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Pc Won't Power On

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Ok after just deciding to leave my computer for one school day, my computer just turns off sometime while I was in school and it won't turn on :|

Motherboard's "independent" power and reset button lights are up though so I'm not entirely sure if it's my PSU or motherboard.

Haven't upgraded/opened/modified this specific setup for quite some time so I'm really unsure what's the problem

PSU: HEC Courgar 1000w
Mobo: Asus P6X58D-Premium
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.8ghz
Cooling: Coolermaster V8
GPU: 1x HD5870
RAM: 6GB X-treme DDR3
HDD1: 1x 300GB Velociraptor
HDD2: 1x 1000GB WD Black

Nothing touched/changed (aside from monthly dust cleaning) for over 2 years so I really don't get what's the problem. I mean last weekend (and almost every weekend) I left my computer on the whole time and never had a single problem.

I don't want to jump into conclusions and buy a new PSU just to find out it wasn't the PSU and I pray that it's not my motherboard.

Already tried clearing CMOS - removed the battery - even unplugged my PSU from the power outlet - my motherboard's power/reset buttons are still lit up (the one in the motherboard not the one on the case)

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So the motherboard lights work but it wont turn on?

Do any fans spin (even for a second) when pressing the power button? (turn off at wall and back on and watch fans when you hit front panel button).

If fans spin it is probably the PSU, it might just be faulty, it can produce enough power for the lights but shorts out on higher wattages. If nothing happens its probably the motherboard, as it has power thru it but cant start shit. Of course either way it could still be either one.

There is also a way to start PSU without it being plugged into mobo. Google how to do it, its with a paperclip and the motherboard power cable. Make sure everything except fans are unplugged so they don't get power while not being used.

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