an other comp).

Ive thold this BO in an other topic too, but this one is better explained

gl and hf

There must be some kind of way out of here...


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i just wanted to request for someone to make a cnc3 guild that would be cool thnx

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