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Oblivion Problem

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I was wondering if there is any way to burn a protected disc... that will work?
I hired "The Elder Srolls IV: Oblivion" From the video store, and I really wanna burn it.

Sorry if a similar topic has been made, I searched and didn't find anything

Thanks pp_smiley2.gif


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wow, thanks for telling us if you got it for pc or x360. bravo. if its for the 360, there should be tools out already, comfortably located at WWW.GOOGLE.COM.
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I'm pretty sure you can get it for PC with the right program. Although on the 360 it might be abit harder as you need a curtain type of DVD disk.



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im pretty sure you could BUY it, asshats


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For a game like that, I'd just buy it. But if you want just copy them into a folder on your desktop and get a no-cd crack.


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1337cshacker, the proud sponsor of MY SIG. icon_smile.gif

Anyways, buy it. I did.



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The 360 will not play burned games as yet. Well, ok, it's -been cracked-, but it's a firmware mod that's not available to the public.

That being said, just buy the game and support Bethseda. The more people pirate games, the less profit they make, and the less likely a sequel is.



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