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RTS Guides Thread

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A nubs guide to Defend Of the Ancients!

((( Updated! Whoops I just saw I was post to post this in the guide section... my bad! )))

Sup names anthony. There a lot of people who just got warcraft 3 and want to get pro a DOTA, a custom map for warcraft 3 created by Blizzard I think. To a pro I am a noob. Anyways lets get down to the basics. The way I wrote the guide is not in order but I did my best. (GRAMMAR IS NOT MY SPECIALTY )

What happens inside DOTA? Well there are two teams, Sentinel and the Scourge. The object of the game is to destroy the other factions "ancient". There are 5 people on each team. So the host selects a game mode, there are plenty and will be explained later on. Usually the two most popular modes are -arem (All Random/Easy Mode) and -apem (All Pick/Easy Mode). All pick easy mode means you can choose the heroes from Sentinel or the Scourge, now easy mode just means the game is a lot faster and you receive more gold then you would from normal. All random easy mode means your given a random hero from either Sentinel or Scourge. Now I think there are 50 different hero's with unique skills so choose carefully. The heroes are divided into Strength, Agility, and Intellect. So the items you buy for your hero will reflect on what he is.

The Map

There are 3 lanes and all the lanes have shortcuts to gank opposing heroes (Top, Mid, Bot aka Bottom). Your faction makes creeps at the same time as the other lanes and they get to the middle all at the same time.

Each lane has 3 defense towers for your team. When you destroy an enemy tower you gain gold for everyone on your team.

The green dots on the map represents NEUTRAL MONSTERS which you can fight later on for more money if you don't want to get ganked. The red dot on the map represents ROSHAN, he is a strong boss which drops money, expierence, and Aegis of immortal which provides instant resurrection when you die when carried.

Now the opposing team could see you on the map whenever an enemy creep sees you. So if all the enemy heroes are missing and your spotted... Lol you better run home. Thats all you need to know about the map of DOTA.

Something you'll need when playing DOTA is knowing the terms that your teammates talk to you.


oj back, DG back! ... leshrac mia... NA mia... red mia.. ROSHAN? feed much? Ok guys Push!

If you don't know the short forms for colours.....oj = orange and DG = dark green. Now what back means is usually all enemy heroes are missing so... if your alone, chances are there coming to gank your ass. Your teammates sees this and tells you to go BACK to base for protection.

Leshrac mia? NA mia? Leshrac is a hero in dota along with NA short form for Nerbian Assassin. Mia means there missing so be carefully.

Feeding means when you let yourself get killed by the enemy hero which WILL make him stronger and overall make you guys loose.

Now push just means to get all your team together and start pushing the lines up so your closer to the enemy's base.

Banlist ?

Banlist is a program used by people who host either dota or other games they play. People are sick and tired of people leaving when the game has already started! Banlist keeps track of anyone who leaves and, bans them. Usually people use their own banlist instead of sharing it with other people.

Well thats pretty much the basics you need to know if your new to DOTA. The first games will be hard but just try to learn to become better. Ask questions from teh pros if something your not very sure on. Here are my own tips for the game. Good luck and mostly, have fun.

!Tips in the game!

-look at what others bought for their hero and ask them why if you have questions
-the higher the level, the more strong you will be
-never push by yourself, you will get ganked
-if you sence your about to get ganked, dont take chances...go back and heal
-get to know the HEROES and the ITEMS

On battle net many pros dislike noobs!



- anthonyoncoffee


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Can some one please post a starcraft Terran vs Terran BO/guide.


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can someone tell me how to have korean displayed ingame in starcraft??? it says the latest patch should get korean to work ingame but mine doesnt. it comes up with jumbled symbols. i can see korean while looking through the 'join' server but as soon as i get in it doesnt come out right. anyhelp?



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Javea1's über GGC guide
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WTB CnC3 guide please..

and can someone tell me what I do wrong since I cant get my online part of the game to work.. I patched it and registered on their homepage, but when I try to go online and type my online ID nuthin happens =/ can someone tell what I might do wrong?



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China Guide by Tux_78

Hello any zh players from the pp rts section will know that I love china and I am going to add a little bit to rod's start in order to help those who are starting with china or are slightly more advanced. Although I am not an amazing player like some other posters, I do have some experience and can give some ideas for strats and bos.

There are 4 china factions- vanilla, nuke, tank and infantry.

I will go through each and give a general overview as well as going into some of the bos and strategies.

Vanilla China

Vanilla China is as it says the basic form of the faction. It appears weak to the others as it has downgraded forms of some the units but these combined can be a very strong force. Vanilla China has cheaper air, infantry than the other Chinas yet keeping the flexibility of the tanks which can allow players to be more inventive.

China Infantry

China inf. is a very powerful army which uses no tanks but veteran infantry to take out the enemy. Inf. also has cheaper air and infantry as well as having larger lixes and specialist ground units e.g. AOs (Attack Outposts) and ATC (Assault troops Crawler). Inf. however lacks armour and has slightly more expensive ground units which means that it can struggle versus good players.

China Nuke

China Nuke is often considered the strongest China faction and this is not without good reason. It has exactly the same base as Vanilla China but with stronger units. The bms (battle masters) and ols (overlords) have the nuke upgrades so are quick and strong and they explode when they die so can be used to take out infantry. However nuke has slightly more expensive LOs (Listening Outposts), infantry and air units. Nuke is very powerful late game as well as being strong early game which makes it a popular choice with many players.

China Tank

China Tank is one of the slowest factions but has extremely powerful tanks. Infantry and Air units are very, very expensive and Tank also lacks artillery making it very weak late game. If you do not win early with tank you lose unless you are very good. Tank starts with veteran tanks which are also cheaper than their vanilla counterparts. LOs are also more expensive at $950. Tank is however a very strong faction if used well and is extremely good vs. USAs (I have some reps from 1.04 clan wars of these matchups as my best faction is tank .)

Build orders and matchups (on TD)

A very solid build order for China factions is Dual WF. This BO is very flexible and can adapt easily in random games. This BO is used less by Inf. as the cost can be too high for the early rush. The build order is outlined by Rod with the dozer moves. The main thing is to make sure that you do not waste time. Aim to have 2 units advancing on the flanks and central ground after your first 4 units are made. Then be unpredictable. Bring units from all directions to keep you opponent off guard while you tech up. DO NOT WASTE UNITS. Make sure your units are not lost for nothing as much as possible. I learned this very well against a USA Airforce who used a fast tech BO before taking out my individual units. This BO is more suited for games against USA and China than GLA due to terror cars and their use as described by Rod

Another very common BO is WF in the centre. This allows units to get into the enemy base quicker and is a good Bo to use vs. GLA. First the dozer moves-
1- Power Plant
2- Move to the middle and build a supply dock to the top of the hill( then use the trucks to run over the terror cars and the flanking worker
1- Supply dock at primary
2- War Factory
1- Supply dock at secondary
2- Barracks (not if you are tank unless they are USA going for a middle BO)

Using this you should be able to slow down the initial harassment. If they are not GLA leave the trucks to collect the middle supplies. This gives 3 supplies and means that in a china mirror you can build move units that your opponent and tech up faster. However your flanks can be left exposed so you should send a LO to each flank to allow you to watch out for techs. You can build a barracks and bunker at your secondary to secure it if you want but this can slow down your unit production elsewhere if you do not time it right.

A BO which is often used in nuke mirrors and games containing infantry is the Fast Lix BO. As the name suggests this is all about getting a fast helix which can be used to destroy the enemy supplies and buildings.

1-Power Plant
2-Primary Supply
2-Airfield- Helix
1-Secondary supply
1 or 2-Warfactory

Another variation is

1-Power Plant
2-Primary Supply
1-Secondary Supply
1-Bunker-Fill with 4 or 5 TH
Then use the TH from the bunker to fill the Lix. Rush then and take out the sup, wf and reactor or if it is a GLA take out the tunnels on the flanks and get some ground units.

A BO often used by Armoured and shown in his thread is the bunker drop. This is often a very good strategy vs. all the factions when played right. However it can be challenging and is often very risky if a mistake is made. I highly recommend it if you are Vanilla China as it can actually give an advantage which is needed in most matchups. There is a link to the thread giving much more info at the end

Matchups when Nuke, Tank or V. China

USA= Aim to take the flanks and try to get a gattling tank in behind their lines so that you can take out their economy. If they go rockvees remember not to waste units. Attack from the front with dragon tanks, TCs (Troops Crawlers) and gatts while bringing in gatts and dragon tanks in from the flanks. If you are hit by a pat drop remember to build a rax and use a combo of TH and TCs to take it out. Also make sure you get your supply trucks safe but try to micro to keep up collection

GLA= Always try to control the flanks and watch out for techs. A 3 promo tech can easily mean gg if you are china. Aim to bunker the middle and keep the flanks covered. A mix of gatts, bms, dragons and LOs is the best plan. Keep some of your forces (a LO and a gatt are usually the best to use if possible but if you need them to advance make sure you wont be wiped out in 1 attack.) at your base at all times especially vs. stealth. Keep building and tech up ASAP. Use your lotus to take oils then aim for ecms, Ols and a mix of other first tech units.

China= This is very dependant on your BO. Normally dual war is best with a mix of LOs, bms and dragons. Make sure to have some gatts ready in case they go for a Lix. The best plan is to build a gatt at each of the 2 wfs in the first 3 orders. If your tanks reach past ½ way and you have 2 passed through the middle build 2 gatts ASAP as they will probably have a Lix coming. A good idea is to send a LO up each flank and garrison the bunkers at the enemies side of each flank. If they go dual war as well you will need to out build, smart and micro them.

(If you are inf use fast lix or Aos with extra THs and minigunners. Middle with a wf and rax is usually the best plan vs. all factions. You then alter your unit building to fit whatever you opponent builds. Look to use a lix to surprise them if they expect a ground attack.)

Hopefully you have learned a bit about China and how to play as the faction. If you want to see some china play pm me and we can set up a game on hamachi.


Armoured's BO


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nice guide tux!!

I dont know what else to say, tbh XD

There must be some kind of way out of here...



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Updated first post with Armoredsandwich's "Alternative ZH Build orders" check it out!

Also, updated first post with Tux_78's China ZH guide!
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QUOTE (Rated R @ May 7 2007, 06:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Anyone know where I can find AoE I, II or III strats?

I only play II, so I can only help you with II:

Regardless of what civilization you have is the build order in dark age more or less the same.

The build order typed here origins from the Flush:
What is a "Flush"?
The term, "Flush" stood for "Feudal Rush" when it was invented a long time ago (possibly about 8 to 9 years back), back in the days of AoK. Nowadays, the "Flush" isn't just a "Feudal Rush," it's the strategy that defines how the game is now played. Everywhere you go in Igz or GP Rated RM, you'll see a Flush, be it a Hun Flush or not (the Huns are the most popular civ to Flush with). Why? With Spears and Skirms going down your throat and disrupting your economy and killing Vils every now and then, you're going to be behind economically. There is only one real counter to a Flush: you must Flush the other person.

24 Pop Build Order

3 Vils: Either help your Scout look for Sheep, or chop a straggler (tree by your TC).
TC: H-C-C-C-C. Queue up 4 Vils with the 200 food you get. Don't use H-Shift-C; the game might not recognize the Shift and only may queue up 1 Vil.
Scout: Start looking for Sheep in circles, and be sure to not overlap areas where you have already Scouted, as that wastes time. Number your Scout to Ctrl + 1. You will then hit 1 to select your Scout, or hit 1 twice to select it and centre your view on it. Number your TC to Ctrl + 2. You will now hit 2 to select your TC and queue up Vils. Why not use H? H selects your TC, but also centres your view on your TC. You want to be able to queue up Vils while watching your Scout. If you need to view your TC to change where your Vils will go when trained, to force drop some food, or watch over things, just hit 2 twice.
4 Sheep: Once you have found them, send two Sheep to the TC, and send the other two Sheep scouting, helping the Scout (you are not going to lose your sheep, trust me) in opposite directions (for example, if your Scout has gone north-east, send one Sheep around north-west, and the other south-west). The other two Sheep are to be placed directly onto your TC; one Sheep will be processed by your three Vils (get them to dump off their wood first if they had chopped a straggler), and the other will stand by waiting.
Vils 4-6: Sheep. Whenever a Sheep is done, move another Sheep nearby it. Keep only six Vils to one Sheep, make sure that you do not kill an extra Sheep. Always only keep two Sheep on the TC; one being harvested, and the other, alive, standing by. All the others can either be scouting or standing by close to your TC, but not close enough so that your Vils on Sheep might decide to eat two Sheep at once, but also not far enough to have your Sheep stolen by your opponent.
Vil 7: Lumber Camp. A Flusher needs wood. If you have not scouted out a suitable forest yet, put this Vil on a straggler instead so that no time is wasted.
Vils 8-10: If you do not have an LC yet, get Vil 8 building it. If you do, send all of these 3 Vils to the forest at your LC.
Vil 11: After he has been trained, hit Loom, and get the Vil to wait by a Boar. When the Loom is 80% done, lure the Boar.
Vil 12: Mill your Berries (you will need that Mill for Farms). Vils 13-14 Go to Berries along with Vil 12 after the Mill is done, and keep them on the Berries closest to your Mill.
Boar: When the Boar is chasing your Vil back to your TC, garrison your lurer, and get all the Vils on Sheep to drop off their food, and then shoot the crap out of that Boar. That bastard needs to die. Plus, for being barbaric, you get good, fast food. If you have a Sheep left over rotting away, it might be a good idea to put one Vil on that Sheep until it is done, and then send him back to Boar.
Vils 15-19: Boar. Once your first Boar hits 175 food, lure your second Boar with a full health Hunter on your first Boar (drop off his food at your TC first, in case he dies).
Farms: At this point you should consider Farming. Pull the wounded Vils off your first Boar, and make Farms by the right-hand side of your TC. Tests have shown that Farms put on the right-hand side of your TC actually gather food faster. Slowly pull off the wounded Vils off the second Boar as well (so you should have four wounded Vils in total from both Boar) and put them on Farms as well.
Boar: Once you have finished your Boar, split up your Hunters onto Sheep.
Vil 20: Build a second LC by another forest if your first forest is small, or on the same forest is large (but place the LC farther away so that both LCs are not touching each other).
Vils 21-23: Wood right by the second LC.

Flush is not recommended unless you have a good micromanagement, as it forces you too keep 110% attention on your base, as well as micromanaging your army on the most vital stage of the game, a successful flush will decide the game within 25 minutes, but it might as well cost you your victory if not done properly, an easier strategy is Fast Castle (FC). I have my own recipe for the Fast Castle, and if you practice it for a while will it get you too Castle in 15xx-17xx minutes (depending on what civ u chose), and should make it possible too keep making cavalry from 2 stables continuous.

Fast Castle:
Start with the 22 first villages just as in the Flush build order.
Vils 23-25 gold mining.
Vils 25-28 Wood, or make a mill by your deers (if they are far away from the other mill or town center), and start hunting with 4 villagers.

As soon as you have about 320 wood send several villagers too collect food, the key is, you want too have enough food as soon as you can go too castle age.

When you hit feudel age make 2 more villagers at the town center (hitting H-C-C), have 5 villages ready and make a 2 feudel age buildings (I make a smithy and either a stable or an archery range depending on civ), when those buildings are up, hit castle age.

while castling, you can either go for booming (focusing on building up a good eco) or creating cavalery (eagle warriors if you are aztec/mayans). Make sure you upgrade the armour of the unit you are going for while castling. If you are going cav. focus on food and gold (send some extra villagers on gold while castling), if you are going too boom, focus on wood rather then gold.

This is very basic, but it should give you an idea.
Here is a site where you can get some good strategies, but most articles are 5+ years old, and are explaining strategies that are improved today.



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Awesome an aoc guide! icon_surprised.gif

There must be some kind of way out of here...


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Hope it will be useful, but you'll have to practice a lot as well to become pwn cuzz ppl have played it since 1998 pp_smiley11.gif


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QUOTE (Quiller @ Nov 22 2007, 04:51 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hope it will be useful, but you'll have to practice a lot as well to become pwn cuzz ppl have played it since 1998 pp_smiley11.gif

tell me about it lol xD

There must be some kind of way out of here...


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can someone make a CnC3 guide cause i suck balls at it and would like to pwn it cause i have no wins


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I just noticed the great AoeII guide, nice job man! many thanks!


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Attached File  Terra_Einheiten.zip   29K   8 downloads

I created a Starcraft map showing most of the terran units a while ago. Nothing for the Pros but good for those, who want to have a quick view at the units.
Just download it and move it to your Starcraft-Maps directory. But beware - it´s in german !
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Here are some articles I wrote for CoH.







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I've decided to update the information on Terran in this thread a bit. I will only cover the currently most standard build orders with some variations. I assume you understand the basic abbrevations and know the game. If not, read the other posts in this thread icon_smile.gif. I won't add any supply timings, because I have no clue, because I don't play after those, but rather just by elapsed time in combination with gameflow.

First of all, if you need replays, check out this site:

Replay packs from all good foreigners that played in TSL:
TL.net thread

You can also check out the replay section on TL.net.

Every build order starts the same, with 9/10 depot, and if you aren't doing it yet, you should constantly build scvs, unless preparing for a timing push. I will explain that concept for TvP, as it is most common there.

The start
Pretty much the only opening used currently is 1 rax expo. This means, you will build your expansions at either of the following supply counts:
14 - This means you start the command center before your barracks
17 - You start barracks first, but don't build a marine (usualy on starting positions, where you can build a wall that holds lings off e.g. longinus 9 o clock)
18 - You start with rax, and build command center after 1 marine, this is the build order I use by far the most

Of course you can build it a later, depending on what you want to do, but the earlier you get it up, the better your economy will be.

Early game:

Sending the scout out is a lot of personal preference I guess, I haven't payed too much attention when other players do it. I like to either scout relatively early, so that my scout might be able to block his first hatchery, and is able to scout early lings comming in, or after I started the expansion, to get it up asap.

The early command center is the probably the best reaction to the Zerg 12 hatch build, which you will most likely see >95% of the time.
If you aren't familiar with this build, you probably ask yourself, but what do I when he comes in with lings from a 4/5/7/9/overpool. Your answer to that is mining your minerals, yes the SCVs.
You will have to use SCVs to help defend, if he comes in with lings early, so you should get familiar with microing that. I'll explain: Attack moved lings (or any unit), will attack anything hostile in their path. However, they prioritize their targets. If the ling is attacked by a marine, or a marine is in the aggression range of the ling, it will rather attack the marine, then an scv or a depot. You can exploit their AI, if you move your SCVs in front of the marines, and build an SCV wall with them. The lings will try to run to the marines, and will run into the wall, get stuck and die. Zerg can either run around and flank, or attack the scvs. To prevent flanking just fight in a small space (on your ramp, or just down your ramp). If he targets the SCVs he has to target them manualy 1 by 1. Just move the targeted one back, and the lings will try to follow it, but can't. Clicking on your minerals is good here, because it allows the SCV to go through your marines.
Sending a clustered group of workers to a mineral patch, and when they are in the enemy units pressing stop is a technique you should also learn. Tt allows you to make the enemy units wander around and try to get into an empty place, while yours can attack them. Anyway, back to TvZ:
You also should scout if he builds a sizeable amount of lings, to do an attack before your academy tech is done. You might trust in your micro in that case, I'd recommend you to just build a 1 bunker if you see him getting lings, or 2 if you want to be safe. I usualy get 1 anyway, as it helps against lurkers and mutas too.

If you have your expansion up, pull some SCVs there. The perfect number to pull depends on the mineral patches in the main and in the natural, as well as the timing when you got your expo. I have no exact formula for this, just send about 6-8 of them there.

The follow-up:

Now you should be there with 2 scv pumping command centers and 1 barracks (making marines obviously icon_smile.gif ). You now have a lot of different options on how to follow this build up, and you should try a bit around with what you like/what works against which Zerg build.
I will just give an example how I like to follow up
-Get gas, academy and engineering bay,
-Start the academy upgrades and the weapons upgrade
-Build 2 more barracks and get the expo gas
-Go for 2 factories and go for vessel tech
-Add more barracks

This is just what I like to do, however, I vary that quite a bit sometimes, e.g. you can get 4 barracks and go for a sunken break before lair tech. This however only works well against 3 hatch and if you stop SCV production for some time.

What can the Zerg throw at you:

You will most likely be facing one of the following builds (unless the Zerg is bad):
-2 Hatch Lurker
-2 Hatch Muta
-3 Hatch Lurker
-3 Hatch Muta

Each build forces you to react a bit differently, so you have to scout, which one he is going for.

Vs muta builds you need turrets. I recommend building them in pairs, this way its a lot harder for the Zerg to kill them, and you get a better protection. 3 well placed pairs should be enough, you don't want to overspend on Turrets. However, there are maps like Blue Storm, with that ridge behind your natural minerals. You may want to build more turrets and float a building there, to get vision from up there.
Muta builds are most commonly followed up by lurkers, a few of them (like guardians) skip them.

Vs Lurker builds you can move out and gain map control, as you don't need to worry about a bunch of flying worms in your mineral line. The most common response it to move your marines and medics to the Zerg choke, and contain him. When he tries to push out with lurkers, attack him when unborrowed, and retreat when he burrows. You need to watch the minimap for incomming units.

In case of a 2 hatch build, he chose the less economy, more aggression route, and you should play a bit more safely, like getting a 2nd bunker up at your natural expansion vs lurkers, or a few extra turrets against Zerg.

Zergs will follow that up with hive tech. You most commonly see defilers and then ultras. Guardians and straight Ultras are also an option. And of course, no Zerg build is complete with Zerglings, get used to killing them a lot icon_smile.gif.

TvZ armies:

When choosing your follow up after the expo, you need to know that there are basically 2 types of Terran armies you can aim for in a TvZ.
The first option is called SKTerran. This build mainly utilizes one unit, the science vessel. And mainly for a single reason, that costs 75 energy, and kills most Zerg units with one cast. No, not defensive matrix, and no, not emp. Now you can guess what it is, but you probably knew this anyway before reading this guide.
You will continously pump vessels from 2 starports, which means you will get quite a lot quickly. In order to get the gas for that, you will have to cut the tanks out of your build. Your way of dealing with lurkers is mainly irradiating them, attacking them unborrowed, or good micro abilities. You will have to watch out for plague on your vessels, and for scourge. Though it doesnt hurt that much, if you lose 1 or 2 out of 10+ vessels.

The other way is the tank way, I'll just call it oov way, because he used it, and you have to trust a man that got a 27-0 record against Zerg in promatches once (I hope thats right icon_razz.gif).
You want to have 2 factories building tanks to support your army against lurkers and ultras. These 2 factories can also pump out some vultures later, to lay mines, which greatly help against Ultras. This will mean you can't afford that many vessels, you however, still need them, especialy to irradiate defilers later on.
The sense of having Tanks in your army is, that they outrange lurkers, even unsieged. With them you can force the Zerg to unborrow his Lurkers, or lose them. An army 4 control groups of medics and stimmed marines with like 10 sieged tanks behind them is nearly unbreakable for any amount of lurker ling.

The rest of your army will be medics marines and firebats. I suggest a ratio of 3-5 medics per 12 marines, and don't forget to supplement your army with some firebats, they are great icon_smile.gif. Early for killing many lings, and later for killing stuff (mainly lings again icon_smile.gif) under dark swarm, in case zerg just tries to keep your army out with 1 dark swarm and a few units.

This does not mean, that if you aim for one build, the other completely falls away for you. If you want to go SKTerran, and the Zerg opens lurker rather than, it is imho better to get 2 or 3 tanks with your first vessel, this makes it so much easier (or even only possible) to get out of your base by land. You might however instead get 1 or 2 dropships from your starports first, to attack by air.
First vessel is the keyword. When your first vessel is out this is the time to push out, and kill expo(s). Don't lose it to scourge, you need it to detect lurkers, as you can't rely on scan all the time.

Anything else to say?
What is important to both builds are unit upgrades. Try to get 3 weapon + 3 armor infantry quickly.
Get your 2nd expo when you can defend it (which is quite hard on some maps against an army as mobile as the zergs). At least get it before your main runs out.
Drops are a great way to make use of the amount of medics and marines you have if you have pumped a lot. Use 1 dropship to kill drones and eventualy kill an expo.
Use 2 dropships to kill the expo, or even better kill his tech in his main.

Army micromanagement

Since pictures are worth more than words here, I drew a picture to show good ways and bad ways of attacking. I feel that this should be common sense though:

Alternative builds

You can of course go for 2 rax before your command center with or without academy, trying to be a bit more aggressive early on. This forces the Zerg to react and set up more sunkens than he would otherwise that early, resulting in a loss in economy for the Zerg.

The big alternative to the bio army is a mech army in TvZ. You can do it on maps where you can get your second gas early and are able to defend it with few marines.
You then will turtle a while, while massing up an army of tanks and goliaths and upgrading them asap. Since you will have too many minerals, throwing vulture bikes into the mix to mine the map and harrass drones is definately beneficial. The counters a Zerg can use against you are mainly mass hydras (possibly with defiler support), mass hydra/ling, and/or mass mutas.

Most other things you could do would be early all-in builds, like a 3 rax fast +1 weapon sunken break.


The build I am going to show for TvP is a very popular build called Fake Double. It is a single factory build, that moves out at about the same time of a 2 factory build called gundam rush, that used to be very popular. Thats where it got its name, because Protoss players often thought, that the Terran did a 2 factory build.

The build

First of all, I recommend building a wall, this will hold off any form of zealot harassment, eventualy keep the scouting probe out and help a lot against early goons, plus it doesnt cost that much.

I once made a guide about wall-ins, but the picture host decided to be ghey, and I don't find the pictures anymore on my old pc, I'll just quote on the depot/barracks combinations you'll need to know, that wall Zealots off:

There are 3 possible combinations:
1. Depot right of barracks
2. Depot above barracks (this walls small units off)
3. Depot top right of barracks

Link to the thread, though not that good without pictures: <a href="http://forums.purepwnage.com/index.php?sho...4&hl=terran" target="_blank">http://forums.purepwnage.com/index.php?sho...4&hl=terran</a>.

- After your depot, you start your barracks and gas at the same time (when you get to 250 minerals)
- Once gas finished, put a total of 3 scvs on it
- Build a second depot
- With 100 gas start your factory (you should also have 200 minerals by then
- 3rd depot before factory finishes
- To avoid getting too much gas and not enough minerals, pull 1 or 2 scvs from gas back to minerals, in order to get your factory (don't forget to put them back after you started the cc)
- As soon as factory finishes build a machine shop
- Build a tank, research mines
- Build 4-5 marines between starting your factory and getting your tank out

After you have the tank, you move out with your army, how far, and what you want to achieve with it depends on the Protoss build.
In TvP I usualy send my scout out after depot, to find any form of cheese early enough.

The sense of this build is not to kill the Protoss, but to get your expansion up. You can either build the command center directly at your natural expansion when you move out, or on your ramp prior to this.
Don't lose your first tank when doing this build.

Protoss openings

While as a Terran, you only have a few viable openings, Protoss players (should) have a large arsenal of openings, and your job is to read the protoss bo and react accordingly.
Most of the time, when your scout arrives of the base, you will see them with 1 gate and a building/finished/spinning cybernetics core, which means you are safe to be a bit more aggressive with your Fake Double, which will face 3 dragoons when it moves out. Try to get a vulture around the dragoons and lay mines there. If you can get far enough to delay his expo or even kill some probes you got a good start into the game, and can comfortably retreat.
There is a good chance the protoss will go for reaver harrassment with the one gate, either before or after expanding, so be prepared for that. To defend against reaver harassment, a few turrets (2-3) in key positions and sieged tanks and/or mines where the reaver will most likely land work wonders. Pull your workers fast enough away after the reaver exits the shuttle, and do not let the reaver hit clustered groups of your army.

When the protoss has 2 gates, he will go for early aggression with goons or Dark Templars. When he goes for the goons, don't try to move out against this. when he goes for the Dark Templars you could, but there is not much sense anyway. Just get into a defensive position, and enjoy your economic advantage. Mines and turrets will hold off the DTs in case he goes for this. Yes put mines at your choke int his case.

However, if he goes for Dark Templar drops, this can be quite a bitch to deal with. Goliaths and scan work great, otherwise you have to rely on well placed turrets.

Mid-game - Late-game

During mid-game you have either the option of pushing out slowly with less force, to get a 2nd expansion up, or doing a timing push to prevent the protoss from utilizing his. You don't need to end the game after your timing push, just take another expansion sit back and macro up.

If you don't go for a timing push, you should go for vulture harrassment, and try to kill his probes. You move your vultures around the map, mine everywhere and strike his expos. Cannons can be hard to deal with, but not when they are outnumbered 5 to 1. If he has to many cannons, you can just try to focus fire the probes, sacrificing the vultures. Most of the time its a worthwile investment.

Protoss late game has 2 options, carriers and arbiters. In some games you will see both.
Terran has only one 'real' late game-option: 3/3 mech upgrades, and maybe supplemental vessels against arbiters. You might try to emp/nuke some nexuss or something, but can't rely on stuff like that entirely icon_smile.gif. This means, that your upgrades are very important.

To deal with carriers, you want to have goliaths. You can build from the price for 1 carriers with full interceptors 5 goliaths, plus he has to upgrade 2 types of units. While the carriers dont stand any chance in a direct fight, carrier micro is quite simple, and can be devastating.
You have 3 possibilities for microing the goliaths against the carriers:
- Right click on a carrier
This is a good choice when the carriers stand still, focus firing one means that it will go down very quickly.
- Hold position
With hold position the goliaths will attack the carriers, and ignore the interceptors (or I am on drugs when fighting carriers icon_surprised.gif ). This is good to use, when you are in range of the carriers, but the protoss moves them away. You move your goliath a bit toward the carriers, press h for hold position, and move the goliaths again. This way you can deal damage while chasing the carriers.
- Attack move
Using attack move is a smart move, when the carriers are on a cliff or behind a ridge, and you can't reach them. Using attack move your goliath will attack the interceptros, and render the carriers useless when all interceptors are dead.

Cloaked wraith can also work as a suprise.

Dealing with arbiters correctly involves goliaths to shoot them down, and science vessels to emp them before they can cast stasis field. To prevent a recall, mine your base, or where he is most likely to recall, and the protoss will lose his forces in that recall.
At least you need to have detection with turrets, or watch out and scan.

The push

Setting up and pushing is an apm intensive task, but you can't survive without it (except for bio builds or something, but they need more apm to be efficient, and are easily countered).
There are certain criteria for a good push:
- Tanks are spread out (to avoid taking too much splash damage, especialy from shuttles)
- Mines are everywhere BUT near your own units, you must avoid getting your own units blown up by mines
- Vultures are in place to block enemy zealots and goons
- Flanks should be avoided

You can seperate pushes into 3 different types:
1. Timing push:
This is fast forward moving push, commonly used as a counter to a double expansion, which is a common reaction to your Fake Double build. To do such a push, you stop scv production, add more factories to yours (usualy its from 4 or 6 factories), and massively pump units out of them, to overpower the protoss and kill his expansion. A typical 6 factory timing push will move out with like 6-10 tanks and 8-12 vultures, and have more vultures rallied.
You have to protect your tanks with the vultures. You always have to do it, but especially in this case. He can try to break your push, in this case you need to reinforce it. Another option he has is trying a backstab into your natural, in which case you have to to defend with your reinforcements (assuming that you continue troop production after pushing out).

2. Slow push:
When doing a slow push, you crawl carefully but steadily forward to a certain goal. The first goal is most likely your 2nd expansion.
This is the kind of push that involves turrets and eventualy depots, and its viability is a bit map dependent, best example for a map that favors this is Gaia, as you can just slowly push down the center.

3. 200/200 Tornado push:
Nada made this famous. When you are at 200/200 you just unsiege all your stuff and run the Protoss over, easy as that icon_smile.gif. Be sure to have 3/3 upgrades to make this work with the best effect.

There is of course more to it. To start this of you go for a lot of vulture harassment, but don't waste your vultures, and when the time is right you can run the enemy over.

For laying minefields faster and more effiecient, you needd to know about magical boxes. Read this post:
<a href="http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessag...?topic_id=33677" target="_blank">http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessag...?topic_id=33677</a>

So if you take like 4 vultures spread out in the 'magical box' range, you can plant 4 spaced out mines with 1 click.

Other builds

Besides Fake Double, you could go for 2 factories instead of one and try to be aggressive early on. I kinda like it, and it can do good against 1 gate obs expo (at least from my experience), but Fake Double is the more versatile build.

Another build, which might make a comeback next season (at least in proleague) is the 1 factory 1 starport build. Its a build that allows you to counter anything that involves a Protoss shuttle early with a wraith, as well as giving you the ability to drop. This can either be 4 vultures into the enemy main, or 2 tanks onto the enemy cliff, e.g. on Lost Temple/Tau Cross and that new Proleague map.

You could also go for 1 factory tank only with a faster expo. This is usefull, when the distance between the bases is very long, for example Blue Storm Katrina. The Flash build, which Flash introduced in the GSI, starts with this.
This 'Flash' build is probably the best counter to the expo -> reaver -> carrier build, that pro protosses use(d) a lot.
After starting off with 1 factory tanks, you get your expo and the 2nd gas as soon as the expo finished. Then proceed adding a second factory with machine shop and start an armory and academy at the same time (or academy directly after armory, think he did both) and get +1 vehicle weapons. Flash would then build up a force consisting of about 6 tanks, 4 goliaths with missile range, which also deal with shuttles, and 4 vultures, to push out and take your 2nd expo. Add a 2nd armory and a science facility before going into macro mode with a lot of factories, to get the 2/1 upgrade, and launch a deadly push.
This takes advantage of 2 things:
- The protoss teching to carriers won't have a strong force early.
- Upgraded terran units rape protoss units, especially upgraded goliaths rape carriers. I can't stress enough how much benefit the upgrades bring...


Terran vs Terran is a very strategic match-up, and requires quite some patience to play.
You have quite an array of openings and play styles you could do.

I am going to present the following builds:
- 1 fac expo
- 1 fac 1 star
- 2 fac (mostly for vultures)
- 14 cc

But before we get to the builds, lets analize the viable units and their roles in TvT (should'Ve done that for the other matchups too, maybe I'll add it):
1. Marine:
The marine beeing the first military unit a terran can produce, it has a limited use for early rushes and defense of them in TvT. Marines do quite ok damage, but die very fast, so you want to bring them with a damage taking unit offensively, or in a bunker defensively.
Commonly used are those 2:
2scv 2 marine
4 marines 1 vulture

The idea with those two is to try and get some scv kills to pull ahead.

2. Vulture:
The vulture has made its way into TvT about last year, and wasn't used nearly to the extent as it is now.
Beeing unused is because of 2 reasons:
It does only 25% damage to tanks and goliaths.
An attack moved terran force will kill mines as they walk accross the map, unless there are a lot of them, in addition to that comes the massive dropship use, which will just fly past them (though mines are a good scout in this situation).

However, there are some new maps, that have a special feature: no ramp.
Blue Storm, Un Goro Crater, Baekmagoji from the top of my head. While you can wall-in on other maps too, it's basically useless, because camping on your 1 base against 2 (or more later) won't help you win the game.

Of course this is not the case with all TvTs on that maps (just like not every TvT is a 45 minute yamato stalemate), but its definately viable on those, and on maps with ramps too.
The vulture is not great in fighting Tanks and Goliaths without gosu mine micro, but even then its not that great, but you can get a good number quickly, before Tank numbers grow, and with enough of them you can just charge through the defenses and kill all the workers.

While a huge amount of vultures leaves you with little force to fight against the enemy tanks, a massive minefield will keep them back as long as you need to to get your own force up to defend, while they have no scvs icon_razz.gif.

You can find an example of a game that starts off with vultures here:
<a href=" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOQG1duhuRU</a>

3. Siege Tank

Siege tanks relate to TvT like porn to the Internet, they are everywhere, and without them a key factor is missing. A position with sieged tanks is very hard to break by land, which often results in one or more 'dead zones' on the map, where both players have sieged their tanks just out of reach of each other.

Important to know: +2 Attack upgrade lets sieged siege tanks kill other siege tanks in 2 hits instead of 3, armor upgrades don't matter in this case.

When fighting the decision to siege or not to siege is a very important split second decision you have to make. It depends on the number of yours and enemy tanks, as well as the positions, distance and presence of other units. When sieging, do not siege your tanks in a cluster.

4. Goliath

Goliaths are complementary unit to siege tanks. They are there to protect your tanks against anything: air units, in case your opponent goes wraiths, other tanks by taking the hits, because they cost less, dros, and units that are in the minimum range of your tanks.

When approaching with shuttles, Goliaths will only fire at the shuttle if there is no other combat unit to attack in range (idk about scvs). After unloading they target the unloaded units.
In the case of drops you have 2 options with your goliaths, either targeting the dropships, or letting the goliaths fight the ground units. If your present force kill the dropped forces without the/a few goliaths, order them go for the shuttles, as it will help you in the long run, because you cripple his mobility. If your force will die anyway, targetting the dropships might also be good, and if you can sacrifice the ground they landed on, do it too.

5. Wraiths

Pew pew paper unit. They die quickly, cost as much of tanks, and do a total of 8 damage to ground units.
How can this unit be usefull? It has one thing, most other Terran units lack: mobility.

Having wraiths completely nullifies the enemy dropship advantage, as you can snipe theirs down. With stealth you can significantly slow enemy pushes/attacks down, because they need to watch out and have scan mana, plus you can pick off tanks easily with them, as well as harrass nicely.

But, unless you have a sizeable wraith fleet, a few turrets can completely hold them off, so you can't use them offensively.

The more cliffs and mazy terrain the map has, the better wraiths are.

6. Dropships

Dropships add to the mobility of your force. Due to the defensive nature of terrans mainly due to siege tanks, you can drop a good part of your forces to destroy an enemy expansion/etc, and have enough forces to defend against an attack by land. Thats why you often times see TvT get to 2 opposing forces of dropships. When 1 player drops one of your expos, you can either drop one of his expansions, or, if possible, defend the expansion with your dropships.

You should get familiar with the certain ways of unloading from dropships (read Fritos reaver post).

A game with intensive drop ship use:
<a href=" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3USIcWGtfZE</a>

7. Battlecruiser

Battlecruisers are a common choice for late game stalemates, where no player can kill the other player, and especialy when the minerals on the map are starting to get low. A map which frequently features them is Blue Storm, due to it beeing seperated into 2 halfes, which are quite easily defendable.

When you made the tech switch to battlecruisers, you can fly in, yamato his tanks and fly out again, until you win. If both players have battlecruisers its a question of having more and splitting yamato better once you clash.

Vod of a game with battlecruisers:

These are the 7 viable units for your TvT. Of course you CAN use other units too, and there might be very very specific situations in which you can use them, but there is not that much they will help you with, what more of the above wouldnt be able to do.

The builds:

The builds I explain here, besides 14 cc, start off by getting your first factory in the same way as described in TvP. However, there are more available/usefull builds. E.g. if you look at NaDa's build in the vod I linked at vultures, he gets his barracks pretty late, his gas about when its half done, and uses the extra minerals he mined to setup his expansion right before he starts his factory. You should find 2-3 builds you like to have some variation, and get comfortable with them.

With the 1 fac expo build, you aim for taking your expo as early as possible, while beeing safe against everything. I recommend getting a handful (usualy 4, as they fill a bunker) marines out to defend. Also you can, before building the factory add-on, build a vulture to A: defend against enemy vulture(s) and B: do a 4 marine 1 vulture rush, depending on the enemy build.
Placing a bunker at the choke of your natural expansion isn't necessary in every case, but if you don't know the enemy build its definately safer. Get siege mode quickly, so he can't exploit his tanks to outrange the bunker and kill it.

1 fac 1 star will get the starport before setting up the natural expansion. Start your starport when your factory is finished. This is usualy used to get a few wraiths out early, either with or without cloak, depending on your personal preference. Even if you get only one, it is still a good scout and can be used for some harrassment to force your opponent to set up defensively. You can then decide if you get more wraiths to do some more harrassment, or if you'll stop it.

The 2 factory build puts a lot more into early aggression, and its best use is probably to get vultures. I think the best way to start this out is getting dual machine shops and research both vulture upgrades, speed first. If you get the mines down at their natural, you can delay it until he has detection, or risks losing his units, allowing you to get yours up earlier. If there is a possibility to run in and get past his forces, use it and massacre his scvs

14 cc or command center first is the most economical openings of them all, but its also the hardest to defend. Unless your opponent play passive or did the same, you will need that bunker, and be defensively at first, because your opponent will have a tech and army advantage.
After your command center you start your barracks, then gas, then depot (ugh, was that right?). With your first gas you start 2 factories.

With every of those builds, you get your armory as well as an academy not too long after the factory.

Extra minerals:

Due to the use of tank/goliath/dropship, you will always be short on gas, and have extra minerals to spend. The question is: what to do with them. You have a couple of options:

You could put your extra minerals into vultures, use them to mine the map and harrass undefended expos, so you don't have to commit your dropships.
The problem here is that you most likely won't have enough time to spare to control the vultures, plus you need at least one additional factory as well as the vulture researches if you didn't get them early. And if your opponent defends his expos, you can only hope for him to move over mines, because attacked moved forces will kill them, unless its a really dense minefield.

Constantly building scvs you will somewhen, if your opponent doesnt drop/kill your expos, have even more then you need. In this case you can use your scvs offensively. Running 1-2 control groups of scvs into tank lines will let them take the hits, and allow you to move your tanks forward and siege them in range of the enemy tanks.

You don't need to use them to defend your base only. Send some scvs out on the map and start constructing turrets, some at your tank lines, some at places where they give you map control. This way he can't just fly his dropships wherever he wants, you will notice, and he has to unload to kill the turrets or risk losing dropships.

You can use depots to scout enemy expos, if you build one everywhere where you dont have one. This will let you know when he expos where, and delay his expo a bit, because he has to kill it.

The fastest way to get rid of those extra minerals is just to build up 1-2 extra expos. You don't even need to mine minerals from there, just build a refinery and mine the gas. If your opponent drops there you haven't lost that much, and you can counter drop one of his expos.

If you liked it, it helped you, and or you want more, let me know in this thread: <a href="http://forums.purepwnage.com/index.php?showtopic=73471" target="_blank">http://forums.purepwnage.com/index.php?showtopic=73471</a>.
You can also post complaints there icon_smile.gif.
28.3. Wrote TvZ guide
28.3. Added Zerg builds and micro picture for TvZ
29.3. Added TvP guide
3.4. Added TvT guide and added alternative builds section to TvZ



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Thanks for contributing!! I love to see new guides in here because it hopefully will help someone out.



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Nice guide h3r1ng, really detailed.
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when gla if u box your supply centre doesn't it make you really vulnerable to sws, artillery strikes and suchalike

one hit could take out 5grand worth of buildings, seems like an awful risk to me

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