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[videos] Tera Character Generation + Gameplay

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Recently I managed to play TERA as well. TERA counts as one of the largest competitors of Guild Wars 2 so we'll see which of those two games is the better deal. Anyway during my playsession I had Fraps running, too. And I recorded two videos. The first one shows the character generation of a female human Mystic and the second one almost ten minutes of pure gameplay.

You can watch both videos on my YouTube-Channel or visit my website with the links below. There you can watch the videos in even better quality or directly download them to your computer.

Character Generation: http://www.digioso.o...Char Generation

Gameplay-Video: http://www.digioso.org/TERA Gameplay
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Looks wank.

God this is so bad.
This is just regurgitated fail.
MMOs need to start taking braver leaps forward..

I heard this game uses combat without targeting which is one step but everything else might as well be Rift/Aion/Wow/Lineage from the looks of it.
It's targetted at female gamers and asians..

Alienating heterosexual males over the age of 8 from an MMO seems pretty dumb.

Thanks for vids.

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