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EPISODE 12 - Game Over

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Official episode 12 discussion thread


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woot! its up!

btw whats with the epi 12 title. It sounds like you guys dont plan on doing another series.

pretty depressing



    MotM June '07 | teh_watcherer

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Awesome ep my fav by far.


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I cant post any good details yet, but all i have to say is that your in for a surprise and your oppinon of doug may change after this ep

il give more oppinion after 4 lol


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Excellent episode! Cliffhanger endings, all those questions answered. Funny as always and pretty emotional tbh.
xbc- DrPwnage


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doug busted a tv rofl. cant wait for season 2, and the dvd and soundtrack.

i think this was a double plotted episode though, but still good.

ill give it a 4/5, since i liked episode 8 better.



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Let the pwnage begin.

Seriously. I can't wait. The show's got steadily more and more fantastic through the series- I'm curious as to how it ends.

I'll be sitting there refreshing the page come the deadline.

EDIT: Absolutely fantastic ending. Definitely unexpected. Can't wait for series 2! Awesome, guys. icon_smile.gif

(Boom headshot?)


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[place holdage]

edit: Episode was awesome , particuarly the credits tbh.
oooh and the dog's trick. that was pro.


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I hope its legendary


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Already seen it! It was amazing, can't wait to see it again! Awesome work again guys.

Jim Sniper

Jim Sniper
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WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!!!!! bring on more pp!!!
absoluly fooking amazing!!!!
0wned not p0ned!!


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>>> http://www.purepwnage.com/episodes/12/

Nice episode indeed. Worth waking up at 8am to watch (Australian EST).

Whats good was the scenery, the music - just perfect. Answered some questions people wanted answers for. Also left the 'cliffhanger' effect. Definately looking forward to Season 2 in 2007!

Thanks to the PP crew.

Captain 1337

Captain 1337
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By posting here, I'm gonna be a part of history.

All your base are belong to us.

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Too many drawn out scenes, like others have pointed out. Not much action, and honestly not much plot advancement, just setting up the plot in season 2. This "finale" had some good jokes, but nothing we hadn't seen before, and really was a let-down for me. This episode was another episode 7. Overall, a 6/10. (3/5 noobs)


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That was great!

Didn't know so many people went into it.

So, thanks to the Pure Pwnage team for making an excellent series! Looking forward to buying the DVD. Should be a sell out.



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Best Episode Ever.

Seriously That was so pwnage.

Awaiting Season 2. icon_biggrin.gif
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A little known fact - Nov 6 is the Canadian April Fools' Day icon_lol.gif


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Best episode ever, simply because of the incredible cliffhanger.

I cant wait until 2007! :'(


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This is going to be another Konami E3 event: Millions of fans break the internets.
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I thought the episode lacked "meat" so to speak for the first 35 minutes but the last 10 minutes were great. Part of me is kinda bummed you went the path of the cliffhanger on this episode but you guys spend so much time on each episode each one is pretty much a cliffhanger anyways. I love Dick. Doug throwing the T.V. was awesome too. Nice touch on the cell phone calls.

The production work on each episode is really evident. My fiance and I recently sat down and watched every episode 1-11 lovingly parked on our external drive and it was really amazing to watch how skilled Geoff got with each episode. I don't know where you plan to go with this show or with your career but man, you are a hell of a director and you are gonna earn a great living, I am sure of that.

Judging by the "Story by:" Section of the credits it is pretty crazy to think you guys started this operation from scratch. I can practically see 4 buddies sitting around one day going "man it would be great if..." and look at this thing now. You really are in microcosm a symbol of the how the internet has simply exploded and how anyone with a good idea and a willingness to work hard on it can start a revolution. Youtube recently was acquired for 1.6 billion. Do I mention this because I think PP is gonna sell out? Nah your television exec scene said all I needed to hear on that one. But you all have a bright future and you seem to genuinely appreciate your days now judging by the balls it took to reveal your real names to all of us. The face recognition alone must be insane , and now you'll get a whole lot more.

So, in conclusion, I would like to thank the entire PP crew for their incredible work and for everything they have brought to my life and those lives of the people I know. the credits were clearly a thank-you to the community for its support, Well, let me thank you for the countless jokes on ventrilo, the emails I sent to my family, the references we make in class at our tech school, the crappy days that got better by going to my documents/video/PP , the attention to detail, and most of all for really "getting" the internet. You put together 12 episodes that are practically a road map to my life and most of the things I have and continue to hold dear in it. Many people do not get me and do not get the things I enjoy, but Pure Pwnage sure as hell does.

This episode wasn't exactly my favorite, but who cares. this show is one of the best things to happen to the internet. Looking forward to buying a DVD for myself and pretty much everyone I know on (insert next major gift giving holiday here).


P.S. sorry for the long winded post, "best episode ever" is far too brief for my style.

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