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The infancy of Internet television

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i too have to say that PP is by far much better than ANY show on tv, even family guy icon_biggrin.gif

keep up the good work !!!

OMFG it's PWNAGE !!!

visit www.bhz.ro/forum


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Hey Kyle, man...

You're awsome! I'm not into film work and stuff like that, but the stuff that you've done for the show is just amazing, Jeremy should treat you with more respect! icon_smile.gif

But yeah, keep up the great work bro! I'm lovin' it and I'm pretty sure every other viewer of your show loves it to and love what you do! Take it easy! kyle2kl.gif omfgdatspurepwnage.gif

I am teh pwnage bitches!


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Grabbing a camera is easy to do... having an original idea is not..

Anyways, i think all this phun is definiately gonna look good on your resume. If you see how somebody like Peter Jackson started. His first movie was "Bad Taste" a really silly low-budget movie.. which he made in his backyard. This could go the same way.. many years from now, when we all got the t-shirt icon_wink.gif i think this stuff is gonna look ace on your CV.



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All the signs are pointing to a rebirth in the arts. Perhaps a re-kindling of the renaissance period.

I for one, do not watch television anymore (okay, except for 24 and Gilmore Girls). Television is bombarded with insulting advertisements and content that really digs to the bottom of the barrel. Honestly, how many more corporate sponsored survivor/american idol knock-off's can one tolerate.

I applaud the PurePwnage team for working hard on their production. You can tell there is considerable attention paid to the story line and creative elements (music/artwork/post production/etc) of the show.

Honestly, there is more creativity put into this show than 90% of the shows on televisiion today. PurePwange really pushes around the formula of a typical television show.

It makes me laugh... a lot. That is a difficult thing to do. And something that corporate television has not done to me in a long time.

Thank You for your hard work, and hopefully a stronger "business" model will arise to help fund future productions for your team.

Kaos Pwnage

Kaos Pwnage
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i must say that did bring a tear to my eye... its come so far. I guess u guys own @ life! icon_razz.gif
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Way to go, you're one of the pioneers. Keep it up, your an inspiration (espicially your meticoulous non-jeremyish grammar!)

Canada rules!
Please do not feed the optimist.

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lol great article kyle.. lol btw my name is kyle too rofl.. gj keep up da gd work guys!!

glhf n gg icon_biggrin.gif

Lord Panzerfaust

Lord Panzerfaust

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/wipes tear from eye


soooo insperational....hopefully your projects will pwn up those corperate tv stations so they can actulley come up some original ideas plus it would be a absolute honor and privalage to see your speech for winning a oscar for best director/film.

VIVA LA PURE PWNAGE REVOLUTION! kyle2kl.gif jeremy_ani.gif fpsdoug_ani.gif davesmilie7ng.gif tasia3vq.gif



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Reading... Reply to come.


That meant a lot in so many ways. /wipes tear.
Koool though.

I read it aloud to purepwnage teamspeak and everyone was quiet and intent of listening to every word.

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Keep up the good work Kyle, Pure Pwnage has brought life to my Internet/Gaming life (I'm not actually saying that gaming/Internet IS my life o_O). I am personally a fan of Jeremy icon_cool.gif

PurePwnage.com is the first page I visit when I get on my computer.

-DuKe icon_wink.gif


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it's already started in a way. with how the machinima has picked up and become something serious for some talented people in that area. the festivals and awards have mtv and various other places there broadcasting and covering.

some places, i know the bbc for instance, are also putting already aired episodes of shows on the net for you to watch whichever ep you want.
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Kyle you're such a noob

nice post, i hope PP helps you a long way to becoming an even better film maker icon_smile.gif
OjKa OjKa OjKa !


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Way to go Kyle, kyle2kl.gif we're backing you up 100% of the way icon_biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Cerberus Wolf @ Apr 4 2006, 9:16 PM)

Cerberus Wolf says:
i think i need a job.. lol.. or free money


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wooot kyle, whilst reading i thought you were about to quit the job!

thank god allah and buddha i was wrong icon_biggrin.gif
as you see in the highest bid for jeremys hair you always can count on your community. youre a popstar.


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I really hope that you will succeed with your career and that people will learn to appreciate your work with PP. Not just gamers but other people as well.

Pure Pwnage FTO! (for teh Oscars)
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Thus starts the flaming


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Good luck Kyle icon_biggrin.gif I hope you'll make a good career, we'll be supporting you 200%! At least I will!

Pure Pwnage !!! omfgdatspurepwnage.gif


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geez... it is sad broadcasters arent recognizing yous.!:-(
its a mad show and the popularity will only grow!..

keep doing what yous guys do best...


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Anyways i heard this on the radio: people are already downloading TV shows and paying $1.99 an ep. Cable is gonna die out soon... why pay $50 a month when I barely watch it and I can dl my fave shows for like $20?

intarnets FTW bitches! and thats ignoring torrents and free shows like this


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nice article kyle2kl.gif omfgdatspurepwnage.gif


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You really opended up to us fans Kyle, thanks for sharing you thoughts and your completely right about the internet and TV.

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