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Call of Duty 4

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QUOTE (4N1M3H34D @ Dec 27 2006, 12:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
yeah on paper a WWI game sounds ok but once you try to shoot your rifle and it takes you 7 minutes to reload after 1 shot you wont think as much of it. Or when every square inch of the trenchs are gassed and the entitre server dies. Or when you line up the perfect shot on your rifle and then it miss-fires from to much gunpowder and you lose an eye from trying to aim down the things shitty crooked site.

OMFG, are you sure you are talking about WWI? 7 minutes to reload after 1 shot? Gunpowder? icon_lol.gif

A trained infantryman armed with a G98 rifle for example, could fire about 15 rounds per minute, this includes the time it takes to reload after you've spent your (5-round) clip. Soldiers also carried gas masks to counter gas and generally gas was only used when the wind was from your side ... so basically the worst case scenario would be 1 side dying at once (not the entire server).

There are bolt-action rifles already in WWII games so why not remove the submachine guns, add some HMG's and make realistic WWI-era maps? It wouldn't have to be all about killing and getting the most frags, more like experiencing what soldiers back then might have felt when charging against all odds over no-mans land. Sure, a lot of people might not like it, you might not like it, but there would be many people who might've been waiting for a change of pace like this their entire gamer lives.
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IPB Image


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That still looks awesome but I don't think its CoD4. My opinion is that I think it may be a mod for CoD2? This most definitely the same engine CoD uses, and there is no recoil but there is recoil in CoD2. So its something to think on ^_^

EDIT: I just read some comments on the youtube video,

Recode (1 week ago)
That is not Call of Duty 4.
This is video from some actually unnamed game of czech authors illusion softwork (not "Hidden and Dangerous 3" or "Enemy in Sight").

There is water mark of IS in lower left corner



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Cold war maybe, who knows? Doubt it's CoD4 though....I pray it isent.


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Cold War had no actualy conflicts though. o_0

Thats what made that war boring tbh

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wasnt cold war just a race to build as much nuks as possible? meh, fell asleep in history class in grade 10...

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