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16gb of ram in this mobO?

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hmm is this mobo good? is it ok for gaming? what are your thoughts?

wait is 16 gb of ram even possible...this is a regular mobo right?
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Even if it was possible to fit 16gb of memory on that board, your OS stil lwouldn't register it.

Anyway, ECS are budget board makers, you will lack some more advanced custom options (overclocking and frequencies, generally).

Gaming? Dunno, it'll all be at astock atleast.
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ECS is kind of a shitty company, you won't get a good overclock on it. In terms of a motherboard being 'good for gaming', almost all of them are within the margin of error per chipset when it comes to fps.

Yes, that is a regular motherboard. Apparently they're saying that you can populate the DIMMs with 4GB DDR2 modules. I think you'll find (even if you can) the 4GB modules to be in the thousands of dollars lol. Only 64bit operating systems will be capable of addressing that much memory.


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2gb is the best you want right meow with dual channel, anything higher you get almost no performance gain, and you loose dual channel so you actually lose performance. 16GB mobo is probably for a server.
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It is going to take a long time for 16 gb of RAM to become practical.



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16GB of RAM is possible on 32 bit with PAE. Don't use it.
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