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Free MMOs and free trials!

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Anyone tried "Sould of the Ultimate Nation" ? I downloaded it lastnight and been playing it today. Its pretty good and for a free MMORPG the graphics are pretty sweet. This is the 1st MMORPG I've played so I can't compare it to any others really, but lets just say there is no chance of me ever going to WoW...I like this game and I certainly don't want to have to pay per month.

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Aika is pretty good, up to 1000 vs 1000 pvp battles, and you can hit level 50 cap in under a week.


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I played Perfect World International and this game is really fun. The graphics are good, the community is nice and helpful (at times), and the best thing is, you can jump really high like you're on the moon. Overall, I enjoy this game and it's a nice game to play.

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