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Is Anyone Here Good With Chemistry Or Biology

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Description sums it up;

I remember learning in High School that your body breaks down alcohol into something useful at a rate of "X" ounces per hour, I cant remember the exact amount but I was drunk off wine once, I think I had 4 bottles altogether (not joking this took a couple of hours) with friends, and I even woke up drunk, based on the amount I drank, I also remember being drunk off hard liquor for a couple of hours and hung over next morning but never still drunk..

So my question is does alcohol get removed from you based on the % you drink or based on the onces?

I know I would get a belly temporarily if I drank alot more wine than I would hard liquor, but I dont do it often so I will burn it off...

(like once a month or two tbh)

So will hard liquor or the amount of wine equal to it's % make you drunk longer?? .... and if it is, as for beer it's probably... wow ridiculous

Im only asking based on two experiences and what I learned in biology, although drinking the same amount of hard liquor slower so you dont vomit gives you a bad drunk, unlike the wine I drank, and I havent tried that..

*hoping this post gets stickied* (if it does than some mod please edit it for grammer and make it shorter) =)


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sigs SUCK!
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pretty good summary icon_smile.gif

What makes you 'drunk' longer is the rate of absorption.

If you've had one bottle of beer, your body will absorb that quicker if that's all you had.
Once you start drinking more, you're inputing more alcohol than your body can process, and that will make you drunk quicker and for longer.

Hopefully that makes sense pp_smiley4.gif

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Yeah basically that ^^.

I've always found if I want to get to get fucked it's always liquor. More concentrated so you can drink more alcohol in less quantity.

makers mark ftw

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