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My Toshiba Laptopís Screen Keeps Shutting Off

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I have a Toshiba laptop that I bought in early 2011. Itís running windows 7 64 bit. If you need any other information about the laptop, just ask and Iíll provide it.

About 1-2 months ago, the laptopís screen shut off all of a sudden, but the computer stayed on. I turned off the computer and turned it back on again and the screen didnít turn on but the computer turned on. The fan was also running on high. I followed some advice I got online, and I removed the battery, held the power button for 30 seconds, put the battery back in and turned the computer on. The laptop was working fine.

About a week ago, I had the same problem and I did the same thing and the laptop worked fine. A few days ago I had the same problem, did the same thing, and the laptop worked fine. A day after that, same thing.

I bought a new battery, put it into the laptop, charged up the laptop all the way, then turned it on, and after about 5 minutes (I was already logged into windows at this point) the screen shut off.

Whatís going on with my laptop? Apparently itís not a battery problem because replacing the battery didnít fix it.

What should I do?



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Does using it at it's lowest brightness setting decrease how often this happens?

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