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Genesis/megadrive Vs Newcomer Snes

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"You wouldn't think that the Super NES's CPU ran slower than the Mega Drive's, but then there isn't a game like Sonic The Hedgehog in the Nintendo world to really test it out!"

..and there never was.
F0ck Mario.
F0ck overpriced, inferior Nintendo equipment and games.

Sonic for life, bitches.

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Haha... Funny you should bring this up.

I just finished watching the Angry Video Game Nerds showdown of the two not 5 minutes ago...
[his review / comparison really starts in part 2]

Part 1:

Part 2:

I never owned either, so I have no real say on the matter icon_razz.gif

Edited by oldSkool, 27 August 2012 - 07:43 AM.

One day, when you're old enough - I'll tell you how I fought in the bit wars...


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I saw the same thing about two weeks ago from the nerd. Honestly... It is the perfect critique of what we do today. It never changes. And I am super tired right now...

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