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Apply now to Cardinal Sin - The official Pure Pwnage WoW guild

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EDIT: As of the release of the WoW expansion Cardinal Sin is now a casual guild, we are no longer accepting formal invitations.

The Offical Pure Pwnage guild - Cardinal Sin - has been created on Frostmane (US - Alliance) and is now receiving applications for membership and leadership positions.

We are looking for dedicated and experienced WoW players to PvP and Raid alongside some members of the cast and crew of Pure Pwnage. Some experience raiding MC, ZG, AQ20 and BWL is expected for membership positions, but not necessary (skill and dedication > all). Experience leading raids in MC, ZG, BWL and AQ20/40 is required for leadership positions, with Naxx raiding experience being a major plus. Above all else, you must be responsible and mature.

The goal of Cardinal Sin is to not only be successful at the highest level of PvE, but to become a dominant and feared force in PvP. With the coming expansion, we will work hard towards becoming the best of the best in competitive PvP. If you are a casual player with an inclination towards chatting moreso then playing, and/or enjoy guild drama, and/or think PvP sucks, this is not the guild for you. While we want to play alongside all the fans of Pure Pwnage in a fun environment, Pure Pwnage is certainly not about being n00b - serious gamers only please.

Lastly, you'll have the chance to get your toon immortalized in Pure Pwnage! Time to brush up on your acting skills icon_smile.gif

POST YOUR GUILD APPLICATIONS HERE - http://www.purepwnage.com/forums/index.php?showforum=68
Create a topic with your CHARACTER NAME, LEVEL, and CLASS

Do not reply to this topic with your guild application

Private applications can be sent to wowguild@purepwnage.com

Please do not apply until you are level 60


UPDATE: You can check your PMs on this forum for guild invites.
Guild Members Myren, Sirko, and Dizazterz can approve any application, if you have any questions, please contact them.

GUILD APPLICATION FORM _________________________

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest in joining Cardinal Sin - the OFFICIAL Pure Pwnage guild. To make the recruitment phase easier for both sides I have compiled an application template which will make it alot quicker to decide if you meet the criteria or not. Please keep in mind that we raid in the evenings with raids starting between 6pm - 9pm on weekdays and weekends. We accept only level 60's who meet our minimum gear and experience requirements.

Please use the following format when applying to the guild:

1. What is your character's name, race and class (EG: Myren, Dwarf Paladin)?

2. Are you a transfer or are you on frostmane?

3. Is this your main charactor or an alt?

4. What times are you available to play or raid?

5. What sort of position are you interested in (EG: Member, DKP Officer, Raid leader, etc.)?

6. Please list your current gear sets. Make sure to separate your resistance gear into their own sets as well as PvP and PvE sets.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your experience level in ZG, AQ20/40, MC, BWL and Naxx. (EG: MC - 6/10, BWL - 3/10, ZG 9/10)

8. Why are you interested in the Pure Pwnage guild?


Q: What times do you raid?
A: We start raids any time between 6pm and 9pm. We raid on both weekdays and weekends.

Q: What can I do to increase my chances of getting in?
A: We appreciate a well set out application, good manners, patience. If you don't have any of these you can always try bribery. I personally accept VISA, MASTERCARD, GOLD or CASH. icon_wink.gif

Q: How long does it normally take to reach a decision on an application?
A: The processes can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as a few days. It all depends on how busy myself and the others are. Messy applications dont help either.

Q: What sort of attendance do you require?
A: We require that you attend most of our raids. We do not expect you to devote your life to the guild, but we do not want inactive members who are there only to say they are part of the guild.

Q: What is the current level requirement?
A: We are only recruiting those who are at level 60. We are not accepting people who wish to roll a new charactor and level it up while in the guild. If you wish to roll a charactor on Frostmane please do so however we can not invite you to join us until you are level 60.

Q: Do you have any gear requirements?
A: Yes, at this time we are only accepting players with a minimum of all level 55+ rare (blue) items. We are not accepting people wearing any green items (excludes some trinkets). These requirements may vary based on class necessity, etc.

Q: Can you tell me which cast members are playing? What are their charactor names?
A: No. Neither myself or Kyle will tell you anything regarding any other cast members. They have a right to privacy, please respect that.

Q: I leik totaly pwn j00. u shud let me in!
A: Imitating the cast/crew is one way to ensure you dont get in.

A: STFU, see above.

Q. May I have Jeremy & Kyle's babies?
A. Bidding in gold, starting at 10,000g.

Q: I don't actually watch Pure Pwnage, but I'm hoping this is a guild I can get some easy loot in. Is that a problem?
A: Yes.

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V.Nice and the Pure Pwnage Clan EU Guild (Eu Pp WoW Guild except no PP Crew) will be opening within the next few weeks

Edited by Ion Dragon, 17 August 2006 - 05:15 PM.

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Gratz guys im happy this is going on!!

tooooooo..oooo.ooo.. bad i stoped playing WoW like a month ago and got into CS:S pew pew pew gl with guild


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Wow that was random. I went to refresh and saw this! I stopped playing WoW after a while unfortunately.


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hope it works out for you guys. gl with the guild
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Don't play wow anymore


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I quit several months ago, but good luck to you guys that are going to join. i hope it works out for you all
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Man, time to level from 1 to 60 in a week. /bye to my friends and family.


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glhf with the guild kyle



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I hope this works.
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Was wondering Kyle, Is there going to be a specific level you will only take? I'm currently playing on an "Australian" server, but if i was to apply, i'd need to reroll and if i reroll and wont get accepted, no point.


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hey pp readers and crew

i am a cs and wow player...and even though i play " The Plaigue"... i still pwn everyone at the internet cafe after school...i currently have charictors on shadowsong and silvermoon..and am in the proces of deciding a UBER haxor char to have on the server that will have the pp guild.....so yea..basicly..thats it..so ty for reading..



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go pwn some! icon_smile.gif


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Too bad my main character is on a different server... icon_neutral.gif

(woot 1st page!)


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Good luck with that icon_smile.gif

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1st page


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PvP ftw
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This makes me hate myself for quiting WoW... Goodluck with the guild.
Ahh the French...


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I wanna play on USA realms icon_sad.gif
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lchemist' date='Aug 18 2006, 10:54 AM' post='559223']
Was wondering Kyle, Is there going to be a specific level you will only take? I'm currently playing on an "Australian" server, but if i was to apply, i'd need to reroll and if i reroll and wont get accepted, no point.

I'm wondering the same thing =)

I've already transfered my main to a different server a couple months back :-/

Hell, I would reroll for this!

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