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EPISODE 11 - i <3 u in rl

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Official episode 11 discussion thread


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1st Post! It was pretty awesome. I loved it. I loved how Doug showed up Kyle by shootin his gun, lol.
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5/3, Never Forget!



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It was entertaining but didnt compare to the previous. Hopefully it's building up to something amazing for the next one!

There were some brilliant funny moments but I feel that it didnt flow very well as a whole. Plus it seemed so short!
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3rd icon_biggrin.gif

I quite liked it though its very obvious that it builds up the storyline for the final - which in some parts makes it less "pwning"

Loved the signreading, sheep (seriously ROFL), and doug...who still PWNS! icon_biggrin.gif


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I liekd it the best parts were as follows:

1: Phaser pwnage
2: The sheep at the end
3: The Skrie Micro Battle (That was skrie right?)
4: Jeremy not buying you lunch. (good counter to when you had to pay for him in ep 10 XD)
5:Every part with Tagi, because it was fucking cute. Cute comes after funny, thats the only reason it's last.

All in all, keep up the good work man.
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Omfg, now I ~ know about what this E gonna be icon_biggrin.gif



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PWNAGE: Voted 5 Best

Loved the Red Board Scene.
Loved the Phaser Shot Effects!
Loved the Evil side of the micro agents scene.

Not as many quoteable quotes (but last ep made up 4 it)
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FUN brian.png


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:brian2: zomg it's out. I don't have it. /cry
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nice episode
worth the $3
please do this again!!!
IPB ImageIPB Image


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I would rate this a three. It had some very good moments, but overall this episode is quite even with episode 9 for me, which I also felt kinda like the same about when I first saw it. But I kinda feel better about this one because it's obvious that it's building up to something big. Now all it takes is another couple of months and season one will be over. I hope to see a DVD out by december 06 icon_smile.gif

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Sony Pii

Sony Pii
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I made first page. This is teh shit.

I like it. icon_razz.gif


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The episode was awesome. I loved that part with the gun.


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the drugs thing was a bit of a shock but none the less the episode owned.


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Awesome episode!



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I just loved the way the plot has gone back on track but without being a bit too sci-fi and lost in PP world. Its a nice balance b/w the PP world plot and the RL plot. Hope he keeps mixing it up to keep it interesting!

Fantastic on par with the best!

Btw best $3US spent...
I bought $4US curry puffs today in Aus and it was a waste of money compared to this lol!



    I love it when a plan comes together.

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Ugh, have to wait ti'll tomorrow icon_razz.gif
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brb not picking up any woman

A completely unbiased review...


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As I told you and the rest of the PP staff at the premiere... It was definitely different from the previous releases and a work of art. Great job. I look forward to seeing future episodes modelled off of this one.


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Watching this for the second time, it feels so much better. I started noticing things I didn't notice the first time, and some quotes and moments that are actually really memorable. And I haven't even reached the end again yet.

Some of my favorites so far:
-Tagi staring at Jeremy like "should I let him" when she's playing WOW and then says: "okay, just press 2 and 3. Don't touch anything else"
-When Doug first sees Kyle in the episode, he *boom headshots* him. It's nice icon_smile.gif
-When Doug is talking about how WoW took a lot of good men from him, he gets to a point where he's really somber saying "The last things he said to me were: Don't worry man, I'm soulstoned." Then he's like REALLY impulsive all of asudden very unexpectedly: "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" That was hilarious
-The meeting with the three unknown newly introduced characters. It was just really good. I keep on wondering where Kyle gets these people from. Teachers from him at filmschool? Friends? People he seeks out, by placing requests for a support cast? .... I really wonder, because they were really doing a good job. And that blondie, she looked fine as hell ^_^
-The phaser in action of course.
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sweet, i havent had time to watch it, i hope its good icon_smile.gif

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