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Well Well Well

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I haven't seen you good looking chaps for a long time. It's been.. too long. Forgive my poor english. I am durnk. Pure pwnage sure is pretty hilarious. Jeremy's mail sac? haha many lol's. Anyways.. I hope Jackie Boy isn't embarrassing me too much.

Aaaaanywhore.. while I have your attention, what did you all think of the mass effect 3 ending? Just so I know where everyone stands.


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Indeed, Pure Pwnage made me proud to pronounce LOL instead of just laughing. icon_razz.gif

Tbh, I have yet to buy ME3... Mainly cause I hate Origin and wish EA wasn't dicks about leaving Steam for fake reasons... From what I've seen, BioWare is making a free "Extended Edition" DLC which is supposed to clarify the ending of the game.



    holy shit I have a title

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Lol, what did EA say their reason for leaving steam was?

QUOTE (Rickrolled @ Jan 10 2011, 04:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Love how the resident tough guy is happy to talk trash on an internet forum but back pedals as soon as he is called out. Typical coward. No doubt he'll respond to this with excessive bravado in order to restore his rightful place as a fully fledged internet badass.

I like to make werewolf...


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Their reason was Steam was restrictive of their patch and DLC methods... yet they have the best with Steam and especially Steamworks. Fucking EA so full of shit... They mainly left Steam to push for Origin... hence why BF3 and ME3 are Origin exclusive... fucking lame. It's why I'm so torn between wanting to buy ME3 or not... Last I remembered too Battlefield Bad Company 2 allowed users to buy DLC from any site and activate it on BFBC2 directly in the game... so wtf is this bullshit eh? Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is still on Sale on Steam... yet not Dragon Age 2 or Crysis 2??? How does that make any sense eh? It's fucking convenient that Origin came out as those big name games got removed from Steam....


Of course Valve has never bothered to comment... and I've never seen these supposed restrictive terms of service that EA's crying about.. so it just smells of bullshit.


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Yeah, EA has been slipping more and more in these last few years. They're just massive jokes at this point.

As for the ME3 ending... Meh. That's all I have to say. Everything I think has been posted in various vids and many many forum posts across the net, lol. I quite like the indoc. theory, but I somehow doubt Bioware did that intentionally, and I think they even denied it somewhere.

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