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Going to Spain for a month

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Hehe, writing this from the airport with a very sucky internet computer here.

Well anyway, im going to spain for about a month so i will be able to check in the forums and IRC very rarily, that is; when a netcafe near me is open and i have money.

The reason im writing this though is to say that if some PP members live there and know LANcafes (or even if you dont ), Id absolutely love to meet them icon_smile.gif So if you live somewhere in the area, please dont hesitate to reply icon_razz.gif

BTW it will say that im in IRC but its just that i left it open in my SSH client icon_razz.gif

I will be there from 17.12.06 to 13.1.2007.

Cya all icon_smile.gif
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Spain huh. Sounds awesome, be sure to write and take lots of pwnage pics! <3
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ur going to be rediculously close to Granada - i highly recommend u check out that town. It is made of 100% pure amazing

have fun in spain though, im sure ull have a blast


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Spain icon_surprised.gif

Have fun man! Take a lot of pictures!

I will be going there after January. Spain/France/Italy. Going to be a blasttt.

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