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WoW battlegrounds patch!

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it's out go download it!


^^ linkage for you people that are slow on the BT downloader

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bad link, slow, i got mine from a small site no one knows about and dled it in like 5 secs ...

cool patch though

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Ank Myrandor

Ank Myrandor
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i'm downloading with 0 kb/s icon_smile.gif stupid blizzard ^^

well i'm not looking forward for this battleground idea , because they
gonna convert a mmorpg in a contant carnaval :
next you know they have basketball nets in every town icon_sad.gif , juxeboxes , airplanes and shuttles icon_cool.gif

blizzard just have to improve the pvp , because it aint' all that and then i'm frikkin happy icon_cool.gif ( not the bashing but the stupid honor system )
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i had to wait cause they where updateing the servers. i was like holy fck and the patch downloaded at a rate of 1kbs. I just closed it down and started it again 5 hours after that (when i came back from school) and it went 2mbs :-D
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yay for 2 hour lines at 4 am. wow still sucks it saddens me.
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Blizzard BT client: 560kb/sec icon_smile.gif

Battlegrounds is cool, but as I quit wow for a month my level isn't high enough for the über-pro Alterac Valley stuff.
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