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Wii Controller Recall

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I just saw this on the news:


different story:


That must suck, flying wii controllers that break ur stuff, still the ppl culd hold on to them tighter



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The new way of getting free stuff for nothing at all.

When I organized the Wii-Police, anyone can join me and help to rush homes and beat those people to death who cannot hold a Wiimote because they are too stupid.

Oh, and hej: This topic belongs to General Gaming, and the "Wiimote breaks something" is pretty old, no matter who did it. Have a nice day.

Join the Wii-Police!


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QUOTE (Mopey @ Dec 15 2006, 07:42 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Join the Wii-Police!


let's kick some n00b ass xD


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I've been reading all these threads and articles about the Wii-Mote flying out of hands and breaking shit...Yet i've been playing Wii for a couple hours a day since i got it and haven't come close to this situation.
I guess some people are just idiots?



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Its funny cause I know 10+ people who have gotten Wiis, and none of this has happened to them.
Then again, they aren't mentally deficient.
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Most of the people that have broken things in their house didn't use the wrist strap, went CRAZY, and had sweaty hands. Some of them are fake though.



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Hooray for search function! I just wubb it!

Seriously guys, FSCKING SEARCH.
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According to reports, a fan sprained and cut her finger while playing an intense game of baseball.

Are they serious? Please tell me how you could cut your finger by swing and waving your wrist around. I mean come on a lot of these people are complaining just because they cant hold the Wii mote. It's the peoples fault if they break the strap.
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Incorrect section, topic exists - linked above. Closed.
For the love of God, it's spelt r i diculous!

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