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Joby's 1.6 Help Thread!

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    I love it when a plan comes together.

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History Log:

v0.1 : Wow, began work on my first ever monster guide, added the..
-Half of the bombsite strats.

v0.5 : Added a lot of familiar things, such as
- Finished up on Bombsite
- Nade Spam

v1.1 - Advanced Srats
- Camping

- Awping
- Added 1 more advanced Strategy

- got a lot of people to begin helping me!
- MoTM icon_biggrin.gif
- now began working on: css tips and tricks


First of all, a lot of players I have come across, not the Pure Pwnage members, but mostly in pubs and even in some CAL Matches. I'm not putting this thread up to call all of you noobs or such, but to help out the guys who are seeking help, and of course anyone looking to get better. So without further ado, I present you with Joby's 1.6 Help thread!

Please note that this is a work in process, and will be updated as soon as I can. THIS IS NOT A VS. THREAD, THIS THREAD IS AIMED FOR ANYONE WHO IS SEEKING HELP IN 1.6

Want to have your advice on the tutorial?

If you have a piece of advice you'd like to offer, or extend to my guide, please PM me, with your tutorial part. If I feel that its an awesome piece of advice, I'll post it up here!



Q. What are the key differences between Source and 1.6?
A. Source has remarkably better graphics, and runs on the source engine, meaning you can knock over stuff, play around with physics, etc. Source's hitboxes threads are bigger, and recoil is easier to control.
1.6's graphics are laughable, physics don't really apply to this game, the recoil pattern is very different from the Source. However, 1.6, despite being released in 99, is still played today and is used in world reknowned tournaments, such as CPL, WEG, and much more.

Q. What do you recommend me?
A. The answer is really up to you. Source is beginning to grow, a fairly new game, so you can join the Source community to help expand its borders. 1.6 is already been here for a while, but is still played by thousands to this day. The gameplay is arguable, and since this guide is not a vs. thread, we will NOT get into that. icon_wink.gif

Q. All right, I want to learn more about 1.6, teach me.
A. All right then, lets go.

Table of Contents: (Use CTRL + F to look around faster)
1a. Shooting
2a. Controlling your Recoil
3a. Bombsite
4a. CT Rotations
5a. Camping
6a. Awping
6b. Importance of Awping
7a. Strategies
8a. Advanced Strategies
9a. Inspiration in/out of the game
10a. Economy (With some help with FoP)
11a. Professional Help
1b. Source Basics
2b. Source Tricks
3b. Servers!(written by Twisted Snipers

1a. Shooting.
There are 3 main ways to shoot, as shown above, we have....
Single Shooting, shooting one bullet at a time.
Bursting, Shooting maybe about 2 or 3.
Spraying, letting your whole clip out.
Running and Gunning. Running and letting your whole clip out.


Single shooting is the most accurate of the 3. It allows your one desired bullet to go wherever you want. If you're aim is decent, you can most of the time single shoot a guy in the head fairly quickly. However this is also the best type of way of shooting when you're either shooting an enemy thats far, or just finishing them off from a previous encounter.

Bursting is the 2nd type of shooting. Bursting allows you to shoot 3 or 4 shots into an enemy, without getting your recoil too out of control. Keep in mind however, when bursting keep the crosshair near the upper chest. If your 3-4 shots don't kill the enemy in the chest, the recoil will level your shots up to the head. This is the best type of shooting for beginners.

Spraying, the second most difficult type of shooting, is also the most powerful. The recoil pattern right now is WTF. Be sure to read the recoil patterns later on mentioned in the guide. Spraying is used for numerous reasons.
a. Walling. If you know an enemy is behind a box, usually spraying at the box can kill them.
b. Shooting out multiple enemies. If you're bursting or single shooting, and you're trying to kill 2 or more people, its going to be hard to react as fast as you can when you single shoot or burst and relevel your shot to hit the chest or head.
c. Building up pressure. If you're trying to distract the enemy, spraying can get their attention.

Running and Gunning, the most difficult to master, only a few players can actually do it, (zet, mostly). It can get to you where you want, and you can kill the enemy, so you can for example, kill a camping t while you are runnign towards the bomb. The recoil however is very random and hard to control. I don't recommend this to anyone, unless you're a super pro CPL player.

Be sure to ALWAYS, when not spraying, aim at the head and chest level.
2a. Controlling your recoil.

Unlike Source, the recoil of your gun will skip around to certain places. I'll be covering recoil for the 2 main weapons, the M4 and the AK.
In order to master the recoil of guns, try to first of all memorize the pattern. After you have memorized it, be sure to try and follow the recoil with your mouse, so bring your crosshair down when it begins to shoot up, and so.
3a. The Bombsite.

Ah, the bombsite. The most crucial and sometimes underestimated part of the game. Getting there is no walk through the park. The CT's are merciless, and if you're CT, the T will even TK each other to get into the bombsite. Needless to say, the bombsite is a place where all the action goes down.

Some times on getting there alive, I can offer, are:
- Don't immediatly rush. When you rush, your enemy will surely be camping and awaiting. In order to sucessfully rush, be sure to NADE SPAM
- This actually goes for both, when defusing/planting, be sure to smoke the CRUCIAL parts of the bombsite, doors, tunnels, anywhere an enemy can pop up. It'd reduce the threat of an awp, and it will make your enemy manuever through the smoke, and into your crosshair.
- Don't choose the same camping places over and over. Your enemy will figure out your strategies, and will intercept you in anyway possible.

So what is nadespam? Nade Spam is when you barrage a room or place with grenades. HE for damage, Flashbang for rushing in and killing the blind, and Smoke in order to get to where you want unnoticed. Since your team of 5 should each at least buy 1 type of nade, then nade spam shouldn't be that hard. http://img150.images...ztec0011jo2.jpg
This nade Spam was done by 2 people. 2. Imagine with 5.

In order to get the full effect of a nade spam, your team has to do it at the same time. This is where the timer comes in. CPL teams have set times, for example. "On 00:35, Joby and Boyce smoke double doors, Crispy HE's, Silent_Lamb Flashes, and janey <3333333333." So this also stresses a lt of team practice. You can set up certain time for what to do, when to do, and where to do.
4a. CT Rotations.

CT Rotations are crucial in order to win as CT. What CT Rotations are the team itself spready around the map. Where you spread yourself out too, is up to your team and your skill. You want to place:
*People who can range decent enough, in locations where they can pick off T's that try to plant
*Spraying people who can spray, at the actual bombsite, that way they can stall the T's until the rest of your team arrives.
*Awpers at a position where they can watch both Bombsites.

An example of a CT Rotation for Dust 2:
- If T's go B, the B team can stall, while Long A and Cat CT's can cirlce around into the tunnels and get them from behind.
- If T's go Cat, the cat can try his/her best to stall, while Long A circles back, and B goes back to Cat to intercept them from Cat itself.
- If T's go A, Long A can try their best to stall, B circles through Cat, and Cat guards the Bombsite at a range.

An example of a CT Rotation for Nuke:
- The Spotter, or awper, will guard the outside. If no activity is seen, the T's will probably head down or up.
- The 2 Ups and the 2 Downs have to keep in touch. USE THE VENTS! The vents are the fastest way to head down to either bombsite.
- Red rock is illegal icon_wink.gif
5a. Camping

Ever wonder why the bombsite is so quite? Chances are your enemy is camping. So what exactly is camping?
Camping, by CS terms, is when a player stays at a certain place for a long periods of time, hoping to take out anyone that is foolish enough to even try to pass them. So Camping sounds like a surefire way to win, I mean, if you're enemy can't see you, you're the one with the advantage right?

Tips for camping are:
- Don't camp the same place twice! If you do, your enemy will already have previous knowledge of your spot, and will take the tactics needed to kill.
- Place campers in their correct order icon_wink.gif. You don't want an awper in front and a guy who can't shoot for shit at the back.
- Rotate. Rotating with your team will not only allow you to have different views, but will also allow someone else have a try at camping at that spot. Remember 1.6 is a teamsport icon_biggrin.gif

Camping requires all your patience and concentration. If you hear the enemy, don't just jump out screaming RAGGLE FRAGGLE and killing them. No, you have to wait until they get into the spot where you can shoot AND not notice your position until they die. Be sure to also not stick out, not only will it kill you, but it'll be embarrasing icon_razz.gif. In order not too stick out, your crosshair must never be on the enemy. That means, if you can't see them, they can't see you.

And if you stick out, you might be thinking, ah what the hell, I'm sticking out. Whoopee-fucking-doo. When you're sticking out, your practically telling hte other team. LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY.
2 examples of sticking out:

Example 1: Althought a bit hard to see, you can see the camping T's foot. When you shoot them, they tend to panic, and run around aimlessly. Perfect oppurtunity to kill.

Example 2: Now this was just plain pathetic, be sure, when camping htere, to not have doulbe doors in your view icon_biggrin.gif
6a. Awping

So, now that you got the basics down, you want to be the one everyone loves to hate, everyone ones want to be, and everyone desperatly needs in the team. Yes, the AWPER.
Now being an awper takes more than just aiming and getting 1 hit kills. No, its more about heading back to strategies. If you don't know who is a perfect canditate for an awper, take these traits in consideration when deciding your roster:
* One who works well with others, an awper needs to protect the team.
* One who knows how to buy wisely, you can have someone that buys flashes and then flashes himself.
* One with good aim. Awping isn't spraying, it takes skill and concentration, it also won't help if you have patience. icon_surprised.gif
* One who know hows to call strategies (Mentioned later)

Awping also allows you to view things from far away, this also helps you call out strats. You, or the awper, must know what to call if you see something with your scope, for example:
- Dust 2 allows you to see where your enemies are coming from, Long A, Cat, Mid, or B. The awper can be stationed near Long A to guard A, or B. Another useful tactic is looking through double doors. If they're heading towards the right, the T are going B, and left means A.
SK|vilden, SK.swe's awper is a perfect example of his awping and leading skills. He is their ingame leader, and with that guidance they have gone to won CPL 05.

b. Awper's Importance.

Even if your CT or T, an awper has important jobs,
Terrorists: The awper has 2 main jobs as T, help their team get to their bombsite by eliminating any camping CT's at the bombsite you guys are heading towards too, and help camp the bomb by picking off any awpers that will try to reach the CT's aide. The awper must be stationed near the rear of the bombsite for camping, if he is the only one, he can then hide, then come out when the CT is trying to defuse.

Counter Terrorists: Your job, plain and simple, is to stop the T's from 1. Reaching the bombsite, and if they do manage to reach it 2. Try to take out the terrorist that are planting bombs or assuming camping positions. Your job is to also guard your teamate(s) when they try to defuse the bomb.

7a. Strategies

So you have all the skills down, the recoil, the camping, the bombsite. Everything. Now what next? teamwork. You can't tell your friends, RUSH A. You'd be like, how? when? where? nade spam? awp? Now you have to come up with strats, come up with spots where your players are most comftorable with. And you also have to put your guys in where they go.

1 phrase you will always find yourself saying.

Push basically keeps the team moving. If they're pinned down, it is up to the push to bring the team up.
Awp is the rear end of the team. He or she is in charge to take down anyone from behind, or clear the way up front.
Camp, when the bomb is planted, its up to these guys to take care of the bomb.

Now by now, most of you guys are saying "Fuck Joby, I want to see how the pro's do it. You're a noob and you deserve to die! btw whats your steam id" Luckily for you, I am sort of kinda maybe friends with pros, now here are some srats from the pros.

An example of an Nuke Strat by coL
Rushing done in a very fashioned way. You can't just run around like an idiot. You have to have timed places and places to intercept the enemy. Be sure to study their positions.

Another example, this time in Inferno. Study the careful positioning of SK and eYe

Keep in mind that these are only Pro srats. Be sure to always come up with more ideas for your team.
8a. Advanced Strategies

No, this is not a conclusion, I have about a million more things I want to put in icon_biggrin.gif

Ad. Strategies are what they are. In order to understand them and do them, you have to know how to play well. I'll divide them up, at the time of this post, my birthday 10/05, I only have 2. I am welcome for suggestions, and will be posting up more.

1. wNv Ditch Strat.
A very clever way to guard the bomb. You will need:
- A decent person who can burst well.
- Bomb planted at *See picture*
- Able to get to Bombsite A without much casualties.

When you have reached the bomb, plant the bomb as shown in the pic. Whoever is heading towards the ditch should be a good rangerer. Which means he can pick off people from a great distance. Do not worry if your teamates die, you or the player will be in charge of guarding the bomb. Advantages of this is that the head is nearly invisible at that distance, and if one or more guys try to defuse, they are left defenseless, and you can wall them. Be sure to do this only once in a while, because the CT's might even camp at the ditch! icon_wink.gif

What is should look like:

2. Ninja Defuse.
Everyone's favorite, not only does it win you the round, it also humiliates the opposing team. You will need:
- Defusal Kit (Can't have you defusing in the middle of a firefight for 10 seconds can we?
- Teamembers to distract the enemy while you sneak in
- (Optional) Flash and/or Smoke Grenades

The bomb has been planted, the bombsite is heavily guarded, your teamates are pinned down, what else do you have to do? Sneak in the bombsite and defuse, of course! Now this isn't an easy task, time is against you, and the T's will stop at nothing to stop you from defusing. So why do you have teamates for? Easily the only thing that is their job, and that is to distract and create a whole lot of noise. The T's will, only if they aren't battle hardened and stand their ground, emerge from their camping spots and begin to inspect whats going on. NOw's your chance! Sneak in through the bombsite, and start defusing. If you played your cards correctly, and if luck is on your side, you will be able to defuse the bomb, and win!
NOTE: DO NOT use the nades if they are already distracted, or left their camping spots, they will hear the nades and come back. the only one that is acceptable is flashing, but only then use it for blinding and rushing in.

Where can you sneak in? My advice, study the maps, and find places where they are sometimes over looked.
9a. Inspiration in/out of the game

Your team just got defeated, lets say 16-3. You are depressed, the whole world has come to an end. How could you let this match slip so easily from your fingers? Or maybe you have an off day, you get all these incredible oppurtunity to take out 4 guys and maybe even knife the last one, but you blow it? This is a problem people from either 1.6 or Source face every day Which is why people have found so many ways to cheer themselves up, or simply get your head back in the game. It isn't tough, but you have to keep motivating yourself to strive and be what you want to be.

So what are some of the ways you can be cheered up? I have constructed a small list of ways to get your head back in the game.

1. Don't be shy to look at your mistakes.

This is why we record demos. You can record a demo at any time, not just during a scrim. This way, you can view what your doing wrong and how you can begin to fix your wrongs. Demos are also a good way to help out your team, you guys can view whether this strategy worked or not, what went wrong, how did you guys die that round, etc. Demos are not only for your amusement, but to help you become a better player. Or maybe you had this awesome match where you were 22-4, and you wanted to see what you did. Demo's are always there to help you out.


2. Look at frag videos/ create frag videos.

Frag videos are important not only just to show you how one guy can take out a whole team with only a glock, but they are there to help motivate you. If you see this frag video of a guy who is able to take out 3 guys with only 2 hp, you might be thinking "Holy crap thats crazy, I wish I can do that" the words "I wish I can do that" will help you to get motivated to begin practicing things that the real pros can do. Not only do you need to watch frag videos, you also need to begin making or creating some with you teams. that way, you can look back on those frag videos on your off days and say to yourself "Wow, I did all that? Is that really me?" frag videos are there for your inspiration, sometimes your shots of yourself will be your biggest motivator.

Shots like these can help you think brightly and it will also remind you that you are capable of pulling off amazing things.

.Play certain types of maps.

Lets say you are able to spray a guy who's in front of you, but when you try to take out a guy from a distance, you are never able to get him. Luckily for us, people have created maps not only for your amusement and waste of time, but to help get better at a certain type of technique. Consider this scenario

Joby is an excellent sprayer at close range, however whenever he tries to pick them off from a distance, he always ends up missing his targets. What map should Joby practice on?

A. aim_ak-colt
B. fy_iceworld2k
C. as_oilrig
D. de_dust2 with Warcraft 3 Mods

If you picked A, you are correct. aim_ak-colt is a perfect map not only to help you practice your long distance shots, but to familiarize your recoil and skill with the colt or the ak.

Boyce is having trouble awping, should he play..

A. de_rats
B. fy_snow
C. awp_map
D. awp_map with warcraft 3 mods.

C is the correct answer, awp map allows you to quickly scout for enemies before you are caught. However, I do warn you that some n00bs will tend to buy an AK or Colt and just rush you. Be careful!

This was recommended by The_MarD, and I find it pretty helpful!

Now, Joby, I wanted to add a great little plugin that's great for practice with bots... headshot trainer by Pierre-Mary Baty. It disables damage to all hitboxes insept heads. Oh you guys, you thought I meant an aimbot didn't ya? bad bad. Infact, I've played on servers with headshot plugin, and it's hallarious fun with knifes only, cause you really gotta pwn their heads. icon_wink.gif


it's in his list of stuff. scroll about half ways down the page.

10a. Economy

Now despite a lot of people thinking the game is about weakening the enemy and killing as much as you can. This is true, but there lies a battle that is not fought with skill, its fought with thought, and mental power. This is the world of economy in CS.

Money is very important, whether your up with 16k or down with 2k, money will always determine your/ your team's moves and how you play the game itself. Now the past few times, I've been using the AK and the M4 a lot, but now I can talk a little more about different types of guns and how they are useful when you are investing on money.

The 1st Round:
The pistol round is one of the most, if not is, the most important round in a scrim or a game. The 1st round should leave you with 800 money to start with. Now most of you might begin to buy ammo, or even a deagle. Not quite, the wisest thing to do is...

CT: Buy a defusal kit, a flash grenade or a smoke grenade, then a HE. Ammo isn't that important, since with the HE you can easily weaken them down and not spend as much ammo on the enemy. Flash places where you might think that the T's are going to rush, or even camp. You can stall them, and since the round is won for you guys if time runs out, its a crucial strategy.

T: Buy either an smoke or flash, and HE. T's don't have to worry about defusal kits, or any other items. Now if you are a more experienced player, you can switch the glock for an USP or another pistol. HOwever I advise that you don't do this, because if you do buy the USP, you sacrafice either ammo for nades, or nades for ammo.

2nd and 3rd round.

Whether you win or lose the next few rounds, your going to have money. Now there are two things you can do with this.

Save, or Semi-Save
Or Buyout.

Saving is when you buy nothing. You go with what you got. This is used only if you are low on money, or if your saving up for a desired weapon you want. Saving usually occurs when a team loses on a Buyout round, or if they lose a few rounds.

Semi-save is when you do buy weapons and ammo, but nothing too costly. A good example of this is the Mp5. Ranging from 2k, you can buy this weapon early in the game, and it can still pack a punch. the mp5 is a popular choice when saving or semi-saving. Semi-Saving also allows grab some more kills than you would with a pistol, achieving more money and frags for the later rounds.

Buyout is when you buy everything you can. Kevlar + Helmet, pistol ammo, rifle ammo, grenades, defusal kit, everything. This type of economy is risky, because if your team loses a buy round, they will have lost all their money + their weapons. Unless they have some left over, the best thing they can do is save. Buyout also happens during the last round, whether the 15th round or the last round for a team.

*Note: If you lose a buyout round, but still have enough for another buyout, DO NOT BUYOUT. You will be hardcore ecoed when your team loses the round. the thing I'd advise you to do is semi-save, or just completely save. Unless you have 16k, DO NOT BUY OUT.



some of the best clans in CS1.6 are SK gaming, Ninja's In Pyajamas,Complexity,
Team 3d,and some more,most of these clans started from stracth,like most ofus
they used to join leagues and scrims alot.learning from them is a good way to
get better at 1.6,you can watch demo's or frags movies , these can be downloaded
from *GoTFrAG* , and some other sites,the thins you need to join a clan and stuff
is really simple , you will need "mirc* , *ventrilo*/*teamspeak* , *xfire* and a
Mic,all of these are very much needed to be a in clan for communication and such.


scrims and pugs and basic team vs. team games,a scrim is a 5v5 , a pug is a 4v4 and lower
Scrimming is basicly to help you improve in cs,and the more clans u the scrim the better you
and your clan gets, u can use mirc to find scrims

for scrimming also your clan might need a server to scrim in,the server should have a thing called ''cal config''
''cal config'' is to have a cal like scrim/match,becasue without it everything would go out of hand
you but servers from *stealthserver'' or others,in scrimming you must also learn certain scrim maps eg.


While scrimming after a few months / years you might want to find a sponser for you to go to
the leagues and everything


after you have scrimmed alot and you and your think that you are very good,you might want to join
a league,examples,TWL,OGL,UGL,CAL,CEVO , those are some of the ametuer leagues,pro leagues are things
like CPL.most of the ametuer leagues have divisions ,eg. cal,here it is in order


CAL open is the easiest and invite is the hardst After you have finished the leagues you can join the professional leagues and tournaments like the WCG,WSVG,NGL and few more,when u have won all you would prolly be paid to play cs like the pro clans as i have said at first.

11a. Professional Help

Like every sport, there will always be pros that can always whoop anyones ass, and have fierce and entertaining matches. Some of the best clans out there right now are fnatic, project_kr, SK, 3D, coL, and much more. Luckily, when they're not spanking us noobs, they like to help us.

Heaton, considered one of the best CS players, if not THE best, has the ability to control his spray like no other man/woman. Just how good is he? He can spray at a tiny little speck in the distance, and get 3 headshots. Amazing.

Some of Heaton's guides: How to Spray with a Colt (Unfortunately, there was an AK spray video, but it somehow died..)
Ever get shot from no where and think "where was he?" you might have been walled. Walling is shooting through the walls and hitting/killing your enemy. No, this is not a cheat. Wall hacks allow you to SEE the enemy through the walls. Walling, you can't see them, but you can hear them and predict where they are going to be.

Now, you might be thinking, "aw sweet, I'm going to totally wall people now..!!" hold on there, you have to learn wall spots first. I found some videos on youtube, thanks to SK Insider, you can view them and figure out where to wall and when.

I have: Wallspots on de_nuke and de_inferno

Hopefully these videos can help you become a better player.


1b. Source Basics

For starters... Source has bigger models which means bigger heads. Thats you objective for aiming. Unlike in 1.6 spraying (in general) is rarely used. The only reall times you want to spray are the same in which you pointed out in your tut - the multiple targets. You burst hs them one by one. Another tip is to keep your crosshair level with their head, that way when someone comes around a corner you crosshair is auto on their head. Its hard to get a feel for where their head is naturally so make a mental not of objects that are the same level as their faces. Dont stand still for too long ever! When you come around a corner and there is someone gunning you down, lead them around the corner dont come to them have them come to you. Unlike in 1.6 in most maps you can throw over most any wall. Which means flashes can be more effective.

Flashes: The objective with flashes is to get them to explode infront of them (DUH) and a less noticable area... Above them(still infront tho...). A good player can see a flash nade n 180 to reduce the effect of it. But when it flys out from above them its harder for him to notice it.A FAQ about flashes is "If I dont have the full effect of a flash and can see, should I attack the enemy and take them by suprise? Or run off while I can?" The asnwer is to attack them if you have the apropriate fire power. A smart player can menuever him self while flashed to cover.

Smokes: Smokes are wonderful in this game. With full cover froma distance. They can be used to escape from awpers... Or my favourite... Double smoking a bombsite. You should plant the bomb, then have your team smoke all around the bomb (once they start to assult the bombsite if possible). This makes it much harder for them to find the bomb. If there are 2 smokes thrown in one spot you (and your enemy) cannot see a thing at all while your in it.

HE's: This bitches can be very in effecive because unlike 1.6 they dont do as much damage... Probally because of how much faster they travel and what a misreable spam fest this can be. But the best way it is:
-Scare people off
-Cripple someone(and scaring them)
-Killing a crippled enemy.
The most useful nade strat is to have 2+ people buy nades, rush a choke point and double nade it. This can ace teams, kill 3 people, and will scare the living shit out of everyone rushing.

2b. Source Tricks

Here is a awping smoke trick. Its a easy way to pick short a without getting taken out. All you have to do is throw a smoke double doors, then get up on the higher side of the slope to where you can see above the smoke, and look at short a. Its a little foggy but thats good, as they wont be able to see you there. You can still see people running down short a and pick them off tho.


On dust 2, and other maps... The T's have the advantage in picking mid. So in order to smoke them out with out standing in the line of fire... Just throw a smoke over mid wall right at their spawn.


And the smoke will end up... Right here.( I messed up which reall happen, if you throw it a bit higher it will land higher, on the boxes or right on the t ledge, sound harder then it is!)


They idea of camping is to try and show the least amounf of youself as posible, to where they notice you less. But you still have a decent shot at them. Here is a classic spot for anyone covering long a's double door.(If you look carefuly or realise this, my crosshair is level with their head... All I have to do is click once with more powerdul weapons like the ak or scout.)


Here is another classic example of exploiting the ability to throw flashes over walls. This will flash anyone camping tree, or watching long a from bombsite.


Now before I said you should use obstacles and props to keep a mental note of where the models heads will be, so you can keep your crosshair level with their head... Here is one I use for long a.





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brb not picking up any woman

A completely unbiased review...


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Awesomely good work. Keep it up. I WANT MORE. icon_smile.gif


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A little short, but a good guide for someone just starting out.



[EDIT: Sweet, you added more stuff, 10/10 XD. STICKY!]
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lol do you happen to know the recoil patterns for source?


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Awesome, Joby. Only thing I could reccomend is make it longer (cover maps and such).

Yeah, sticky it.



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Added Nade Spam, going to add some camping tips later on, and map coverage icon_biggrin.gif
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brb not picking up any woman

A completely unbiased review...



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PLEASE. STICKY. THIS. icon_eek.gif

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that 12 year old canadian kid who used to play BF2 before going to WoW and becoming addicted


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Excellent job dude, I quite like that. I'll have to have a good look at it later and try some of those strats out. I'm currently at school so yeah. Also one thing I'd really like to see is some more team strats, because I'm awesome at going lone wolf and killing heaps of people but not so good at team-work so some team strats would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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QUOTE (frostassasin @ Oct 2 2006, 10:20 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
lol do you happen to know the recoil patterns for source?

all you have to do for that is just hit the "random" button on a calculator.


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Yeah pretty much, however there must be SOME kind of algorithm to work it out.
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this has to be sticky

very well made my friend
Ever wonder why you click something?Is it because your curious or bored.

^everyone dose this...........I just wanna be loved


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Agreed, great job dude.
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Added-CT Rotations and some Map Coverage for CT's.
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brb not picking up any woman

A completely unbiased review...


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Dunno, when i used to play CS 1.3 i always used burst at any range. But spraying is ok when you trust in the force.
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I think console shooters suck balls.


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PLEASE. STICKY. THIS. icon_eek.gif

yeah otaku needs it icon_smile.gif

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Joby, you never cease to amaze me.

Awesome thread!


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You shouldn't have a spotter/awper at that position on the nuke yard. If t rush yard he will be taken out before he can get into position and they will gain an awp. It is better to place him in the garage if he has an awp.
Hakkaa päälle


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STICKY THIS. GJ icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif
Pimp this bitch!



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Added: Camping tips, and will also add some advanced techniques.
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brb not picking up any woman

A completely unbiased review...



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I'm sorry but your guide does not subliminarily show how superior your spray art is compared to others in every single screenshot, therefore this should be downvoted!!

Also you are n00b!
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Beyond belief!

Good guide, by the way. I so learnt a thing or two because I am a complete newb. Maybe you could add some tips on how to get back into the game because it's a little worrying that I left the game for like 6 months and I haven't had any desire what-so-ever to play it again. I guess it depends on what kind of gamer you are...

- Ravey

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